TS 65W 19V 3.42A Laptop AC Adapter for TOSHIBA 401-07427-AD022#401-07427-AD022

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Product Details

Weight: 0.177 kg


Size: 11.45 cm * 5 cm * 2.95 cm


Input interface standard: 2 Pin


Input: AC 100V - 240V 50-60hz


Output: DC 19V 3.42 A 65W


Interface size: 5.5 mmx2.5 mm


Compatible Battery Code:
A000001200 A000001210 A000007020 A000007030 ACC10 ADP-65DB ADP-65HBADP-75FB-A ADT-W61 API1AD43 K000000550 K000004120 K000005050 K000019570K000025320 K000027270 K000029300 K000032420 K000032580 K000040250 K000040270K000040290 K000040460 K000041670 K000042840 K000043680 PA-1500-02 PA-1600-01PA-1600-02 PA-1650-01 PA-1650-02 PA-1700-02 PA-1750-01 PA-1750-04 PA3165U-1ACAPA3380E-1ACA PA3380U-1ACA PA3396E-1ACA PA3396U-1ACA PA3432E-1AC3 PA3432E-1ACAPA3432U-1AC3 PA3432U-1ACA PA3467 PA3467E PA3467E-1ACA PA3467U PA3467U-1ACAPA3468E PA3468E-1ACA PA3468U PA3468U-1ACA PA3714U-1ACA/ SADP-65KB SADP-65KBBV000055210 V000055400 V000061300 V000061310 V000061690 ADP-60BB. 7832D PA-16310-5422 310-6499 310-6405 ADP-60NH CF719 K9060 N5825 TD230 5.WD971 312-0367310-7667 PA-16
Compatible Models:

""CTRL""+""F""to find your laptop model/part number printed on your laptop bottom or originaladapter.
Toshiba Satellite A100 Series:
FA100-151 A100-163 A100-188 A100-209 A100-259 A100-295 A100-500 A100-507A100-508 A100-521 A100-522 A100-523 A100-525 A100-533 A100-570 A100-649A100-S2211 A100-S2211TD A100-S3211TD A100-S8111 A100-S8111TD A100-SP2022A100-SP621 A100-ST2311 A100-ST3211
Toshiba Satellite A105 Series:
FA105 A105-S101 A105-S1012 A105-S1013 A105-S1014 A105-S101X A105-S171A105-S1712 A105-S171x A105-S2001 A105-S2011 A105-S2021 A105-S2031 A105-S2051A105-S2061 A105-S2071 A105-S2081 A105-S2091 A105-S2101 A105-S2111 A105-S2121A105-S2131 A105-S2141 A105-S2194 A105-S2201 A105-S2204 A105-S2231 A105-S2236A105-S271 A105-S2712 A105-S2713 A105-S2716 A105-S2717 A105-S2719 A105-S271XA105-S361 A105-S3611 A105-S361X A105-SP2012 A105-SP461
Toshiba Satellite A110 Series:
FA110-101 A110-177 A110-178 A110-203 A110-260 A110-289 A110-339 A110-370
Toshiba Satellite A130 Series:
FA130 A130-ST1311 A130-ST1313
Toshiba Satellite A135 Series:
FA135 A135-S2246 A135-S2256 A135-S2266 A135-S2276 A135-S2286 A135-S2296A135-S2306 A135-S2326 A135-S2346 A135-S2356 A135-S2376 A135-S2386 A135-S2396A135-S4407 A135-S4417 A135-S4427 A135-S4437 A135-S4447 A135-S4457 A135-S4467A135-S4477 A135-S4478 A135-S4487 A135-S4488 A135-S4499 A135-S4517 A135-S4527A135-S4656 A135-S4677 A135-S4827 A135-SP4016 A135-SP4036 A135-SP4048A135-SP4058 A135-SP4088 A135-SP4108 A135-SP4156
Toshiba Satellite A200 Series:
FA200-10W A200-10X A200-10Z A200-11C A200-12F A200-13L A200-13O A200-13RA200-13T A200-13U A200-14D A200-14E A200-180 A200-18T A200-19I A200-19KA200-19M A200-1A9 A200-1AA A200-1AB A200-1AE A200-1Ai A200-1BP A200-1BWA200-1CC A200-1CR A200-1DA A200-1DN A200-1DQ A200-1FJ A200-1G6 A200-1GDA200-1HU A200-1M7 A200-ST2041 A200-ST2043
Toshiba Satellite A205 Series:
FA205 A205-S4537 A205-S4557 A205-S4567 A205-S4577 A205-S4578 A205-S4587A205-S4597 A205-S4607 A205-S4617 A205-S4618 A205-S4629 A205-S4638 A205-S4639A205-S4647 A205-S4707 A205-S4777 A205-S4797 A205-S7456 A205-SP4038 A205-SP4068
