Compaq Presario 2500 Motherboard 319507-001#I_4455

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Product Details

  • Part Number: 319507-001
  • Category: HP Compaq Laptop System Boards
  • Manufacturer: HP Compaq
  • Specifications: For Full-featured (FF) three fan (3F) models that have an infrared port, IEEE-1394 (FireWire) standard port - Has a port replicator connector - Does not include processor
  • Condition: Refurbished, Tested and Guaranteed to Work Perfectly

Compaq Presario 2500 Motherboard 319507-001 compatible with the following Models:

  • HP Compaq Pavilion XT200 Series
    HP Compaq Pavilion XT200, XT236, XT270, XT276
  • HP Compaq Pavilion xt500 Series
    HP Compaq Pavilion xt500
  • HP Compaq Pavilion ze5000 Series
    HP Compaq Pavilion ze5000, ze5100, ze5155, ze5160, ze5165, ze5170, ze5185, ze5190, ze5200, ze5207, ze5217, ze5228, ze5232, ze5236, ze5238, ze5240, ze5242, ze5244, ze5250, ze5252, ze5258, ze5262, ze5270, ze5279, ze5300, ze5307LA, ze5315EA, ze5320AP, ze5320EA, ze5325EA, ze5339EA, ze5343EA, ze5344EA, ze5345EA, ze5345US, ze5354EA, ze5357LA, ze5360EA, ze5362EA, ze5365US, ze5375US, ze5385CA, ze5385US, ze5395US, ze5400, ze5407LA, ze5410AP, ze5413EA, ze5414EA, ze5415AP, ze5415EA, ze5416EA, ze5417LA, ze5418EA, ze5420EA, ze5425EA, ze5426EA, ze5427LA, ze5430EA, ze5440EA, ze5443EA, ze5445EA, ze5446EA, ze5447LA, ze5451US, ze5457LA, ze5460EA, ze5460US, ze5462EA, ze5467LA, ze5468CL, ze5470US, ze5475CA, ze5477LA, ze5477WM, ze5478CL, ze5490US, ze5497LA, ze5500, ze5501US, ze5504EA, ze5505EA, ze5506EA, ze5507EA, ze5510AP, ze5510EA, ze5511AP, ze5511EA, ze5512AP, ze5512EA, ze5513AP, ze5514AP, ze5515AP, ze5515EA, ze5516AP, ze5516EA, ze5517AP, ze5517EA, ze5518AP, ze5519AP, ze5519EA, ze5520EA, ze5521AP, ze5521EA, ze5522AP, ze5523AP, ze5523EA, ze5524AP, ze5524EA, ze5525AP, ze5525EA, ze5526AP, ze5526EA, ze5527EA, ze5528EA, ze5529EA, ze5530EA, ze5531EA, ze5532EA, ze5533EA, ze5534EA, ze5535EA, ze5537LA, ze5547WM, ze5560US, ze5565QV, ze5568CL, ze5570US, ze5575SR, ze5580US, ze5587LA, ze5590US, ze5600, ze5601AP, ze5601EA, ze5602AP, ze5602EA, ze5602us, ze5603AP, ze5603EA, ze5604AP, ze5604EA, ze5604RS, ze5605AP, ze5605EA, ze5605SR, ze5607EA, ze5607WM, ze5608AP, ze5609AP, ze5609EA, ze5610AP, ze5610CA, ze5610EA, ze5611AP, ze5611EA, ze5612AP, ze5612EA, ze5613AP, ze5613EA, ze5614AP, ze5614EA, ze5615AP, ze5615CA, ze5615EA, ze5615SR, ze5616AP, ze5616EA, ze5617AP, ze5617EA, ze5617WM, ze5618EA, ze5619EA, ze5620EA, ze5620US, ze5622EA, ze5623EA, ze5624EA, ze5626EA, ze5630US, ze5631EA, ze5635EA, ze5636EA, ze5637LA, ze5638EA, ze5640EA, ze5645EA, ze5647LA, ze5701us, ze5731us, ze5738rs, ze5739cl
  • HP Compaq Presario 2100 Series
