HQ 90W 19V 4.74A Laptop AC Adapter for HP 401-05432-BD022#401-05432-BD022

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Product Details

Weight: 0.221 kg


Size: 12.8 cm * 5 cm * 3.2 cm


Input interface standard: 2 Pin


Input: AC100V - 240V, 50-60hz


Output: DC19V 4.74 A 90W


Interface size: 4.8 mmx1.7mm


Compatible Laptop Models:
""CTRL""+""F""to find your laptop model/part number printed on your laptop bottom or original adapter.
HP Compaq 2000 Series
2500, 2700
HP Compaq 6000 Series
HP Compaq NC Series
NC8220, NC8420
HP Compaq NW Series
NW8200, NW8240
HP Compaq NX Series
NX8200, NX8220, NX8420
HP Compaq Tablet PC Series
TC1000, TC1100, TC4200
HP G G6000 Series
G6000, G6000XX, G6030EA, G6031EA,G6031EM, G6032EA, G6032EM, G6033EA, G6040EG, G6060, G6060EA, G6060EG, G6061,G6061EA, G6062EA, G6062EM, G6065, G6090EA, G6091EA, G6092EA, G6092EG, G6093EA,G6095EG, G6096EG, G6097EG
HP G G7000 Series
G70, G7005EG, G7010EO,G7015EA, G7015EM, G7021EB, G7030EC, G7030EF, G7030EI, G7030ER, G7030EV,G7030EW, G7032EO, G7032TU, G7035EM, G7035ER, G7040, G7040EA, G7040EG, G7045EA,G7050EI, G7050EV, G7060, G7060ER, G7060EV, G7061EO, G7061ER, G7063EO, G7063ER,G7065EB, G7065EG, G7070EJ, G7070EP, G7073EI, G7090EM, G7091EA, G7091EM,G7091TU, G7096EA
HP Notebook PC 500 Series
530 Black
HP Pavilion DV2 Series
dv2, dv2-1002ax, dv2-1003au,dv2-1005ax, dv2-1005ee, dv2-1008au, dv2-1008ax, dv2-1014ax, dv2-1015ax,dv2-1019ax, dv2-1020ax, dv2-1025ee, dv2-1026ax, dv2-1050ew, dv2-1050es,dv2-1113ax, dv2-1115ea, dv2-1115ee, dv2-1119ax, dv2-1120el, dv2-1120eo,dv2-1124ax, dv2-1125ax, dv2-1130es, dv2-1130eo, dv2-1136ax, dv2-1137ax,dv2-1160ed, dv2-1199us
HP Pavilion DV2000 Series
dv2001tx, dv2001xx, dv2003tx,dv2005tu, dv2006xx, dv2007ea, dv2009ea, dv2010tx, dv2011ea, dv2013ea, dv2015ea,dv2016tx, dv2017ea, dv2019ea, dv2020tx, dv2020us, dv2024tx, dv2026tx, dv2029ea,dv2029tu, dv2031tu, dv2033tu, dv2035tu, dv2037tu, dv2039tx, dv2040ca, dv2042tu,dv2045ea, dv2045tu, dv2049tx, dv2056ea, dv2081ea, dv2082ea, dv2097ea
HP Pavilion DV2100 Series
dv2101tu, dv2101tx, dv2103au,dv2104eu, dv2104tu, dv2106ea, dv2106eu, dv2108tu, dv2110tx, dv2111tu, dv2114tx,dv2116wm, dv2117tx, dv2120la, dv2120tu, dv2122tx, dv2125tx, dv2126tx, dv2130ea,dv2132tx, dv2133ea, dv2135tx, dv2136tx, dv2140eu, dv2144tx, dv2145tx, dv2149tx,dv2152tx, dv2153tx, dv2166eu, dv2171ca, dv2174ea, dv2190ea, dv2195eu
