DURACELL DR36 EMC36 SL36 SMP36 Laptop Battery 4000mah#I_1572

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Product Details

Replacement for DURACELL DR-36 AcerNote A Series Laptop Battery

Battery Type : Ni-MH
Voltage : 12.00V
Capacity : 4000mAh
Color : Black
Dimension : 148.80 x 89.00 x 19.85 mm
Product Type : Replacement Battery (Brand New)
Weight : 728.58g
Replace Code : DR36, EMC36, NJ1020, SL36, SMP36

Fit Model :
ACER AcerNote A Series
AST AST Ascentia A Series
Ascentia A, Ascentia A40, Ascentia A41, Ascentia A42, Ascentia A43, Ascentia A51, Ascentia A60, Ascentia A70, Ascentia A70 Plus, Ascentia AD40
AST Ascentia M5000 Series
Ascentia M5130S, Ascentia M5130T, Ascentia M5150T, Ascentia M5160T, Ascentia M5160X, Ascentia M5200T, Ascentia M5200X, Ascentia M5230T, Ascentia M5230X, Ascentia M5260X
AST Ascentia M6000 Series
Ascentia M6233T, Ascentia M6266T
BSI NB8600
CANON Canon Note Jet BN200, Canon Note Jet BN700, Canon Note Jet BN750, Canon Note Jet III, Canon Note Jet III CX Series P120
CHEM USA ChemBook 5400, USA ChemBook 5580, USA ChemBook 6800
CHEM USA Chem USA ChemBook 6200
CHICONY Chicony 1500
CLEVO Clevo 66, Clevo 6200
Clevo 80 Series
Clevo 82H, Clevo 86, Clevo 86A
Clevo 90 Series
Clevo 96, Clevo 96H, Clevo 98
Clevo 800 Series
Clevo 862, Clevo 863, Clevo 860, Clevo 870, Clevo 873, Clevo 875
Clevo PortaNote 980 Series
PortaNote 980, PortaNote 982, PortaNote 982A, PortaNote 982G
COMMAX Commax NB8600 SmartBook V, Commax SmartBook V, Commax SmartBook V-Exec
CTX EZBook 800 Series
DAEWOO Daewoo 7550
DFI NB6600, NB6620
E-MACHINES E-Machines E-Slate 400K, E-Machines E-Slate 450K
EPSON Epson 6200, Epson 6200D, Epson 6200T
Epson Vividy Note 510 Series
Vividy Note 510ED, Vividy Note 510ET, Vividy Note 510ST
Epson Vividy Note 512 Series
Vividy Note 512ST
Epson Vividy Note 513 Series
Vividy Note 513ST
Epson Vividy Note Pro Series
Vividy Note Pro C, Vividy Note Pro CX
HITACHI Hitachi Aquarius Series
Hitachi Athena Series
Hitachi ND1 Series
Hitachi ND2 Series
Hitachi VisionBook Series
VisionBook 133
Hitachi VisionBook Plus Series
Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4000 Series
VisionBook Plus 4100, VisionBook Plus 4140, VisionBook Plus 4150, VisionBook Plus 4300, VisionBook Plus 4350, VisionBook Plus 4360
Hitachi VisionBook Pro Series
Hitachi VisionBook Pro 6000 Series
VisionBook Pro 6390
Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7000 Series
IDP Vagueru
KAPOK 6100, 6200, 6200A, 6200M, 6400M, 6800M, 7200, 7600, 7800
KIWI OpenNote 820
MAGITRONIC Magitronic 600 Series, Magitronic 610 Series, Magitronic 620 Series, Magitronic 862 Series, Magitronic 864 Series
MULTI MEDIA Media Topline 86
NORTHSTAR Aries Series
NTK Submarine
SAGER Sager NB8600, Sager NP660, Sager NP 6601862, Sager NP862, Sager NP7400, Sager NP980, Sager PC-M200
Sager NP6000 Series
Sager NP6100T, Sager NP6200, Sager NP6200AT
Sager NP8000 Series
Sager NP8100, Sager NP8300, Sager NP8320, Sager NP8600, Sager NP8620, Sager NP8623, Sager NP8700
SAMSUNG Samsung Sens Pro 520 series
Sens PRO 522, Sens PRO 523, Sens PRO 524, Sens PRO 525
SYS-TECH Ranger l-Note
TIGER Designote Series, GT Series
TRIGEM 1100DB, 210DB, Gemlite 1075
TROGON E12 Series
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