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Motorola - MotoROKR S9 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

MOTOROKR™ S9 headphones for Motorola V8 V9 V9m K1 K3 K3m E6e E680i E770 E770v E1070 E2 E6 Z6 Z6m Z6tv


  • 6 hours of music listening
  • One button call/music switching
  • 180 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth® 2.0 Wireless Technology
  • 1.14 oz
  • 126mm x 130mm x 48mm


QUESTION: Which phones will allow me to stream music?

ANSWER: The following phones support the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) which enables them to stream music wirelessly to Bluetooth Stereo headphones. Consult your phone's manual for specific information about it's capabilities and Bluetooth compatibility.

fid following models:

Motorola :
MOTOMING A1200 A1200i A1200e,A760 A910
E6e E680i E770 E770v E1070
KRZR K1 K3 K3m
MOTORAZR V3x V3xx Ve RAZR maxx (V6)
ROKR E2 E6 Z6 Z6m Z6tv
SLVR L71 L7i L7e L72 L7x
U9 V1100 W510 ic902

Asus P735

BenQ - Siemens E81 S68
Dopod C730

iPAQ hw6500 series iPAQ hw6900 series iPAQ 514

Excalibur Dash S620
Star Trek 3125 Smartflip 8500
TyTN 8525 JasJam Hermes, TyTN II 8925
Wizard 8125 8100 MDA (USA) K-JAM
S630 Cavalier S710 Mogul XV6800 P4000 Titan
Touch Wing Herald P4350 P3400

LG AX-380 Wave AX-8600 CU500CU575
enV VX-9900,Fusic LX-550
KE500 KE770 KE820 KE970,KS10 KG810
KU800 KU950 KU970 Shine Muziq LX-570
Prada,VX8300 VX8350,VX-8500 VX-8550 Chocolate
VX-8600 AX-8600 VX-8700 VX-9400 VX-9900

Nokia 2760 5300 5300b 5310
5700 6085 6086 6110 6126 6131 6133
6120 6120c 6121 Classic 6151 6233
6267 6288 6300 6500 Classis 6500 Slide
6555 8600 8800 8801 N77 N95

O2 Xda Atom

Palm Centro Treo 680 (GSM) 750 750v (GSM)

Pantech: C150 PN-820

Research In Motion: BlackBerry 8300 8310 8800 8820 8830

SCH-R500 SGH-A517 SGH-A717 SGH-T729
SGH-A727 SCH-U520 SCH-U620 SCH-U700
SGH-A707 SGH-D520 SGH-D600 SGH-D800
SGH-D900 SGH-E770 SGH-E900 / E906
SGH-i300 SGH-i607 GH-P300 SGH-T619
SGH-X700 SGH-Z510 SPH-A513,SPH-A920
SPH-M500 SPH-M610 Ultra Edition 10.9 / U600
UpStage M620 SGH-F500 J600 L600
M610 U300 U700 Ultra Edition 8.4 (Z370)
i620,G600 F in

Sanyo M1 Katana DLX

Siemens SL75

Sony-Ericsson K530i K550i K610i K770i
K790 K800 K800i K810i K850i M600i M608c
P990i T650i/c T658c W580 S500 W660i
W850i W880i W910 W950i W958c Z610
Z710i Z750 P1i/c

Toshiba Portege G900


MOTOROKR™ S9 integrates wireless mobile music and calls with unmatched lightweight design. Behind-the-head wearing style, preferred for top comfort and stability, combines with music and call selection from the headphones. The S9 connects with a compatible Bluetooth® stereo-enabled music phone or with an iPod (adapter sold separately) to bring the music library along for a full wireless music experience.

At barely an ounce and very discreet, the MOTOROKR™ S9 is music to your ears with a wearing style that will make you forget you have them on. Probably lighter than your sunglasses, delight yourself and enjoy!

Connect the MOTOROKR™ S9 with a compatible Bluetooth® stereo-enabled music phone or with your iPod (adapter sold separately) to bring your music library along for a full wireless music experience. Music mutes or pauses when calls come in, so you never miss a call.

Call, volume, and track controls, so you can play your music or answer a call by simply pressing the buttons on the headphones.

Behind-the-head wearing style provides a comfortable and stable fit. Specially designed materials and small ear buds (13mm) great for extended use. Water and sweat resistant, it's also an ideal exercise partner.


  • Wireless music. Stream from your compatible phone or iPod (adapter sold separately)
  • Lightweight. Barely 1 oz, probably lighter than your keys!
  • Discreet. Behind-the-head wearing style
  • Never miss a call. Music mutes or pauses when calls come in
  • Control music and calls from the headphones
  • Stable and secure fit. Small 13mm speakers for better comfort and fit on the ear
  • Durable. Sweat and water resistant for active conditions
  • Long play time. Up to 6 hrs of music play from a single charge


  • Works with any brand of Bluetooth®-enabled compatible phone or music device that supports Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP).

For optimal outdoor performance, position music device in close proximity to and in line of sight with the S9's internal antenna, which is located in the base behind the user's head. Placement of the music device in a front pocket is not recommended.

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