Toshiba Satellite A215 Series:
FA215-S4697 A215-S4717 A215-S4737 A215-S4747 A215-S4757 A215-S4767A215-S4807 A215-S4817 A215-S48171 A215-S7407 A215-S7408 A215-S7414 A215-S7418A215-S7421 A215-S7422 A215-S7427 A215-S7433 A215-S7437 A215-S7444 A215-S7447A215-S7462 A215-SP401
Toshiba Satellite A85 Series:
FA80-S178 A85-S107 A85-S1071 A85-S1072 A85-SP107 A85-SP1072
Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4011L PSC00U, Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4011MPSC00U, Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4020L PSC00U
Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4020MPSC00U, Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4131A PSC00U, Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4131LPSC00U
Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4131M PSC00U, Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4132LPSC00U, Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4135L PSC2SU
Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4136LPSC2WU, Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4137L PSC00U, Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4138LPSC2NU
Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4139L PSC00U, Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4140LPSC00U, Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4141L PSC2NU
Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4142LPSC02U, Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4145L PSC00U, Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4146LPSC02U
Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4162M PSC00U, Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4163MPSC00U, Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4164M PSC00U
Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4170M PSC2SU, Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4171M PSC2SU, Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4175M PSC2SU
Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4201L PSC02P, Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4202L PSC02P, Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4250L PSC00P
Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4252L PSC00P, Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4254L PSC02P, Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4255L PSC02P
Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4256L PSC00P, Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4257L PSC02P, Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4281M PSC2SM
Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4284M PSC2SM
Toshiba Laptop Parts/Toshiba Satellite Series/
Toshiba Satellite C645D Series
Toshiba Satellite C645D-S4024 PSC04U, Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4001L PSC04U, Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4001M PSC04U
Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4002L PSC04U, Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4002M PSC04U, Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4007L PSC04U
Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4007M PSC04U, Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4010L PSC04U, Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4010M PSC04U
Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4016L PSC04U, Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4016M PSC04U, Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4017L PSC04U
Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4017M PSC04U, Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4018L PSC04U, Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4018M PSC04U
Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4130 PSC04U, Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4130L PSC04U, Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4133L PSC34U
Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4134L PSC34U, Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4143L PSC34U, Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4144L PSC34U
Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4160 PSC04U, Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4160M PSC04U, Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4165M PSC34U
Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4248L PSC34P, Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4251L PSC34P, Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4278M PSC34M
Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4279M PSC34M, Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4282M PSC34M
Toshiba Laptop Parts/Toshiba Satellite Series/
Toshiba Satellite C650 Series
Toshiba PSC08C-01T019, Toshiba PSC08C-01U019, Toshiba PSC08C-01V019, Toshiba PSC08C-01W019
Toshiba PSC08C-020019, Toshiba PSC08C-05N019, Toshiba PSC08C-05P019, Toshiba PSC12C-00M00S
Toshiba PSC12C-00S00S, Toshiba PSC12C-01M00S, Toshiba PSC12C-02500S, Toshiba PSC12C-02800S
Toshiba PSC12C-03100S, Toshiba PSC12C-03403L, Toshiba PSC12C-03503L, Toshiba PSC12C-05U00S
Toshiba PSC12C-05X00S, Toshiba PSC12C-05Y00S, Toshiba PSC12C-06400S, Toshiba PSC12C-06700S
Toshiba PSC2EC-001001, Toshiba PSC2EC-005001, Toshiba PSC2EC-00F001, Toshiba PSC2EC-00M001
Toshiba PSC2EC-00P001, Toshiba PSC2EC-010001, Toshiba PSC2EC-01D001, Toshiba PSC2EC-01L001
Toshiba PSC2EC-01T001, Toshiba PSC2EC-01W001, Toshiba PSC2EC-054001, Toshiba PSC2EC-05404P
Toshiba PSC2EC-06E001, Toshiba PSC2EC-07J001, Toshiba PSC2EC-07N001
Toshiba Satellite C650-BT2N11 PSC08U, Toshiba Satellite C650-BT2N13 PSC12U, Toshiba Satellite C650-BT2N15 PSC12U
Toshiba Satellite C650-BT4N12 PSC08U, Toshiba Satellite C650-BT4N13 PSC2EU, Toshiba Satellite C650-BT5N11 PSC2EU
Toshiba Satellite C650-ST2N01 PSC12U, Toshiba Satellite C650-ST2NX1 PSC08U, Toshiba Satellite C650-ST2NX2 PSC12U
Toshiba Satellite C650-ST3NX1 PSC12U, Toshiba Satellite C650-ST4N02 PSC2EU, Toshiba Satellite C650-ST4NX1 PSC2EU
Toshiba Satellite C650-ST5N02 PSC2EU, Toshiba Satellite C650-ST5N03 PSC2EU, Toshiba Satellite C650-ST5NX1 PSC2EU
Toshiba Satellite C650-ST5NX2 PSC2EU, Toshiba Satellite C650-ST6N01 PSC2EU, Toshiba Satellite C650-ST6N02 PSC2EU
Toshiba Satellite C650-ST6N03 PSC2EU, Toshiba Satellite C650-ST6NX3 PSC2EU, Toshiba Satellite C650-ST6NX4 PSC2EU
Toshiba Satellite C650-ST6NX5 PSC2EU
Toshiba Laptop Parts/Toshiba Satellite Series/Toshiba Satellite C650DSeries
Toshiba PSC0YC-005003, Toshiba PSC0YC-005026, Toshiba PSC0YC-007003, Toshiba PSC0YC-007026
