HP Pavilion DV1700, DV4000, DV4100 laptop battery#I_5167

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Product Details

Compatible Part Numbers:
367759-001, 367760-001, 383492-001, 383493-001, 391883-001, 394275-001, 395751-321, 396600-001, 398065-001, 398752-001, 398832-001, HSTNN-DB10, HSTNN-DB17, HSTNN-IB09, HSTNN-IB10, HSTNN-IB17, HSTNN-LB09, HSTNN-LB17, HSTNN-MB09, HSTNN-MB10, HSTNN-OB17, HSTNN-UB09, HSTNN-UB17, PB995A, PF723A, PM579A

Compatibility: Not compatible with Pavillion dv4000 Series & Pavilion dv5000 Series, Presario V4000 & Presario V5000 Series
Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 10.80V
Capacity: 8000mAh
Color: Black
Dimension: 205.20 x 59.20 x 37.50 mm
Product Type: Replacement Battery (Brand New)
Condition: New, 1 year warranty!
Weight: 751.28 g
Remark: Not compatible with Pavillion dv4000 Series & Pavilion dv5000 Series, Presario V4000 & Presario V5000 Series

This replacement laptop battery is NOT compatible with the following laptop models:
Compaq Presario V4000, V5000 Series
HP Pavilion DV4000, DV5000 Series

    HP Special Edition L2000

    HP G3000 Series
        G3000EA, G3050EA, G3051EA

    HP G5000 Series
        G5001TU, G5002EA, G5002TU,
        G5003EA, G5009EA, G5040EA,
        G5042EA, G5050EA, G5050EI,
        G5050EO, G5050ET, G5050EW,
        G5051EA, G5051TU, G5052EA,
        G5055EA, G5056EA, G5060EF,
        G5060EG, G5060EO, G5060EP,
        G5060ET, G5060EV, G5071TU

    HP Pavilion DV1000 Series
        Pavilion DV1000-DZ677AV, Pavilion DV1000-DZ678AV,
        Pavilion DV1000-DZ731AV, Pavilion DV1000T,
        Pavilion DV1001AP-PK809AS, Pavilion DV1001xx-PK807AS,
        Pavilion DV1002AP-PF352PA, Pavilion DV1002xx-PK808AS,
        Pavilion DV1003AP-PF353PA, Pavilion DV1004AP-PF354PA,
        Pavilion DV1005AP-PF355PA, Pavilion DV1006AP-PF356PA,
        Pavilion DV1007AP, Pavilion DV1007AP-PF367PA,
        Pavilion DV1008AP, Pavilion DV1008AP-PF368PA,

    HP Pavilion dv1200 Series
        Pavilion dv1206cl, Pavilion dv1207us,
        Pavilion dv1210us, Pavilion dv1215wm,
        Pavilion dv1217us, Pavilion dv1220EA,
        Pavilion dv1220us, Pavilion dv1224EA,
        Pavilion dv1225ca, Pavilion dv1225EA,

    HP Pavilion dv1300 Series
        Pavilion DV1300-PT111AV, Pavilion DV1301AP,
        Pavilion DV1302AP, Pavilion DV1303AP,
        Pavilion DV1309AP, Pavilion DV1315CL,
        Pavilion DV1317AP, Pavilion DV1327AP,
        Pavilion DV1330CA, Pavilion DV1331SE

    HP Pavilion dv1400 Series
        Pavilion dv1410EA, Pavilion dv1410us,
        Pavilion dv1411se, Pavilion dv1418EA,
        Pavilion dv1420ca, Pavilion dv1420us,
        Pavilion dv1421EA, Pavilion dv1422EA,

    HP Pavilion dv1500 Series
        Pavilion dv1501EA, Pavilion dv1510ca,
        Pavilion dv1510us, Pavilion dv1515cl,
        Pavilion dv1519us, Pavilion dv1520ca,
        Pavilion dv1520us, Pavilion dv1530br,
        Pavilion dv1530ca, Pavilion dv1530la,