HP Pavilion DV2200 Series
dv2200, dv2200 CTO, dv2210us
HP Pavilion DV2500 Series
dv2500t, dv2501tu, dv2503tu,dv2503tx, dv2505tu, dv2505tx, dv2508tu, dv2508tx, dv2510tu, dv2510tx, dv2513tx,dv2514tu, dv2515tx, dv2516tu, dv2518tx, dv2519ea, dv2520tu, dv2520tx, dv2522tx,dv2523tx, dv2526tx, dv2527tx, dv2530ea, dv2530ee, dv2531tx, dv2532tx, dv2535tx,dv2536tx, dv2540tx, dv2545ef, dv2554ea, dv2555ea, dv2580eo, dv2580et
HP Pavilion DV2600 Series
dv2600 CTO, dv2620ea,dv2639tx, dv2640tx, dv2641tx, dv2699ea, dv2699ee, dv2699ef, dv2699el, dv2699eo,dv2699ep, dv2699es
HP Pavilion DV2700 Series
dv2700 C, dv2700t, dv2700tv, dv2700tw,dv2701tx, dv2702tx, dv2705tx, dv2709tx, dv2715tx, dv2720tx, dv2730tx, dv2733tx,dv2739tx, dv2740tx, dv2750ea, dv2753tx, dv2754tx, dv2758tx, dv2759tx, dv2762tx,dv2763tx, dv2765tx, dv2766tx, dv2970ef, dv2780el, dv2799, dv2799ea, dv2799ee,dv2799ef, dv2799en, dv2799eo
HP Pavilion DV2800 Series
dv2800t, dv2800ty, dv2805 C,dv2808tx, dv2809tx, dv2810ea, dv2810er, dv2813tx, dv2814tx, dv2815ea, dv2817tx,dv2819tx, dv2820tx, dv2823tx, dv2824tx, dv2826tx, dv2827tx, dv2828tx, dv2829tx,dv2831tx, dv2835ef, dv2835tx, dv2840se, dv2845se, dv2890ca, dv2899ea, dv2899ez,dv2899ee, dv2899ed, dv2899ef, dv2899ep, dv2899er, v2899es, dv2899et
HP Pavilion DV2900 Series
dv2900, dv2901tu, dv2901tx,dv2902tu, dv2902tx, dv2903tu, dv2907tx, dv2908tu, dv2908tx, dv2910ca, dv2910tx,dv2911tx, dv2912tx, dv2914ca, dv2915ca, dv2915nr, dv2915tx, dv2917tx, dv2918tx,dv2919tx, dv2920tx, dv2924tx, dv2925la, dv2925tx, dv2930ef, dv2934ca, dv2940br,dv2946nr, dv2949se, dv2960br, dv2965br, dv2990ca, dv2990nr, dv2998nr
HP Pavilion DV6000 Series
dv6000, dv6000t, dv6000z,dv6001xx, dv6002xx, dv6003ea, dv6003xx, dv6004ea, dv605, dv6007ea, dv6010ea,dv6011ea, dv6012ea, dv6015ea, dv6016ea, dv6017ea, dv6018ea, dv6019ea, dv6022ea,dv6023ea, dv6024ea, dv6025ea, dv6045nr, dv6054ea, dv6057ea, dv6058cl, dv6060ea,dv6061ea, dv6062ea, dv6063ea, dv6064ea, dv6086ea, dv6087ea, dv6088ea, dv6095ea
HP Pavilion DV6100 Series
dv6101ea, dv6102tx, dv6104eu,dv6105us, dv6108ea, dv6110br, dv6111eu, dv6113tx, dv6144tx, dv6115eu, dv6118ea,dv6119us, dv6120us, dv6123eu, dv6125se, dv6127tx, dv6129tx, dv6131eu, dv6133eu,dv6135ea, dv6137ea, dv6139ea, dv6142eu, dv6147eu, dv6150br, dv6152ea, dv6155eu,dv6159ea, dv6163ea, dv6172ea, dv6182ea, dv6185eu, dv6188eu, dv6196ea
HP Pavilion DV6200 Series