Toshiba PSC0YC-008003, Toshiba PSC0YC-00D003, Toshiba PSC0YC-00E003, Toshiba PSC0YC-00L026
Toshiba PSC0YC-018026, Toshiba PSC0YC-02K026, Toshiba PSC0YC-02L026, Toshiba PSC0YC-02M026
Toshiba PSC0YC-02V026, Toshiba PSC0YC-02V05K, Toshiba PSC0YC-032026, Toshiba PSC0YC-03205K
Toshiba PSC0YC-03G026, Toshiba PSC0YC-04H026, Toshiba PSC0YC-04H05K, Toshiba PSC0YC-04T026
Toshiba PSC0YC-05205K, Toshiba PSC16C-00400M, Toshiba PSC16C-00H00M, Toshiba PSC16C-00P00M
Toshiba PSC16C-02500M, Toshiba PSC16C-02600M, Toshiba PSC16C-02700M, Toshiba PSC16C-02Q00M
Toshiba PSC16C-02U00M, Toshiba PSC16C-06N00M, Toshiba PSC16C-06P00M, Toshiba PSC16C-06Q00M
Toshiba PSC16C-06T00M
Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT2N11 PSC16U, Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT2N13 PSC16U, Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT2N15 PSC0YU
Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT4N11 PSC0YU, Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT5N11 PSC0YU, Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST2N01 PSC16U
Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST2N02 PSC16U, Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST2N03 PSC16U, Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST2NX1 PSC08U
Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST2NX2 PSC16U, Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST3NX1 PSC16U, Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST3NX2 PSC0YU
Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST4N01 PSC0YU, Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST4NX1 PSC0YU, Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST5N01 PSC0YU
Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST5NX1 PSC0YU, Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST6N02 PSC0YU, Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST6NX2 PSC0YU
Toshiba Satellite L10 Series:
FL10-100 L10-101 L10-104 L10-105 L10-130 L10-154 L10-190 L10-194 L10-226L10-272 L10-SP104
Toshiba Satellite L15 Series:
FL15 L15-S104 L15-S1041 L15-SP104 L15-SP1041
Toshiba Satellite L20 Series:
FL20-101 L20-112 L20-118 L20-120 L20-121 L20-135 L20-155 L20-157 L20-159L20-173 L20-188 L20-205 L20-256 L20-S310 L20-S310TD L20-SP119 L20-SP131L20-SP131 L20-SP231 P205-S6237
Toshiba Satellite L25 Series:
FL25 L25-S119 L25-S1192 L25-S1193 L25-S1194 L25-S1195 L25-S1196 L25-S121L25-S1212 L25-S1213 L25-S1215 L25-S1216 L25-S1217 L25-SP121 L25-SP129 L25-SP139L25-SP141 L25-SP151
Toshiba Satellite L30 Series:
FL30 L30-10P L30-114 L30-115 L30-11E L30-11H L30-134 L30-140 L30-142
Toshiba Satellite L35 Series:
FL35 L35-S1054 L35-S2151 L35-S2161 L35-S2171 L35-S2174 L35-S2194 L35-S2316L35-S2366 L35-SP1011 L35-SP2011 L35-SP2031 L35-SP2041 L35-SP2051 L35-SP2071L35-SP4016 L35-SP4068 L35-SP4086 L35-SP4096 L35-SP4116
Toshiba Satellite L45 Series:
FL45-S2416 L45-S4687 L45-S7409 L45-S7419 L45-S7423 L45-S7424 L45-SP2036L45-SP2046 L45-SP2056 L45-SP2066 L45-SP4016
Toshiba Satellite M200 M205 Series:
FM200-ST2002 M205-S3207 M205-S3217 M205-S7452 M205-S7453
Toshiba Satellite M30X Series:
FM30X M30X-1593 M30X-214 M30X-40 M30X-60 M30X-80 M30X-S114 M30X-S1592M30X-S1593 M30X-S171 M30X-S181 M30X-S191 M30X-S214 M30X-S221 M30X-s234M30X-SP111 M30X-SP114
