Replacement HP EF419A, EG417AA DV8000 Laptop Battery#I_2871

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Compatible Part Numbers:
395789-001, EF419A, EG417AA, HSTNN-DB20, HSTNN-IB20, HSTNN-OB20
Capacity: 4400 mAh
Voltage: 14.8 V
Battery Type: Li-ion
Color: Black
HP DV8000 laptop battery fit models:
HP Pavilion dv8000 Series
Pavilion dv8000t, Pavilion dv8000z,
Pavilion dv8002ea, Pavilion dv8005ea,
Pavilion dv8010ea, Pavilion dv8013cl,
Pavilion dv8013xx, Pavilion dv80xxus
HP Pavilion dv8100 Series
Pavilion dv8102ea, Pavilion dv8110us,
Pavilion dv8113cl, Pavilion dv8113ea,
Pavilion dv8114ea, Pavilion dv8116ea,
Pavilion dv8117ea, Pavilion dv8120ca,
Pavilion dv8125nr
HP Pavilion dv8200 Series
Pavilion dv8208ea, Pavilion dv8201tx,
Pavilion dv8202tx, Pavilion dv8203tx,
Pavilion dv8204tx, Pavilion dv8205tx,
Pavilion dv8206tx, Pavilion dv8207tx,
Pavilion dv8208tx, Pavilion dv8209tx,
Pavilion dv8210ca, Pavilion dv8210ea,
Pavilion dv8210tx, Pavilion dv8210us,
Pavilion dv8211ea, Pavilion dv8211eu,
Pavilion dv8211tx, Pavilion dv8212ea,
Pavilion dv8212tx, Pavilion dv8213cl,
Pavilion dv8213ea, Pavilion dv8213tx,
Pavilion dv8214ea, Pavilion dv8214tx,
Pavilion dv8215ea, Pavilion dv8215tx,
Pavilion dv8216tx, Pavilion dv8217tx,
Pavilion dv8218ea, Pavilion dv8218tx,
Pavilion dv8219ea, Pavilion dv8220ca,
Pavilion dv8220ea, Pavilion dv8220us,
Pavilion dv8221ea, Pavilion dv8222ea,
Pavilion dv8223ea, Pavilion dv8225ca,
Pavilion dv8225ea, Pavilion dv8225nr,
Pavilion dv8226ea, Pavilion dv8227ea,
Pavilion dv8228ea, Pavilion dv8229ea,
Pavilion dv8230ca, Pavilion dv8230ea,
Pavilion dv8230us, Pavilion dv8231ea,
Pavilion dv8232ea, Pavilion dv8233cl,
Pavilion dv8233ea, Pavilion dv8235ea,
Pavilion dv8235nr, Pavilion dv8240us
Pavilion dv8251ea, Pavilion dv8252eu,
Pavilion dv8253ea, Pavilion dv8254ea,
Pavilion dv8256eu, Pavilion dv8260ea,
Pavilion dv8261ea, Pavilion dv8263ea,
Pavilion dv8275ea, Pavilion dv8275la,
Pavilion dv8279ea, Pavilion dv8280ea
Pavilion dv8280us, Pavilion dv8283ea,
Pavilion dv8284ea, Pavilion dv8285ea,
Pavilion dv8286ea, Pavilion dv8287ea,
Pavilion dv8288ea, Pavilion dv8289ea,
Pavilion dv8289xx, Pavilion dv8290ea,
Pavilion dv8291ea, Pavilion dv8292ea,
Pavilion dv8293ea, Pavilion dv8294ea,
Pavilion dv8295ea, Pavilion dv8296ea,
Pavilion dv8297ea, Pavilion dv8298ea,
Pavilion dv8298xx, Pavilion dv8299xx
HP Pavilion dv8300 Series
Pavilion dv8300tx, Pavilion dv8301nr,
Pavilion dv8301tx, Pavilion dv8302tx,
Pavilion dv8304tx, Pavilion dv8305ca,
Pavilion dv8305tx, Pavilion dv8305us,
Pavilion dv8306ea, Pavilion dv8306tx,
Pavilion dv8307ea, Pavilion dv8310us,
Pavilion dv8320us, Pavilion dv8330us,
Pavilion dv8380us
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