    HP Compaq Presario 2100, 2100AP, 2100CA, 2100LA, 2100T, 2100US, 2100Z, 2101AP, 2101US, 2102EA, 2102US, 2103AP, 2105CA, 2105dk, 2105EA, 2105US, 2106AP, 2107AP, 2107EA, 2108AP, 2108EA, 2109EA, 2110CA, 2110LA, 2110US, 2113AP, 2114EA, 2115AP, 2115EA, 2117EA, 2118EA, 2120AP, 2120EA, 2120LA, 2120us, 2123, 2123AP, 2124AP, 2125, 2125AP, 2125EA, 2126AP, 2126dk, 2126EA, 2127EA, 2128EA, 2130AP, 2130EA, 2131EA, 2132AC, 2133, 2133AC, 2134dk, 2134EA, 2135AC, 2135AD, 2135AP, 2135CA, 2135EA, 2135US, 2136AD, 2136EA, 2137AD, 2137EA, 2138AD, 2138EA, 2139AD, 2140CA, 2140US, 2141EA, 2142EA, 2143AP, 2144EA, 2145AP, 2145CA, 2145US, 2148AP, 2150AP, 2150US, 2155US, 2157EA, 2158EA, 2161US, 2162US, 2169EA, 2170CA, 2170US, 2171US, 2172EA, 2172US, 2175CA, 2175US, 2180CA, 2195US, 2101AH, 2101EA, 2101EU, 2102AP, 2102EU, 2102FD, 2103EA, 2103EU, 2103FD, 2103US, 2104AP, 2104EA, 2104EU, 2104US, 2105AP, 2105EU, 2105LA, 2106EA, 2106EU, 2106US, 2107US, 2108CL, 2108EU, 2108US, 2109AP, 2109EU, 2110AH, 2110AP, 2110EA, 2110EU, 2111AH, 2111AP, 2111EA, 2111EU, 2111LA, 2112AH, 2112AP, 2112EA, 2112EU, 2113AH, 2113EA, 2113EU, 2114AH, 2114AP, 2114EU, 2115AH, 2115EU, 2115US, 2116AH, 2116AP, 2116EA, 2116EU, 2117AP, 2117EU, 2118AD, 2118EU, 2119AD, 2119EA, 2119EU, 2120AD, 2120EU, 2121EA, 2121EU, 2122AD, 2122EA, 2122EU, 2123AD, 2123EA, 2123EU, 2124AC, 2124AD, 2124EA, 2124EU, 2125AC, 2125AD, 2125EU, 2125LA, 2126AC, 2126AD, 2126EU, 2127AC, 2127AD, 2127EU, 2128AC, 2128AD, 2128EU, 2128US, 2129AC, 2129AD, 2129EA, 2130AC, 2130AD, 2130EU, 2130LA, 2131AC, 2131AD, 2131EU, 2132EA, 2132RS, 2133AD, 2133AP, 2133EA, 2134AD, 2135EU, 2135LA, 2136AC, 2136RS, 2137AC, 2138AC, 2139AC, 2139EA, 2139LA, 2140AC, 2140AD, 2140AP, 2140EA, 2140EU, 2140LA, 2141AC, 2141AD, 2141EU, 2142AC, 2142EU, 2143AC, 2143AD, 2143EA, 2144AD, 2145AD, 2145AE, 2145EA, 2145EU, 2145LA, 2146AD, 2146AE, 2146EA, 2146EU, 2147AD, 2147AE, 2147EA, 2148AD, 2148AE, 2148EA, 2148EU, 2149AD, 2149AE, 2149EA, 2150AE, 2150EU, 2150LA, 2151AD, 2151AE, 2151EA, 2151EU, 2152AE, 2152EA, 2152EU, 2153AD, 2153AE, 2153EA, 2154AD, 2154AE, 2154EA, 2155AD, 2155AE, 2155EA, 2156AD, 2156AE, 2156EA, 2157AD, 2157AE, 2158, 2158AD, 2159AD, 2160AD, 2160AE, 2160EA, 2160EU, 2160US, 2161AD, 2161AE, 2161EA, 2162AE, 2162AF, 2162EA, 2163AE, 2163AF, 2163EA, 2164AE, 2164AF, 2164EA, 2165AE, 2165AF, 2165EA, 2166AE, 2166AF, 2166EA, 2167AE, 2167AF, 2167EA, 2168AE, 2168AF, 2168EA, 2169AE, 2169AF, 2170AE, 2170AF, 2171AE, 2171AF, 2171EA, 2172AE, 2172AF, 2173AE, 2173AF, 2173EA, 2174AE, 2174AF, 2175AE, 2175AF, 2175EA, 2175EU, 2176AF, 2176RS, 2177AF, 2178AF, 2178CL, 2178EA, 2179AF, 2180AF, 2180AT, 2180EA, 2181AF, 2181AT, 2182AF, 2182AT, 2182US, 2183AF, 2183AT, 2184AF, 2184AT, 2185AF, 2185AT, 2186AF, 2186AT, 2186RS, 2187AT, 2188AT, 2188CL, 2189AT, 2190AT, 2190CA, 2190US, 2191AT, 2192AT, 2193AT, 2194AF, 2195AF, 2195CA, 2197CA, 2198CA, 2199CA, 2199US, 2158 N
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