dv6200, dv6200 CTO, dv6201tx, dv6202tx,dv6203tx, dv6204tx, dv6205tx, dv6206tx, dv6226us, dv6245us, dv6265us, dv6299xx
HP Pavilion DV6400 Series
HP Pavilion DV6500 Series
dv6500 CTO, dv6500z, dv6501tx,dv6502au, dv6503tx, dv6504tu, dv6504tx, dv6507tu, dv6507tx, dv6511tx, dv6512ef,dv6512tx, dv6515tx, dv6516tx, dv6520ea, dv6520et, dv6522tx, dv6523ea, dv6523tx,dv6526ea, dv6526tx, dv6535ea, dv6535tx, dv6544tx, dv6545tx, dv6548tx, dv6549ea,dv6560us, dv6563cl, dv6565ca, dv6573cl, dv6575ca, dv6585ef, dv6589us
HP Pavilion DV6600 Series
dv6600 CTO, dv6601tx,dv6620ea, dv6680, dv6680ea, dv6680ef, dx6697us, dv6698en, dv6699ea, dv6699ed,dv6699ee, dv6699eg, dv6699el, dv6699en, dv6699et, dv6699ez
HP Pavilion DV6700 Series
dv6700, dv6700t, dv6700z,dv6706tx, dv6707tx, dv6710, dv6713tx, dv6716tx, dv6717tx, dv6723tx, dv6724tx,dv6737tx, dv6738tx, dv6759tx, dv6761tx, dv6763tx, dv6764tx, dv6768tx, dv6769tx,dv6770tx, dv6778tx, dv6780tx, dv6782tx, dv6784tx, dv6790tx, dv6792tx, dv6794tx,dv6799ee, dv6799ef, dv6799eg, dv6799en, dv6799er, dv6799et, dv6799ew, dv6772t
HP Pavilion DV6800 Series
dv6801tx, dv6804eo, dv6804tu,dv6804tx, dv6809eg, dv6809tx, dv6810em, dv6812tx, dv6819eo, dv6819tx, dv6820ea,dv6822er, dv6826eo, dv6826tx, dv6827tx, dv6828eo, dv6832tx, dv6835ea, dv6837tx,dv6839tx, dv6842tx, dv6848tx, dv6853ea, dv6853cl, dv6855ea, dv6875se, dv6898ec,dv6898es, dv6899ea, dv6899ec, dv6899el, dv6899en, dv6899eo, dv6899ew
HP Pavilion DV6900 Series
dv6900, dv6902tu, dv6902tx,dv6904tx, dv6905ee, dv6905ef, dv6905em, dv6908em, dv6908tx, dv6909tx, dv6910tx,dv6911tx, dv6912tx, dv6913rs, dv6920ea, dv6920ec, dv6920es, dv6930ei, dv6930ek,dv6930el, dv6939ca, dv6940el, dv6940er, dv6940ew, dv6945er, dv6950et, dv6960eh,dv6960ej, dv6980ei, dv6980el, dv6990el, dv6990la, dv6995la, dv6998ca
HP Pavilion DV8100 Series
dv8100, dv8102ea, dv8110us,dv8113cl, dv8113ea, dv8114ea, dv8116ea, dv8117ea, dv8120ca, dv8125nr, dv8130us,dv8133ea, dv8135ea, dv8135nr, dv8140us, dv8155ea, dv8173ea, dv8175ea, dv8176ea,dv8177ea, dv8178ea, dv8179ea, dv8195ea, dv8197ea, dv8199ea
HP Pavilion DV8200 Series
dv8201tx, dv8202tx, dv8207tx,dv8208ea, dv8208tx, dv8210us, dv8211ea, dv8213ea, dv8213cl, dv8213tx, dv8216tx,dv8217tx, dv8220ea, dv8220us, dv8225ea, dv8225nr, dv8226ea, dv8230ea,dv8230us,dv8235ea, dv8235nr, dv8240us, dv8256eu, dv8260ea, dv8279ea, dv8280ea,dv8286ea, dv8287ea, dv8288ea, dv8292ea, dv8293ea, dv8298ea, dv8298xx, dv8299xx