    HP Pavilion dv1600 Series
        Pavilion dv1600 CTO, Pavilion dv1601tn,
        Pavilion dv1601ts, Pavilion dv1602tn,
        Pavilion dv1602ts, Pavilion dv1603tn,
        Pavilion dv1603ts, Pavilion dv1604tn,
        Pavilion dv1604ts, Pavilion dv1605tn,
        Pavilion dv1605ts, Pavilion dv1606tn,
        Pavilion dv1606ts, Pavilion dv1607tn,

    HP Pavilion DV1700 Series
        Pavilion DV1700/CT, Pavilion dv1700 CTO,
        Pavilion dv1700TU, Pavilion dv1701TU,
        Pavilion dv1701xx, Pavilion dv1702TU,
        Pavilion dv1702xx, Pavilion dv1703TU,

    HP Pavilion dv4000 Series
        Pavilion dv4000-PC253AV, Pavilion dv4000-PC268AV,
        Pavilion dv4000-PC269AV, Pavilion dv4000-PH856AV,
        Pavilion dv4000-PH857AV, Pavilion dv4000-PR496AV,
        Pavilion dv4000xx-PX249AS, Pavilion dv4001AP-PV281PA,
        Pavilion dv4001EA-EB916EA, Pavilion dv4001xx-PX248AS,
        Pavilion dv4002AP-PV282PA, Pavilion dv4003AP-PV294PA,
        Pavilion dv4004AP-PV298PA, Pavilion dv4004xx-PX251AS,
        Pavilion dv4005AP-PV302PA, Pavilion dv4005US-EA410UA,

    HP Pavilion dv4100 Series
        Pavilion dv4100-EA292AV, Pavilion dv4100-EA294AV,
        Pavilion dv4101AP-PY885PA, Pavilion dv4102AP-PY896PA,
        Pavilion dv4102EA-EH187EA, Pavilion dv4103AP-PY905PA,
        Pavilion dv4103EA-EF177EA, Pavilion dv4104AP-PY906PA,
        Pavilion dv4106AP-ED098PA, Pavilion dv4107AP-ED144PA,

    HP Pavilion dv4300 Series
        Pavilion dv4302EA, Pavilion dv4304EA,
        Pavilion dv4305EA, Pavilion dv4305us,
        Pavilion dv4306EA, Pavilion dv4307ca,
        Pavilion dv4307cl, Pavilion dv4308wm,
        Pavilion dv4309EA, Pavilion dv4310us,
        Pavilion dv4312EA, Pavilion dv4315EA,

    HP Pavilion dv4400 Series
        Pavilion dv4401rs, Pavilion dv4401TU,
        Pavilion dv4401xx, Pavilion dv4402TU,
        Pavilion dv4405nr, Pavilion dv4410us,
        Pavilion dv4419us, Pavilion dv4420ca,
        Pavilion dv4420us, Pavilion dv4430EA,
        Pavilion dv4435EA, Pavilion dv4440EA,
        Pavilion dv4445EA, Pavilion dv4450EA

    HP Pavilion dv5000 Series
        Pavilion dv5000 CTO, Pavilion dv5000EA,
        Pavilion dv5000t CTO, Pavilion dv5001xx,
        Pavilion dv5002EA, Pavilion dv5003cl,
        Pavilion dv5003EA, Pavilion dv5005EA,
        Pavilion dv5006EA, Pavilion dv5007EA,
        Pavilion dv5008EA, Pavilion dv5009EA,
        Pavilion dv5010EA, Pavilion dv5011EA,
        Pavilion dv5012EA, Pavilion dv5016EA,

    HP Pavilion dv5100 Series
        Pavilion dv5100 CTO, Pavilion dv5101tx,
        Pavilion dv5102eu, Pavilion dv5102tx,


    HP Pavilion dv5200 Series
        Pavilion dv5200 CTO, Pavilion dv5200TU,
        Pavilion dv5200tx, Pavilion dv5201eu,
        Pavilion dv5201TU, Pavilion dv5201tx,
        Pavilion dv5202eu, Pavilion dv5202TU,
        Pavilion dv5202tx, Pavilion dv5203EA,
        Pavilion dv5203TU, Pavilion dv5203tx,
        Pavilion dv5204EA, Pavilion dv5204TU,
        Pavilion dv5204tx, Pavilion dv5205EA,
        Pavilion dv5205TU, Pavilion dv5205tx,
        Pavilion dv5206EA, Pavilion dv5206TU,

