HQ 90W 19V 4.74A Laptop AC Adapter for HP 401-05432-AX02C#401-05432-AX02C

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Product Details

Weight: 0.218 kg


Size: 12.8 cm * 5 cm * 3.2 cm


Input interface standard: 3 pin


Input: AC 100V - 240V 50-60hz


Output: DC 19V 4.74 A 90W


Interface size: 4.8 mmx1.7mm


Compatible Model: (""Ctrl"" + ""F"" for fast search)HP G G6000 SeriesG6000, G6060, G6062EM, G6033EA, G6096EG, G6000XX, G6061, G6090EA, G6040EG,G6097EG, G6030EA, G6091EA, G6060EA, G6031EA, G6065, G6092EA, G6060EG, G6031EM,G6092EG, G6061EA, G6032EA, G6093EA, G6062EA, G6032EM, G6095EGHP Pavilion DV8100 seriesdv8100, dv8135nr, dv8117ea, dv8178ea, dv8102ea, dv8140us, dv8120ca, dv8179ea,dv8110us, dv8155ea, dv8125nr, dv8195ea, dv8113cl, dv8173ea, dv8130us, dv8197ea,dv8113ea, dv8175ea, dv8133ea, dv8199ea, dv8114ea, dv8176ea, dv8135ea, dv8116ea,dv8177eaHP Pavilion DV2600 Seriesdv2699ef, dv2699el, dv2639tx, dv2699eo, dv2640tx, dv2699ep, dv2641tx, dv2620ea,dv2699es, dv2699ea, dv2600 CTO, dv2699eeHP Pavilion DV9800 seriesdv9820en, dv9830er, dv9850et, dv9808ca, dv9880ev, dv9823em, dv9840es, dv9860ev,dv9812eo, dv9890es, dv9829eo, dv9850ed, dv9805ef, dv9880ed, dv9818tx, dv9821tx,dv9835ef, dv9858ez, dv9810es, dv9890ed, dv9825eo, dv9847ca, dv9800es, dv9850ea,dv9870ed, dv9815el, dv9820es, dv9830es, dv9850ev, dv9808eg, dv9880ew, dv9823tx,dv9842eg, dv9860ezHP Pavilion DV6800 Seriesdv6832tx, dv6820ea, dv6809eg, dv6898ec, dv6826eo, dv6899ew, dv6848tx, dv6804eo,dv6819eo, dv6899el, dv6837tx, dv6835ea, dv6809tx, dv6898es, dv6826tx, dv6855ea,dv6804tu, dv6819tx, dv6899en, dv6839tx, dv6853ea, dv6810em, dv6899ea, dv6827tx,dv6875se, dv6804tx, dv6822er, dv6899eo, dv6853cl, dv6842tx, dv6801tx, dv6812tx,dv6899ec, dv6828eoHP Touch Smart tx2 Seriestx2-1107au, tx2-1224ca, tx2-1017au, tx2z-1000, tx2-1035ei, tx2-1101au,tx2-1210au, tx2-1012nr, tx2-1007au, tx2-1114au, tx2-1150es, tx2-1250es,tx2-1021au, tx2-1001au, tx2-1050es, tx2-1108au, tx2-1230es, tx2-1018au,tx2-1050ed, tx2-1102au, tx2-1210er, tx2-1013au, tx2-1008au, tx2-1115au,tx2-1160ea, tx2-1250et, tx2-1022au, tx2-1010auHP Pavilion DV2100 seriesdv2135tx, dv2166eu, dv2106ea, dv2120la, dv2144tx, dv2101tu, dv2190ea, dv2110tx,dv2125tx, dv2132tx, dv2152tx, dv2104eu, dv2116wm, dv2140eu, dv2174ea, dv2108tu,dv2122tx, dv2130ea, dv2149tx, dv2103au, 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dv9265ea, dv9200xx, dv9207us,dv9225us, dv9276ea, dv9214ea, dv9248ea, dv9295eu, dv9205ca, dv9220tx, dv9271ea,dv9211ea, dv9235nr, dv9291ea, dv9218ea, dv9260us, dv9265la, dv9201ca, dv9208nr,dv9230us, dv9283ea, dv9214tx, dv9252eu, dv9296ea, dv9205eu, dv9221ea, dv9272ea,dv9211tx, dv9237euHP Pavilion DV6100 seriesdv6144tx, dv6115eu, dv6159ea, dv6125se, dv6188eu, dv6135ea, dv6105us, dv6110br,dv6150br, dv6119us, dv6172ea, dv6129tx, dv6101ea, dv6139ea, dv6142eu, dv6113tx,dv6155eu, dv6123eu, dv6185eu, dv6133eu, dv6104eu, dv6108ea, dv6147eu, dv6118ea,dv6163ea, dv6127tx, dv6196ea, dv6137ea, dv6111eu, dv6152ea, dv6120us, dv6182ea,dv6131eu, dv6102txHP Compaq NC SeriesNC8220, NC8420HP Pavilion DV8300 seriesdv8328ea, dv8393ea, dv8309us, dv8369ea, dv8317tx, dv8382ea, dv8306tx, dv8325ea,dv8339us, dv8399xx, dv8314tx, dv8375la, dv8302tx, dv8320us, dv8330us, dv8394ea,dv8310ca, dv8370ea, dv8318ea, dv8387ea, dv8307ea, dv8327ca, dv8345ea, dv8315ca,dv8377ea, dv8304tx, dv8321ea, dv8333cl, dv8395ea, dv8310tx, 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