HP Pavilion DV8300 Series
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HP Pavilion DV9000 Series
dv9000, dv9001xx, dv9002ea,dv9007tx, dv9008ea, dv9009tx, dv9009us, dv9015tx, dv9016ea, dv9013ca, dv9005ca,dv9019ea, dv9023us, dv9035nr, dv9036ea, dv9040us, dv9046ea, dv9047ea, dv9053ea,dv9059ea, dv9060ea, dv9065ea, dv9066ea, dv9077ea, dv9024ea, dv9073ea, dv9074cl,dv9076ea, dv9083ea, dv9088ea, dv9089ea, dv9093eu, dv9094ea, dv9097ea
HP Pavilion DV9100 Series
HP Pavilion DV9200 Series
dv9200xx, dv9201ca, dv9205ca,dv9205eu, dv9207us, dv9208nr, dv9210us, dv9211ea, dv9211tx, dv9214ea, dv9214tx,dv9217tx, dv9218ea, dv9220us, dv9221ea, dv9225us, dv9220tx, dv9230us, dv9233eu,dv9235nr, dv9237eu, dv9248ea, dv9252eu, dv9260us, dv9265ea, dv9265la, dv9271ea,dv9272ea, dv9276ea, dv9283ea, dv9289ea, dv9291ea, dv9295eu, dv9296ea
HP Pavilion DV9300 Series
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HP Pavilion DV9400 Series
dv9400, dv9407nr, dv9408ca,dv9408nr, dv9410ca, dv9410us, dv9413cl, dv9417ca, dv9417cl, dv9418ca, dv9420ca,dv9420us, dv9428ca, dv9428nr, dv9429us, dv9438ca, dv9443ca
HP Pavilion DV9500 Series
dv9500z, dv9501au, dv9502tx,dv9507tx, dv9508tx, dv9513tx, dv9514tx, dv9518tx, dv9519tx, dv9521tx, dv9522tx,dv9530eg, dv9532ef, dv9535eo, dv9535us, dv9540us, dv9542ev, dv9543ev, dv9552es,dv9555eg, dv9565ea, dv9565eg, dv9572ea, dv9572el, dv9575eo, dv9575la, dv9580eg,dv9580el, dv9581ee, dv9585eg, dv9590eg, dv9590er, dv9595ed, dv9597xx
HP Pavilion DV9600 Series
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HP Pavilion DV9700 Series
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HP Pavilion TX1300 Series
HP Pavilion TX1400 Series
HP Pavilion TX2000 Series
tx2000z, tx2050, tx2050ea,tx2130ea
HP Pavilion TX2500 Series
tx2506au, tx2506el, tx2510ca,tx2510ea, tx2513au, tx2513cl, tx2517ca, tx2520ef, tx2520ej, tx2523au, tx2524au,tx2528au, tx2529au, tx2530es, tx2531au, tx2540br, tx2550ei, tx2550eg, tx2550tr,tx2570br, tx2602au, tx2603au, tx2607au, tx2608au, tx2613au, tx2614au, tx2620es,tx2622nr, tx2630es, tx2630et, tx2645ee, tx2645ei, tx2650ew, tx2670ef
HP Touch Smart tx2 Series
tx2-10, tx2z-1000, tx2-1001au,tx2-1007au, tx2-1008au, tx2-1010au, tx2-1012nr, tx2-1013au, tx2-1017au,tx2-1018au, tx2-1021au, tx2-1022au, tx2-1035ei, tx2-1050ed, tx2-1050es,tx2-1101au, tx2-1102au, tx2-1107au, tx2-1108au, tx2-1114au, tx2-1115au,tx2-1150es, tx2-1160ea, tx2-1210au, tx2-1210er, tx2-1224ca, tx2-1230es,tx2-1250es, tx2-1250et