    HP Pavilion ZE2000 Series
        Pavilion ZE2000-PM341AV, Pavilion ZE2000-PM342AV,
        Pavilion ZE2001AP-PS928PA, Pavilion ZE2001EA-PS723EA,
        Pavilion ZE2001EA-PS733EA, Pavilion ZE2001-PT590AS
        Pavilion ZE2002AP-PT362PA, Pavilion ZE2002EA-PS728EA,
        Pavilion ZE2003AP-PT363PA, Pavilion ZE2004AP-PT369PA,

    HP Pavilion ZE2000T Series
        Pavilion ZE2000T-PQ648AV

    HP Pavilion ZE2000Z Series
        Pavilion ZE2000Z-PV336AV, Pavilion ZE2000Z-PV337AV

    HP Pavilion ZE2100 Series
        Pavilion ZE2101EA-EA971EA, Pavilion ZE2104EA-EA975EA,
        Pavilion ZE2105EA-EA963EA, Pavilion ZE2108EA-PW964EA,
        Pavilion ZE2108WM-EA390UA, Pavilion ZE2109EA-EA970EA,
        Pavilion ZE2109EA-PW965EA, Pavilion ZE2110EA-EA972EA,
        Pavilion ZE2111EA-PW966EA, Pavilion ZE2112EA-EA965EA,
        Pavilion ZE2113EA-EA973EA, Pavilion ZE2113US-EC196UA,
        Pavilion ZE2114EA-EA964EA, Pavilion ZE2114US-EC199UA,
        Pavilion ZE2115US-EC194UA, Pavilion ZE2117EA-EA976EA,
        Pavilion ZE2117US-EC197UA, Pavilion ZE2120CA-EC234UA,
        Pavilion ZE2125EA-EA967EA, Pavilion ZE2128EA-EA962EA,
        Pavilion ZE2129EA-EA974EA, Pavilion ZE2130EA-EA960EA,
        Pavilion ZE2140EA-EA968EA, Pavilion ZE2150EA-EA961EA,
        Pavilion ZE2151EA-EA969EA

    HP Pavilion ZE2200 Series
        Pavilion ZE2200T-EA444AV, Pavilion ZE2200T-PS848AV,
        Pavilion ZE2200Z-PV815AV, Pavilion ZE2201AP-ED112PA,
        Pavilion ZE2201AP-EE473PA, Pavilion ZE2201-EA935AS,
        Pavilion ZE2202AP-ED156PA, Pavilion ZE2202AP-EE474PA,
        Pavilion ZE2203AP-ED157PA, Pavilion ZE2203AP-EE475PA,
        Pavilion ZE2204AP-ED158PA, Pavilion ZE2204EA-EF146EA,
        Pavilion ZE2205AP-ED159PA, Pavilion ZE2205EA-EF135EA,
        Pavilion ZE2206AP-ED160PA, Pavilion ZE2206EA-EF142EA,
        Pavilion ZE2207AP-ED161PA, Pavilion ZE2208AP-ED162PA,
        Pavilion ZE2209AP-EE486PA, Pavilion ZE2209-EE234AS,
        Pavilion ZE2210AP-EE487PA, Pavilion ZE2211AP-EE488PA,
        Pavilion ZE2212AP-EE558PA, Pavilion ZE2215EA-EF134EA,

    HP Pavilion ZE2300 Series
        Pavilion ZE2308WM-EC205UA, Pavilion ZE2315US-EC201UA

    HP Pavilion ze2400 Series
        Pavilion ze2401EA, Pavilion ze2401xt,
        Pavilion ze2405EA, Pavilion ze2409EA,
        Pavilion ze2410br, Pavilion ze2410EA,
        Pavilion ze2415EA, Pavilion ze2420br,
        Pavilion ze2420la, Pavilion ze2430br