Toshiba Satellite M35X Series:
FM35X M35X-114 M35X-149 M35X-S109 M35X-S111 M35X-S114 M35X-S1141M35X-S1142 M35X-S1143 M35X-S149 M35X-S1491 M35X-S1492 M35X-S161 M35X-S1611M35X-S163 M35X-S1631 M35X-S309 M35X-S3091 M35X-S311 M35X-S3111 M35X-S3112M35X-S329 M35X-S3291 M35X-S349 M35X-S3491 M35X-SP111 M35X-SP114 M35X-SP161M35X-SP171 M35X-SP181 M35X-SP311 M35X-SP349
Toshiba Satellite M40 M45 Series, These models only:
FM40-S312TD M45-S165 M45-S1651 M45-S165X M45-S169 M45-S1691
Toshiba Satellite M55 Series:
FM55-S1001 M55-S139 M55-S1391 M55-S139X M55-S141
Toshiba Satellite M60 M65 Series:
FM60-S811 M60-S8112 M60-S9093 M65-S809 M65-S8091 M65-S8092 M65-S821M65-S8211 M65-S9062 M65-S9063 M65-S9064 M65-S9065 M65-S909 M65-S9091 M65-S9092M65-SP811 M65-SP959
Toshiba Satellite P205 Series:
FP205D-S7429 P205D-S7438 P205D-S7439 P205D-S7454 P205-S6237 P205-S6247P205-S6257 P205-S6267 P205-S6287 P205-S6297 P205-S6298 P205-S6307 P205-S6337P205-S6347 P205-S6348 P205-S7469 P205-S7476
Toshiba Satellite U305 Series:
FU305 U305-S5077 U305-S5087 U305-S5097 U305-S5107 U305-S5117 U305-S5127U305-S7432 U305-S7446 U305-S7448 U305-S7467 U305-S7477 U305-SP5017 U305-SP5028U305-SP5037
Toshiba Tecra L2 Series:
FL2-S011 L2-S022
Toshiba Satellite 1000 1100 1130 1200 Series:
F1000-S157 1000-S158 1005-S157 1005-S158 1100-S101 1110-S153 1110-SP1531115-S103 1115-S107 1115-S123 1115-SP153 1130-S155 1130-S156 1135-S1251135-S155 1135-S1551 1135-S1552 1135-S1553 1135-S1554 1135-S156 1200-S1211200-S122
Toshiba Satellite 1600 1700 Series:
F1605CDS 1625CDT 1675CDS 1695CDT 1715XCDS 1730-S101 1735-S101 1750-S2021755-S202
Toshiba Satellite 3000 Series:
F3000-S304 3000-S307 3000-S353 3005-S303 3005-S304 3005-S307 3005-S3083005-S403
GATEWAY Solo: FSolo1100 Solo1150 Solo1200 Solo1400 Solo1450 Solo2100Solo2150 Solo2200 Solo2300 Solo2350 Solo2500 Solo2550 Solo3100 Solo3150Solo400S Solo450 Solo5100 Solo5150 Solo5300 Solo5350 Solo600 Solo9100 Solo9150Solo9300 Solo9500 Solo9550
FE-100M E-100M-G E-100M-SB E-155C E-155C-G E-265M E-265M-G E-475M E-475M-G
GATEWAY 3000 Series:
F3000 3018 3040 3500 3520 3522 3525 3545 3550 3610 3018GZ 3040GZ3100-Fireant 3100SE-Fireant 3100SL-Fireant 3100XL-Fireant 3150 3150S 3520GZ3522GZ 3525GB 3545GZ 3550GH 3550GZ 3610GZ 3610GZ
GATEWAY 4000 series:
F4000 4010 4012 4014 4016 4024 4025 4026 4028 4030 4520 4525 4528 45304532 4534 4535 4538 4540 4541 4542 4543 400VTX 4012GZ 4014GB 4024GZ 4025GZ4026GZ 4028GZ 4028JP 4030GH 4030GZ 4520GZ 4525GZ 4528MX 4530GH 4530GZ 4535GX4535GZ 4536GZ 4538GZ 4540GZ 4541BZ 4542GP 4543BZ
GATEWAY 6000 series:
F6000 6010 6018 6020 6021 6022 6023 6510 6518 6520 6525 6530 6531 6010GZ6018GH 6018GX 6018GZ 6020GZ 6021GH 6021GZ 6022GZ 6023GP 6510GZ 6518GZ 6520GZ6525GP 6531GZ 6834MX
GATEWAY CX series:
FC120X CX200 CX200S CX200X CX210 CX210X CX2608 CX2610 CX2615 CX2618 CX2619CX2620 CX2720 CX2726 CX2728
GATEWAY M series:
FM1200 M1300 M210S M210X M210XL M250A M250B M250E M250ES M250G M250GSM255E M255E-SB M275 M275R M275X M275XL M280 M280E M285E M285E-SB M305CRV M320M320S M320X M320XL M360A M360B M360C M405 M460B M460QS M505 M505X
GATEWAY MT series:
FMT3418 MT3707 MT3707b MT6224j MT6225j MT6704 MT6704h MT6705 MT6706 MT6707MT6708 MT6709 MT6709h MT6821 MT6828 MT6828h MT6830 MT6831 MT6832b MT6833bMT6834b MT6835j MT6839b