Compaq Armada 1500 Series
1500, 1505, 1505DM, 1510,1510DM, 1520, 1520D, 1520DM, 1530D, 1530DM, 1535DM, 1540DM, 1550DM, 1550DMT, 1560DM,1571DM, 1573DM, 1580DMT, 1580DT, 1585DMT, 1590DM, 1590DMT, 1592DMT, 1598DMT
Compaq EVO N1000 Series
N1000, N1000c, N1000v, N1005v,N1010v, N1015, N1015v, N1020v
Compaq Notebook PC 500 Series
510, 511, 515, 516, 610, 615
Compaq Presario 300 Series
300, 305, 306
Compaq Presario 900 Series
900, 900AP, 900CA, 900LA,900US, 902AP, 902AU, 902EA, 902FR, 903AP, 903KR, 904AP, 904RSH, 904EA, 905AP,905LA, 905TC, 905US, 906EA, 906US, 907EA, 908EA, 909EA, 910AP, 910EA, 911DE,912EA, 912RSH, 914EA, 915CA, 916US, 917DE, 917EA, 918RSH, 919EA, 920CA, 920EA,920LA, 920US, 921AP, 925AP, 925EA, 927AP, 930AP, 935A, 943AP, 945AP, 950AP,955AP
Compaq Presario 1500 Series
1500, 1500AP, 1500AU, 1501AP,1501CL, 1501LA, 1502LA, 1504TC, 1505AP, 1505EA, 1506TC, 1507AP, 1507EA, 1507TC,1509AP, 1509AU, 1510AP, 1510T, 1510TC, 1510US, 1511AP, 1512TC, 1513AP, 1514AP,1515AP, 1520AP, 1520CA, 1520LA, 1522LA, 1523EA, 1525AP, 1525CA, 1528AP, 1528CL,1530SC, 1536AP, 1538AP, 1540AP, 1545AP, 1565AP, 1568AP, 1570AP, 1572AP
Compaq Presario 2200 Series
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Compaq Presario 2800 Series
2800AP, 2800TC, 2801TC,2802AP, 2803EA, 2805AP, 2805AU, 2806EA, 2809AP, 2810LA, 2810SC, 2811EA, 2812SP,2815AP, 2816AP, 2817FR, 2817KR, 2819AP, 2820TC, 2821AP, 2822AP, 2824AP, 2826EA,2826TC, 2829TC, 2831AP, 2831SC, 2834TC, 2837EA, 2840AP, 2840TC, 2846AP, 2855AP,2856A, 2862AP, 2868AP, 2874AP, 2875AP, 2879CL, 2884AP, 2885AP, 2891AP, 2897AP
Compaq Presario B2800 Series
B2800, B2801TX, B2802TX,B2803TX, B2804TX, B2805TX, B2806TX, B2807TX, B2808TX, B2809TX, B2810TX,B2811TX, B2812TX, B2813TX, B2814TX, B2815TX, B2816TX, B2817TX, B2818TX,B2819TX, B2820TX, B2821TX, B2822TX, B2823TX, B2824TX, B2825TX, B2826TX,B2827TX,B2828TX, B2829TX, B2830TX, B2831TX
Compaq Presario CQ20 Series
CQ20, CQ20-102TU, CQ20-103TU,CQ20-109TU, CQ20-110TU, CQ20-115TU, CQ20-116TU, CQ20-122TU, CQ20-123TU,CQ20-128TU, CQ20-129TU, CQ20-204TU, CQ20-205TU, CQ20-211TU, CQ20-212TU,CQ20-217TU, CQ20-218TU, CQ20-224TU, CQ20-303TU, CQ20-304TU, CQ20-309TU,CQ20-310TU, CQ20-316TU, CQ20-317TU, CQ20-322TU, CQ20-323TU, CQ20-329TU,CQ20-405TU, CQ20-411TU
Compaq Presario F700 Series