    HP Pavilion ZT4000 Series

    Compaq Pavilion dv4200 Series
        Pavilion dv4200, Pavilion dv4200 CTO,
        Pavilion dv4200EA, Pavilion dv4201EA,
        Pavilion dv4201TU, Pavilion dv4201TX,
        Pavilion dv4201xx, Pavilion dv4202EA,
        Pavilion dv4202TU, Pavilion dv4202TX,
        Pavilion dv4202xx, Pavilion dv4203EA,
        Pavilion dv4203TU, Pavilion dv4203TX,
        Pavilion dv4203xx, Pavilion dv4204EA,
        Pavilion dv4204TU, Pavilion dv4204TX,
        Pavilion dv4205EA, Pavilion dv4205TU,
        Pavilion dv4205TX, Pavilion dv4206EA,
        Pavilion dv4206TU, Pavilion dv4206TX,
        Pavilion dv4207EA, Pavilion dv4207TU,
        Pavilion dv4207TX, Pavilion dv4208EA,
        Pavilion dv4208TX, Pavilion dv4209TX,
        Pavilion dv4210TX, Pavilion dv4211TX,

    Compaq Presario C300 Series
        Presario C300EA, Presario C300EU,
        Presario C301NR, Presario C301TU,
        Presario C302NR, Presario C302TU,
        Presario C303NR, Presario C303TU,
        Presario C304NR, Presario C304TU,
        Presario C305LA, Presario C305TU,
        Presario C306TU, Presario C306US,
        Presario C307NR, Presario C307TU,
        Presario C308LA, Presario C308TU,
        Presario C309TU, Presario C310EA,
        Presario C310EU, Presario C310TU,
        Presario C311TU, Presario C312TU,
        Presario C313TU, Presario C315LA,
        Presario C318LA, Presario C350EA,
        Presario C350EU, Presario C351EA,
        Presario C352EA, Presario C353EA,
        Presario C399xx

    Compaq Presario C500 Series
        Presario C500EA, Presario C500EU,
        Presario C500T, Presario C501NR,
        Presario C501TU, Presario C502CA,
        Presario C502EA, Presario C502EU,
        Presario C502TU, Presario C502US,
        Presario C503TU, Presario C503WM,
        Presario C504EA, Presario C504EU,
        Presario C504TU, Presario C504US,
        Presario C505TU, Presario C506CA,
        Presario C506TU, Presario C507TU,

    Compaq Presario M2000 Series
        Presario M2000-PK550AV, Presario M2000-PK551AV,
        Presario M2000-PQ660AV, Presario M2001AL-EA130PC,
        Presario M2001AP-PS929PA, Presario M2001EA-PS744EA,
        Presario M2001-PT591AS, Presario M2002AL-EA131PC,
        Presario M2002AP-PS942PA, Presario M2003AL-EA716PC,
        Presario M2003AP-PS943PA, Presario M2003AP-PV256PA,
        Presario M2004AP-PT358PA, Presario M2005AP-PT359PA,
        Presario M2005US-PX394UA, Presario M2005US-PX394UAR,
        Presario M2006AP-PT360PA, Presario M2007AP-PT361PA,
        Presario M2008AP-PT364PA, Presario M2009AP-PT365PA,
        Presario M2010AP-PT370PA, Presario M2010CA,
        Presario M2010CA-PX395UA, Presario M2010EA,
        Presario M2010EA-PS745EA, Presario M2010US-PX392UA,
        Presario M2010US-PX392UAR, Presario M2011AP-PT371PA,
        Presario M2011EA-PS754EA, Presario M2012AP-PT372PA,
        Presario M2013AP-PT373PA, Presario M2014AP-PT374PA,
        Presario M2015AP-PT375PA, Presario M2015LA-PU952LA,
        Presario M2016AP-PT376PA, Presario M2017AP-PT377PA,
        Presario M2018AP-PT378PA, Presario M2019AP-PT379PA,
        Presario M2019EA-PS753EA, Presario M2020AP-PT380PA,
        Presario M2020EA-PS741EA, Presario M2021AP-PT381PA,
        Presario M2022AP-PT382PA, Presario M2023AP,
        Presario M2023AP-PT534PA, Presario M2024AP,
        Presario M2024AP-PT535PA, Presario M2025AP-PT536PA,
        Presario M2026AP-PT537PA, Presario M2027AP-PT538PA,
        Presario M2028AP-PT891PA, Presario M2029AP-PT893PA,
        Presario M2030AP-PT895PA, Presario M2030EA-PS746EA,
        Presario M2031AP-PV247PA, Presario M2031EA-PS755EA,
        Presario M2032AP-PV248PA, Presario M2033AP,
        Presario M2034AP-PV259PA, Presario M2034EA-PS752EA,
        Presario M2035AP-PV260PA, Presario M2035EA-PS749EA,

