Charger For KODAK CRV3 CR-V3 CRV-3 Z612 Z650 Z700 Z710#I_1021

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Charger For KODAK CRV3 CR-V3 CRV-3 Z612 Z650 Z700 Z710


Brand New Replacement Digital Camera Battery Charger For KODAK:CR-V3, CRV3 BENQ:CR-V3, CR-V3P, CRV3, LB-01, LB01 OLYMPUS:LB-01, LB01

High quality and performance charger designed to charge batteries quickly and safely
The charger is for charging your battery only. It does not work as AC adapter for your digital camera or camcorder.
AC / DC voltage output for both home and travel use.
Slim and portable design.
Constant voltage charging and current controlling automatically.
Smart LED charging status indicator.
Short circuit protection.
100% original manufacturer compatible.



Compatible Part Numbers:


CR-V3, CRV3 BENQ:CR-V3, CR-V3P, CRV3, LB-01, LB01



LB-01, LB01

Fit Models:

PowerShot A300, PowerShot A60, PowerShot A70, PowerShot A75
GV-10, GV-20, GV-3EX, QV-10, QV-100, QV-10A, QV-11, QV-200, QV-2000UX, QV-2100, QV-2300UX, QV-2400UX, QV-2800UX, QV-2900UX, QV-30, QV-300, QV-3000 PLUS, QV-3000EX, QV-3000lr, QV-3500, QV-3500 PLUS, QV-4000EX, QV-5000, QV-5700SX, QV-700, QV-770, QV-8000SX
PC 2100Z, PC 3000Z, PC 3100Z, PC 700, PC 750Z, PC 800, PC 850Z, PC 900Z
EasyShare CX4200, EasyShare CX4210, EasyShare CX4230, EasyShare CX4300, EasyShare CX6200, EasyShare CX6230, EasyShare CX6330, EasyShare CX6445, EasyShare CX7220, EasyShare CX7300, EasyShare CX7310, EasyShare CX7330, EasyShare CX7430, EasyShare CX7525, EasyShare CX7530, EasyShare DX3215, EasyShare DX3500, EasyShare DX3600, EasyShare DX3700, EasyShare DX3900, EasyShare DX4330, EasyShare DX4530, EasyShare DX6340, EasyShare DX6440, EasyShare Z700, EasyShare Z740
Digital Revio KD-200Z, Digital Revio KD-210Z, Digital Revio KD-220Z
Finecam L3v, Finecam L4v
DiMAGE E203, DiMAGE E223, DiMAGE F100, DiMAGE F200, DiMAGE F300
Coolpix 2100, Coolpix 2200, Coolpix 3100, Coolpix 3200, Coolpix 4100, Coolpix 600, Coolpix 700, Coolpix 800, Coolpix 950
C-2040, C-2040Z, C-21, C-2100, C-2100UZ, C-211, C-211Z, C-3000, C-3000Z, C-3020, C-3020Z, C-3030, C-3030Z, C-3040, C-3040Z, C-4000, C-4000Z, C-4040, C-4040Z, C-5050, C-5050Z, C-55, C-5500 Sport Zoom, C-700, C-700UZ, C-720, C-720UZ, C-730, C-730UZ, C-740, C-740UZ, C-750, C-750UZ, C3000, C3040, C740, C750, D-100, D-150/C1D-230, D-230, D-370, D-380, D-390, D-40, D-40Z, D-460, D-460Z, D-490, D-490Z, D-510, D-520Z, D-550Z, D-560Z, D390, D510, D520, D530, D550, D560, D565, E-10, E-100RS, E-20, E-20N
*ist D, *ist DS, *ist DS2, Digibino DB100, Optio 230, Optio 330GS, Optio 33L, Optio 33LF, Optio S50
DC 2.1S, DCZ 1.3S, DCZ 2.2S, DCZ 2.2V, DCZ 3.2S, DCZ 3.4, DCZ 4.1, DCZ 4.2, DCZ 5.1, EXAKTA DC 3300
Caplio 300G, Caplio G3, Caplio G3 model M, Caplio G3 model S, Caplio RR30
DigiMax 101, DigiMax 202, DigiMax 240, DigiMax 250, DigiMax 301, DigiMax 324, DigiMax 350SE, DigiMax 360, DigiMax 370, DigiMax 401, DigiMax 420, DigiMax 430, DigiMax 530, DigiMax A4, DigiMax A40, DigiMax A400, DigiMax A402, DigiMax A5, DigiMax A50, DigiMax A502, DigiMax A55W, DigiMax A6, DigiMax A7, DigiMax V3, DigiMax V4, DigiMax V4000, DigiMax V5, DigiMax V50, DigiMax V6, DigiMax V70
DSC-AZ1, DSC-R1, DSC-S1, DSC-SX150, DSC-SX1Z, DSC-SX550, DSC-SX560, DSC-X100, DSC-X110, DSC-X200, VPC-MZ1, VPC-MZ2, VPC-Z400
Sigma SD10, Sigma SD9
PDR-2300, PDR-M1, PDR-M21, PDR-M25, PDR-M60, PDR-M61, PDR-M65, PDR-M71, PDR-M81, PDR-T10

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