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Compaq Presario V1000 Series
V1001AP, V1002AD, V1002AP,V1004AP, V1005AD, V1005AP, V1007AP, V1008AD, V1008AP, V1012AP, V1013AP,V1014AP, V1018AP, V1019AP, V1020AP, V1024AP, V1025AP, V1026AP, V1031AP,V1032AP, V1033AP, V1037AP, V1038AP, V1039AP, V1044AP, V1045AP, V1050AP, V1051AP,V1052AP, V1056AP, V1057AP, V1058AP, V1065AP, V1066AP, V1067AP, V1071AP,V1072AP, V1073AP
Compaq Presario V1100 Series
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Compaq Presario V3200 Series
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Compaq Presario V3300 Series
V3301TU, V3302AU, V3302TU,V3304TU, V3305AU, V3305TU, V3306AU, V3307TU, V3308AU, V3308TU, V3309AU,V3311TU, V3312AU, V3312TU, V3313TU, V3315TU, V3316TU, V3317LA, V3317TU,V3321TU, V3322TU, V3323TU, V3327TU, V3328TU, V3329TU, V3330TU, V3333TU,V3334TU, V3335TU, V3336TU, V3340TU, V3341TU, V3342TU, V3343TU, V3346TU,V3347TU, V3348TU, V3349TU
Compaq Presario V3400 Series
V3401AU, V3403AU, V3403TU,V3405AU, V3405TU, V3407TU, V3407TX, V3409TU, V3409TX, V3411TX, V3412AU,V3413TX, V3414AU, V3415TU, V3415TX, V3417TU, V3417TX, V3419AU, V3419TU,V3421TU, V3421TX, V3423TU, V3423TX, V3425TU, V3425TX, V3428TU, V3429AU,V3431TU, V3432AU, V3435AU, V3438AU, V3438TU, V3441AU, V3441TU, V3444TU,V3445AU, V3447AU, V3448AU
Compaq Presario V3500 Series
V3500, V3501TU, V3502TU,V3503TU, V3504TU, V3505TU, V3506TU, V3507TU, V3508TU, V3509TU, V3510TU,V3511TU, V3512TU, V3513TU, V3514TU, V3515TU, V3516TU, V3517TU, V3518TU,V3519TU, V3520TU, V3521TU, V3522TU, V3523TU, V3524TU, V3525TU, V3526TU,V3527TU, V3528TU, V3529TU, V3530TU, V3531TU, V3532TU, V3533TU, V3534TU, V3535TU
Compaq Presario V3600 Series
V3602TU, V3602TX, V3604TU,V3604TX, V3606TX, V3608TX, V3609AU, V3611AU, V3613AU, V3613TU, V3614TX,V3615AU, V3616TX, V3618TU, V3619AU, V3621TU, V3624TU, V3625AU, V3627TU,V3628AU, V3631AU, V3634AU, V3634TU, V3637TU, V3640TU, V3641AU, V3643TU,V3644AU, V3647AU, V3650AU, V3650TU, V3655TU, V3661TU, V3662TU, V3667TU,V3668TU, V3674TU, V3680TU
Compaq Presario V3700 Series
V3700, V3702TU, V3703VU,V3705TU, V3705TX, V3707TU, V3709TU, V3709TX, V3712AU, V3715AU, V3717LA,V3717TU, V3720AU, V3723TU, V3724AU, V3727AU, V3730AU, V3733AU, V3733TU,V3736TU, V3739TU, V3740AU, V3743AU, V3746AU, V3746TU, V3749AU, V3749TU,V3752TU, V3755TU, V3756TU, V3762TU, V3768TU, V3774TU, V3775TU, V3781TU,V3787TU, V3788TU, V3794TU