GATEWAY MX series:
FMX1023 MX1023h MX1025 MX1026 MX1027 MX3042 MX3044 MX3044h MX3103b MX3142mMX3210 MX3212 MX3215 MX3228 MX3231 MX3410 MX3410h MX3412 MX3412h MX3414 MX3416MX3417 MX3558 MX3558h MX3560 MX3560h MX3562 MX3563 MX3563h MX3610 MX3701 MX3702MX6025 MX6025h MX6027 MX6027h MX6028 MX6030 MX6121 MX6123 MX6124 MX6124h MX6128MX6131 MX6135 MX6211b MX6214 MX6215b MX6216 MX6420 MX6421 MX6423 MX6424 MX6425MX6426 MX6427 MX6428 MX6430 MX6433 MX6436 MX6437 MX6438 MX6439 MX6440 MX6442MX6445 MX6446 MX6447 MX6450 MX6455 MX6625 MX6627 MX6627h MX6629 MX6629h MX6631MX6633 MX6633h MX6641 MX6650 MX6650h MX6912 MX6919 MX6921b MX6922b MX6923bMX6926b MX6927 MX6928 MX6930 MX6931 MX6951 MX6955 MX6956 MX6957 MX6958 MX6959MX6960 MX6961 MX6961h MX7337 MX7337h MX7340 MX7520h MX8520 MX8710 MX8711 MX8715MX8734 MX8736j
GATEWAY NX series:
FNX100X NX200S NX200X NX250X NX260X NX270S NX500S NX500X NX550X NX550XLNX850X NX850XL NX860 NX860S NX860X NX860XL
GATEWAY S series:
FS-7125C S-7200 S-7200C S-7200C S-7200N S-7200N S-7210M S-7500 S-7500NS-7500N S-7510N S-7700N S-7710N
ACER TravelMate and Aspire Notebooks:
TM211T 212T 213TX TM340T TM 341T TM342 TM345T TM347T TM351TE TM350TETM352TE TM352TE-N TM353TE TM353TEV TM354TE TM354TEV TM521TE TM524TXV TM525TETM525TXV TM528TE TM551XV TM600TER TM602TER TM603TER TM604TER TM 610TXVTM610TXVi TM610TXC TM611TXV TM611TXC TM612TXV TM612TXC TM613TXV TM613TXCTM730TX TM732TX TM734TL TM735TLV TM738TLV TM739TLV 1680(1681LCi 1681WLCi1681WLMi 1683WLMi 1684WLMi 1685WLMi) 2010 2020 3502WLC 3502WLCI 3502WLMI3603WXCi 3603WXMi 3602NWXM 3603WXCi 3603WXMi 3603NWXMi 3603XCi 3608NWXCi3608WXCi 3608WXMi 5002LMi 5002WLMi 5004WLMi
Acer Aspire:
1200 1410 (1414WLCi) 1640 (1642WLMi) 1650 1690 (AS1690LCi AS1690WLCiAS1690WLMi AS1691WLCi AS1691WLMi AS1692WLMi AS1694WLMi) 3000 (3002LCi 3002WLCi3002WLMi 3003WCi 3003WLCi) 3030 3500 (3502LCi 3502NLCi 3503LCi 3503WLCi ZL6)3600 (3603NWXM) 3610 5002LM 5002LMi 5002WLCI 5030 5510 9100
Acer TravelMate 200 Series:
200DX 200T 201 201T 202 202T 210 210T 210TER 210TXF 211 211T 212 212T212TE 212TXV 213 213T 213TXV 222X 223X 223XC 223XV 225X 225XC 225XV 230XC 230XV230XV-PRO 233LC 233X 233XV 233XVi 234LCi 261XC 261XV 260 261 261X 261XC 261XV270XV 272LC 272X 272XV 272XVi 273X 273XV 275LC 281XC 281XV 283LC 283LCi 283XV283Xvi 290LC 290LCi 290LMi 290XCi 290Xi 290XMi 290XVi 291LCi 291LCi-G 291LMi291LMi-G 291XCi 291XCiH 292LC 292LCi 292LM 292LMi 293LCi 293LMi
Acer TravelMate 300 Series:
310 311 312 313 314 310T 311T 312T 313T 314T 320 330T 332T 333T 341TV 342T343TV 345 347 345T 347T 350TE 350TE-N 351TE 351TEV 352TE 353TE 353TEV 354TE354TEV 361EVi 364ECi 365 371LCi 371LMi 371TCi 371TCi XP 371Ti 371TMi 371LCi371LMi 371TCi 371TCi XP 371Ti 371TMi
Acer TravelMate 500 Series:
512DX 512T 512TE 512T-64 513DX 513T 514T 514TXV 515TE 516TE 517TE 530LC530LCi 530XC 530XCi 530XV 530XVi 531LC 531LCi 531XC 531XCi 531XV 531XVi 533LC533LCi 533XC 533XCi 533XV 533XVi 534LC 534LCi 534TL 534XC 534XCi 534XV 535LC535LCi 536LCi 540LCi 540LMi 541LC 541LCi 541LCib 541LMi 541XCi 541XV 542LCi542LMi 543LCi 543LMi
Acer TravelMate 600 to 663 Series:
600 602 603 604 610 611 612 613 614 610TXC 610TXV 610TXVi 611TXC 611TXCi611TXV 612TXC 612TXCi 612TXV 613TXC 613TXV 614TXVCi 620 621 623 621LV 621XC621XV 623LC 623LCi 630 632 633 630XV 630XCi 632XCi 633LCi 650LC 650XC 650XCi653LC 653LCi 653XC 653XCi 653XV 654LC 654LCi 654XC 654XCi 654XV 655LCi 660LCi660LMi 661LC 661LCi 661LM 661LMi 661XC 661XCi 661XVi 662LC 662LCi 662LM 662LMi662XCi 663LCi 663LM 663LMi
Acer TravelMate 720 to 740 Series:
720 722 723 720TX 720TXV 721TX 722iTX 722iTXV 722TX 723TX 723TXV 730 732734 735 730TX 730TXV 732TLV 732TX 732TXV 734TL 734TXV 735TLV 736 737 738 739736TL 736TLV 737TLV 738TLV 739GTLV 739TLV 740 741 744 740LVF 741LVF 744LCF
Acer TravelMate 800 Series:
800LC 800LCi 800LCib 800LMi 800LMib 800XC 800XCi 801LC 801LCi 801LCib801LMi 801LMib 801XC 801XCi 801XVi 802LCi 802LCiB 802LMi 802LMib 802XCi 803LC803LCi 803LCib 803LM 803LMi 803LMib 803XCi 803XVi 804LC 804LCi 804LCib 804LM804LMi 804LMib
Attention: Not compatible with:
Toshiba Satellite A105 P105 Series(SOME A105P105 Series may need a 15Vadapter please double check before ordering that your AC adapter is 19V): A105-S4001A105-S4002 A105-S4004 A105-S4011 A105-S4012 A105-S4014 A105-S4021 A105-S4022A105-S4024 A105-S4034 A105-S4051 A105-S4054 A105-S4064 A105-S4074 A105-S4084A105-S4092 A105-S4094 A105-S4102 A105-S4104 A105-S4114 A105-S4124 A105-S4132A105-S4134 A105-S4201 A105-S4204 A105-S4211 A105-S4214 A105-S4244 A105-S4254A105-S4274 A105-S4284 A105-S4324 A105-S4334 A105-S4342 A105-S4344 A105-S4364A105-S4384 A105-S4397 A105-S4547 P105-S6002 P105-S6004 P105-S6012 P105-S6014P105-S6022 P105-S6024 P105-S6034 P105-S6054 P105-S6062 P105-S6064 P105-S6074P105-S6084
ASUS M3N A6U M6N M6BN W1N W3V M6Ne V6V W5A Z91 Z33 Z32 Z61A Z71A/V
Aspire 3100, Aspire 3200, Aspire 3500, Aspire 3510, Aspire 3610, Aspire 3620, Aspire 3630, Aspire 3650, Aspire 3660, Aspire 3670
Aspire 3680, Aspire 4220, Aspire 4310, Aspire 4320, Aspire 4520, Aspire 4710, Aspire 4710Z, Aspire 4720, Aspire 4920, Aspire 5000
Aspire 5030, Aspire 5050, Aspire 5100, Aspire 5310, Aspire 5315, Aspire 5500, Aspire 5500Z, Aspire 5510, Aspire 5520, Aspire 5570
Aspire 5570Z, Aspire 5580, Aspire 5710, Aspire 5710Z, Aspire 5715Z, Aspire 5720, Aspire 5920G, Aspire 7100, Aspire 9400
Acer Ferrari 1000 series
Acer Ferrari 1100 series
TravelMate C200, TravelMate C210, TravelMate 380, TravelMate 2310, TravelMate 2420, TravelMate 2450, TravelMate 2460
TravelMate 2470, TravelMate 2480, TravelMate 3010, TravelMate 3020, TravelMate 3030, TravelMate 3040, TravelMate 3250
TravelMate 3260, TravelMate 3270, TravelMate 3300, TravelMate 4010, TravelMate 4070, TravelMate 4080, TravelMate 4220
TravelMate 4310, TravelMate 4320, TravelMate 4520, TravelMate 4600, TravelMate 4600-II, TravelMate 4650, TravelMate 4720
TravelMate 5100, TravelMate 5210, TravelMate 5220, TravelMate 5310, TravelMate 5320, TravelMate 5510, TravelMate 5520
TravelMate 5600, TravelMate 5710, TravelMate 6231, TravelMate 6291, TravelMate 6292, TravelMate 6492, TravelMate 6592
TravelMate 7320, TravelMate 7720
Lenovo IdeaPad Y300 series: Y300-7759 Y300-9449
Lenovo IdeaPad Y310 series: Y310-7756
Lenovo IdeaPad Y330 series
Lenovo IdeaPad Y410 series
Lenovo IdeaPad Y510 series: Y510-7758

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