IB 72W 16V 4.5A Laptop AC Adapter for IBM 401-06410-AE022 02K667#401-06410-AE022

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Product Details

Weight: 0.217 kg


Size: 12.8 cm * 5 cm * 3.2 cm


Input interface standard: 3 pin


Input: AC 100V - 240V 50-60hz


Output: DC 16V 4.5 A 72W


Interface size: 5.5 mmx2.5 mm


Certification: CE FCC

Compatible Battery Code(""ctrl""+""F"" for fast search)
02K0077 02K5669 02K654202K6543 02K6544 02K6545 02K6547 02K6548 02K6549 02K6550 02K6554 02K6555 02K655702K6654 02K6657 02K6658 02K6661 02K6665 02K6666 02K6669 02K6670 02K6671 02K667302K6674 02K6677 02K6699 02K6700 02K6701 02K6702 02K6703 02K6704 02K6705 02K670602K6707 02K6708 02K6709 02K6744 02K6746 02K6747 02K6749 02K6750 02K6751 02K675302K6754 02K6756 02K6757 02K6808 02K6809 02K6810 02K6813 02K6814 02K6815 02K681602K6880 02K6881 02K6882 02K6883 02K6884 02K6886 02K6887 02K6888 02K6889 02K689002K6891 02K7006 02K7007 02K7010 02K7011 02K7654 04H4020 04H6903 08K8202 08K820308K8204 08K8205 08K8206 08K8207 08K8208 08K8209 08K8210 08K8211 08K8212 08K821310K0150 10K0151 10K3820 11J8956 11J8974 12J1443 12J1444 22P7091 22P7092 22P900322P9009 22P9010 22P9021 24P0151 31P3975 36H634040Y7682 59G7988 59G7991 73G3393 73G3411 73P4485 73P4502 73P4503 73P4510 76H013982K8209 82K8212 83H6339 83H6739 85G6675 85G6696 85G6698 85G6700 85G6706 85G670785G6719 85G6736 85G6737 85G6738 92P1015 92P1016 92P1017 92P1019 92P1020 92P102192P1023 92P1024 92P1025 92P5014 93P5014 93P5015 93P5017 93P5024 93P5025CF-AA1623 CF-AA1623A CF-AA1623AM CF-AA1623M
Compatible Models:
130 235 240 240X 240Z 390 340345 360 370 380 365 365C 365CD 365CS 365CSD 365E 365ED 365X 365XD 380380D 380E 380ED 380XD 380Z 385 385CD 385D 385ED385XD 390X 535 550 560 560C 560E 560X 560Z 570 570E600 600E 600X 701 701C 701CS 770 770E 770ED 770X 770Z
A SeriesA20 A20M A20P A21 A21E A21M A21P A22E A22M A22P A30 A30P A31 A31P
E SeriesE530
i Seriesi-1200 i-1210 i-1211 i-1241 i-1251 i-1271 i-1300 i-1321 i-1340 i-1351 i-1351i-1391 i-1418 i-1420 i-14211441 i-1442 1460 1480 i-1482 i-1500 i-1700 i-1720 i-1721 i-1351 i-1361 i-1391
R seriesR30 R31 R32 R40 R40E R50 R50E R50P R51R52
T SeriesT20 T21 T22 T23 T30 T40 T40P T41 T41P T42 T42PT43
X SeriesX20 X21 X22 X23 X24 X30 X31 X40X41

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