Compaq Presario V3800 Series
V3800, V3801AU, V3801TU,V3802TX, V3803AU, V3803TU, V3805AU, V3805TU, V3807TU, V3807TX, V3808AU,V3809TX, V3810AU, V3812TU, V3813AU, V3815TU, V3816AU, V3816TU, V3819AU,V3819TU, V3822AU, V3822TU, V3823AU, V3825TU, V3826AU, V3828TU, V3829TU,V3830TU, V3834TU, V3835TU, V3836TU, V3841TU, V3842TU, V3847TU, V3848TU,V3849TU, V3854TU, V3855TU
Compaq Presario V3900 Series
V3901TU, V3901TX, V3902AU,V3902TU, V3902TX, V3903TU, V3903TX, V3904AU, V3904TU, V3904TX, V3905TX,V3906AU, V3906TU, V3906TX, V3907AU, V3907TX, V3908TU, V3908TX, V3909TU,V3909TX, V3911TU, V3912TU, V3913TU, V3914TU, V3917TU, V3918LA, V3918TU,V3919TU, V3920TU, V3922TU, V3923TU, V3924TU, V3925TU, V3926TU, V3929TU,V3930TU, V3931TU, V3932TU
Compaq Presario V6200 Series
V6200, V6201TU, V6202AU,V6202EA, V6202TU, V6203AU, V6203TU, V6205AU, V6205NR, V6205TU, V6207TU,V6208AU, V6208TU, V6209AU, V6210BR, V6210TU, V6210CA, V6211AU, V6212TU,V6213AU, V6213EA, V6215AU, V6215CA, V6215TU, V6216CA, V6217TU, V6218EA,V6218TU, V6221EU, V6222EA, V6221TU, V6224EA, V6225BR, V6230BR, V6230CA,V6254EA, V6261EU, V6263EA
Compaq Presario V6300 Series
V6300, V6301AU, V6301TU,V6302AU, V6303TU, V6304TU, V6305AU, V6305CA, V6306TU, V6307TU, V6308TU,V6309TU, V6310US, V6311TU, V6312TU, V6313TU, V6315EA, V6315TU, V6316CA,V6316EA, V6317TU, V6318CA, V6318TU, V6319TU, V6321TU, V6322TU, V6325EA,V6330EA, V6332EA, V6335EA, V6336EA, V6338EU, V6339EU, V6340EU, V6341EA,V6345EA, V6346EA, V6355EU
Compaq Presario V6400 Series
V6400, V6401AU, V6402AU,V6402CA, V6402TU, V6403AU, V6403TU, V6405AU, V6405CA, V6405TU, V6406AU,V6408TU, V6409TU, V6410CA, V6410ET, V6410TU, V6412TU, V6413TU, V6414TU,V6415CA, V6415ES, V6417TU, V6418TU, V6419TU, V6420ET, V6421TU, V6422TU,V6423TU, V6424TU, V6425TU, V6428TU, V6429ES, V6430EE, V6430EF, V6435ES,V6444US, V6450EE, V6450EN
Compaq Presario V6500 Series
V6500, V6500Z, V6501AU,V6501TU, V6502AU, V6502EO, V6503TU, V6504AU, V6504TU, V6505AU, V6506TU, V6507AU,V6507TU, V6508AU, V6508EO, V6510ET, V6510TU, V6511TU, V6512TU, V6515ES,V6515TU, V6516TU, V6517TU, V6518ES, V6519TU, V6520ED, V6520TU, V6521TU,V6522TU, V6530ED, V6533EF, V6554ES, V6560EA, V6580ED, V6590ES, V6592ES,V6594ES, V6595ES
Compaq Presario V6600 Series