    Compaq Presario M2000Z Series
        Presario M2000Z-PV855AV

    Compaq Presario M2100 Series
        Presario M2101EA, Presario M2101US,
        Presario M2105CA, Presario M2105EA,
        Presario M2105US, Presario M2108EA,
        Presario M2108US, Presario M2113EA,
        Presario M2125EA, Presario M2128EA,
        Presario M2130EA, Presario M2131EA,
        Presario M2140EA, Presario M2145EA,
        Presario M2150EA, Presario M2155EA,
        Presario M2175EA

    Compaq Presario M2200 Series
        Presario M2200 CTO, Presario M2201AP,
        Presario M2201EA, Presario M2201TU,
        Presario M2202AP, Presario M2202EA,
        Presario M2202TU, Presario M2203AP,
        Presario M2203AU, Presario M2204AP,
        Presario M2204TU, Presario M2205AP,
        Presario M2205EA, Presario M2205TU,
        Presario M2206AP, Presario M2206TU,
        Presario M2207AP, Presario M2207EA,
        Presario M2207TU, Presario M2208AP,
        Presario M2208EA, Presario M2208TU,


    Compaq Presario M2300 Series
        Presario M2301NR, Presario M2301xx,
        Presario M2302EA, Presario M2305NR,
        Presario M2308EA, Presario M2310LA,
        Presario M2316EA, Presario M2318LA,
        Presario M2350EA, Presario M2355EA,
        Presario M2356EA, Presario M2357EA,
        Presario M2358EA, Presario M2370EA,
        Presario M2397EA

    Compaq Presario M2400 Series
        Presario M2401EA, Presario M2401XT,
        Presario M2405LA, Presario M2406EA,
        Presario M2411EA, Presario M2412EA,
        Presario M2425LA

    Compaq Presario V2000 Series
        Presario V2000-DZ624AV, Presario V2000-DZ667AV,
        Presario V2000-PH614AV, Presario V2000-PV898AV,
        Presario V2000Z, Presario V2001AP-PK812AS,
        Presario V2001-PK810AS, Presario V2001-PK811AS,
        Presario V2002AP-PF357PA, Presario V2002EAP,

    Compaq Presario V2100 Series
        Presario V2100 CTO, Presario V2101AP,
        Presario V2102AP, Presario V2102AP-PS923PA,
        Presario V2103AP, Presario V2104AP,
        Presario V2105AP, Presario V2106AP,
        Presario V2107AP, Presario V2108AP,
        Presario V2109AP, Presario V2110AP,
        Presario V2110CA, Presario V2110US,
        Presario V2111AP, Presario V2112AP,

    Compaq Presario V2200 Series
        Presario V2200 CTO, Presario V2205US,
        Presario V2208CL, Presario V2210CA,
        Presario V2210US, Presario V2220US,
        Presario V2250EA, Presario V2300 CTO

    Compaq Presario V2300 Series
        Presario V2300T-PT165AV, Presario V2301AP,
        Presario V2302AP, Presario V2303AP,
        Presario V2304AP, Presario V2304US,
        Presario V2305AP, Presario V2305CA,
        Presario V2305US, Presario V2306AP,
        Presario V2306US, Presario V2307AP,
        Presario V2308AP, Presario V2309AP,
        Presario V2309US, Presario V2310AP,
        Presario V2310CA, Presario V2310US,