V6600, V6601TU, V6602AU,V6602TU, V6603AU, V6604TU, V6605AU, V6605TU, V6606AU, V6607ES, V6607TU,V6608AU, V6608TU, V6609AU, V6610EO, V6610ES, V6610ET, V6610TU, V6612AU,V6612TU, V6613AU, V6613TU, V6614AU, V6615EE, V6615EF, V6615EN, V6615ES, V6616TU,V6617AU, V6618AU, 6620ET, V6640ED, V6640ES, V6642EA, V6642EM, V6650ED, V6650ES,V6660ED
Compaq Presario V6700 Series
V6700, V6700TX, V6701AU,V6701TU, V6702AU, V6702TU, V6703AU, V6703TU, V6704AU, V6704TU, V6705AU,V6705TU, V6706TU, V6707TU, V6708TU, V6709TU, V6710ES,V6710ET, V6710TU, V6711TU,V6712TU, V6713TU, V6714TU, V6715EE, V6715EN, V6715ET, V6715TU, V6719NR,V6720ES, V6730ES, V6730ET, V6741US
Compaq Presario V6800 Series
V6800, V6801AU, V6801TU,V6802TU, V6803TU, V6804TU, V6805TU, V6806TU, V6807TU, V6808TU, V6810EE,V6810EI, V6850ED
Compaq Presario V6900 Series
V6901TU, V6902TU, V6903TU,V6904TU, V6905TU
Compaq Presario X1200 Series
X1201AP, X1201US, X1202AP,X1203AP, X1204AP, X1206AP, X1207AP, X1208AP, X1209AP, X1210AP, X1210CA,X1211AP, X1212AP, X1213AP, X1214AP, X1215AP, X1217AP, X1218AP, X1219AP,X1220AP, X1220EA, X1221AP, X1222AP, X1223AP, X1224AP, X1225AP, X1227AP,X1229AP, X1230AP, X1230US, X1231AP, X1232AP, X1234AP, X1236AP, X1237AP,X1238AP, X1239AP, X1242AP
Compaq Presario X1300 Series
X1300, X1301AP, X1301US,X1302AP, X1303AP, X1304AP, X1305AP, X1306AP, X1307AP, X1308AP, X1309AP,X1310AP, X1311AP, X1312AP, X1313AP, X1314AP, X1315AP, X1316AP, X1317AP,X1318AP, X1319AP, X1320AP, X1321AP, X1322AP, X1324AP, X1325AP, X1326AP,X1327AP, X1328AP, X1329AP, X1330AP, X1360CA, X1360US, X1370US, X1390, X1390US,X1397
Compaq Presario X1400 Series
X14, X1400, X1400AD, X1401AP,X1401US, X1402AP, X1403AP, X1404AP, X1405AP, X1406AP, X1407AP, X1410AP,X1411AP, X1412AP, X1413AP, X1416AP, X1417AP, X1418AP, X1419AP, X1420AP,X1423AP, X1424AP, X1425AP, X1426AP, X1429AP, X1430AP, X1431AP, X1432AP,X1435AP, X1436AP, X1437AP, X1438AP, X1439AP, X1442AP, X1443AP, X1444AP,X1445AP, X1480, X1480US
Compaq Presario X1500 Series
X1500, X1560CA
Asus A5 Series
A5, A5E
Asus B0 Series
B01, B05, B06
Asus M3 Series
M3000, M3000N, M3000NP
Asus Z1 Series
Z1, Z1B, Z1F, Z1000, Z1000B,Z1000F
Asus Z2 Series
Z2, Z2A, Z2B, Z2000, Z2000A,Z2000B
Gateway 7400 Series
7415, 7415GX, 7426, 7426GX
Gateway MX Series
MX7100, MX7515, MX7515h, MX7118,MX7120, MX7520, MX7520h, MX7525
LG F Series
LG L Series
LW20, LW25, LS40, LW40, LS50,LS55, LW60, LW65, LS75, LW75
LG M Series
LG R Series
LG S Series
LG T Series
LG V Series
LG W Series
LG Z Series

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