    Compaq Presario V2600 Series
        Presario V2600 CTO, Presario V2601AU,
        Presario V2601CL, Presario V2601TN,
        Presario V2601TS, Presario V2602AU,
        Presario V2602TN, Presario V2602TS,
        Presario V2602XT, Presario V2603AU,
        Presario V2603TN, Presario V2603TS,
        Presario V2604AU, Presario V2604TN,
        Presario V2604TS, Presario V2605AU,
        Presario V2605LA, Presario V2605TN,
        Presario V2605TS, Presario V2606AU,
        Presario V2606CU, Presario V2606TN,

    Compaq Presario V4000 Series
        Presario V4000-PH858AV, Presario V4000-PH859AV,
        Presario V4000-PL696AV, Presario V4000-PX244AS,
        Presario V4000T, Presario V4001AP-PV329PA,
        Presario V4002AP, Presario V4002AP-PV330PA,

    Compaq Presario V4100 Series
        Presario V4100-EA295AV, Presario V4100-EA296AV,
        Presario V4101AP-ED136PA, Presario V4102AP-ED137PA,
        Presario V4103AP-ED173PA, Presario V4104AP-EE453PA,
        Presario V4105AP-EE467PA, Presario V4106AP-EE482PA,
        Presario V4107AP-EE495PA, Presario V4108AP-EE512PA,

    Compaq Presario V4200 Series
        Presario V4201TU, Presario V4201xx,
        Presario V4202EA, Presario V4202TU,
        Presario V4202xx, Presario V4203EA-EK945EA,
        Presario V4203TU, Presario V4203xx,
        Presario V4204TU, Presario V4205EA,
        Presario V4205TU, Presario V4206TU,
        Presario V4207TU, Presario V4208TU,
        Presario V4209TU, Presario V4210TU,

    Compaq Presario V4300 Series
        Presario V4305EA, Presario V4308EA,
        Presario V4332EA, Presario V4335EA

    Compaq Presario V4400 Series
        Presario V4450EA

    Compaq Presario V5000 Series
        Presario V5000 CTO, Presario V5000T CTO,
        Presario V5002EA, Presario V5004EA,
        Presario V5005US, Presario V5006EA,
        Presario V5009EA, Presario V5015CA,
        Presario V5015US, Presario V5025EA,
        Presario V5026EA, Presario V5030EA,
        Presario V5031EA, Presario V5032EA,
        Presario V5033EA, Presario V5054EA,
        Presario V5059EA, Presario V5079EA,
        Presario V5088xx, Presario V5094EA,
        Presario V5099EA, Presario V5099xx

    Compaq Presario V5100 Series
        Presario V5100AU, Presario V5100 CTO,
        Presario V5100TU, Presario V5101AU,
        Presario V5101TU, Presario V5101US,
        Presario V5102AU, Presario V5102EU,
        Presario V5102NR, Presario V5102TU,
        Presario V5103AU, Presario V5103TU,

    Compaq Presario V5200 Series
        Presario V5200 CTO, Presario V5201CA,
        Presario V5201TU, Presario V5201US,
        Presario V5202TU, Presario V5203TU,
        Presario V5204NR, Presario V5204TU,
        Presario V5204US, Presario V5205NR,
        Presario V5205TU, Presario V5206OM,
        Presario V5206TU, Presario V5207NR,
        Presario V5207TU, Presario V5208CA,
        Presario V5208TU, Presario V5209TU,
        Presario V5209US, Presario V5210CA,
        Presario V5210TU, Presario V5210US,
        Presario V5211TU, Presario V5212TU,
        Presario V5213TU, Presario V5214EA,
        Presario V5214TU, Presario V5215EA,
        Presario V5215LA, Presario V5215TU,

    HP Compaq Business Notebook NX4800, 
    HP Compaq Business Notebook NX7100, 
    HP Compaq Business Notebook NX7200

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