Battery HP Compaq Pavilion ZT3000 Presario X1000 X1200#I_11546

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NEW Battery for Compaq Presario X1000

HP Compaq Business Notebook NX7000 Series

Battery Conditon

New Replacment

  Battery Type: Li-ion   voltage: 14.8V   Capacity: 5200mAH   Color Black   Brand For HP   Warranty: 2 years long      

Compatible Part Number:

DG103A DL615A 337607-001 337607-002 337607-003 336962-001

Fit Models:

HP Compaq Business Notebook nx7000 Series:

Business Notebook nx7000
Business Notebook nx7010

Compaq Presario X1000 Series:

X1000 (DE185AV) X1000 (DE186AV) X1000 (DE707AV) X1000 (DK454AV) X1001US X1001US (DK575A) X1001US (DK575AR) X1002US X1002US (DM771A) X1002US (DM771AR) X1005EA X1005EA (DL681A) X1005LA X1005LA (DL858A) X1006EA X1006EA (DM933A) X1007EA X1007EA (DL964A) X1010AL (DR830A) X1010CA X1010CA (DL857A) X1010CA (DL857AR) X1010EA X1010EA (DL963A) x1010US X1010US (DK571A) X1010US (DK571AR) X1011AL (DR831A) X1012AL (DR832A) X1012EA X1012EA (DL965A) X1012QV X1012QV (DN585A) X1012QV (DN585AR) X1015US X1015US (DN624A) X1015US (DN624AR) X1016EA X1016EA (DM415A) x1018CL X1018CL (DK574A) X1018CL (DK574AR) X1020EA X1020EA (DM416A) X1020US X1020US (DK572A) X1020US (DK572AR) X1021AP (DN582A) X1022AP X1022AP (DN583A) X1023AP X1023AP (DN584A) X1026AP (DN587A) X1027AP (DN588A) X1028AP (DN589A) X1028CL X1028CL (DL898A) X1028CL (DL898AR) X1029AP (DN600A) X1030AP (DN591A) X1030US X1030US (DM773A) X1030US (DM773AR) X1031AP X1031AP (DN592A) X1032AP X1032AP (DN593A) X1033AP X1033AP (DN594A) X1034AP X1034AP (DN595A) X1035AP X1035AP (DN596A) X1036AP X1036AP (DN597A) X1037AP X1037AP (DN598A) X1038AP (DN599A) x1039AP X1040AP X1040AP (DN601A) X1040US X1040US (DM774A) X1040US (DM774AR) X1041AP X1041AP (DN602A) X1042AP (DN603A) X1043AP (DN604A) X1044AP X1044AP (DN605A) X1045AP (DN606A) X1046AP (DN607A) X1047AP X1047AP (DN608A) X1048AP (DN609A) X1049AP (DN610A) X1050AP (DN611A) X1050CA X1050CA (DP485U) X1050CA (DP485UR) X1050US X1050US (DM777A) X1050US (DM777AR) X1051AP X1051AP (DN612A) X1052AP X1052AP (DN613A) X1053AP X1053AP (DN614A) X1054AP X1054AP (DN615A) X1055AP X1055AP (DN616A) X1056AP (DN617A) X1057AP (DN618A) X1058AP X1058AP (DN619A) X1058CL X1058CL (DP487U) X1058CL (DP487UR) X1060AP (DN620A) X1061AP (DN621A) X1062AP X1062AP (DN622A) X1063AP X1063AP (DN623A) X1064AP (DN625A) X1065AP (DN626A) X1066AP (DN627A) X1067AP (DQ973A) X1068AP (DQ974A) X1069AP (DQ975A) X1070AP (DQ976A) X1071AP (DQ977A) X1072AP (DR268A) X1073AP (DR269A) X1074AP (DR270A) X1075AP (DR271A) X1076AP (DR272A) X1077AP (DR273A) X1078AP X1078AP (DR274A) X1079AP X1079AP (DR275A) X1080AP X1080AP (DR276A) X1081AP (DR277A) X1082AP (DR278A) X1083AP (DR279A) X1084AP (DR280A) X1085AP (DR281A) X1086AP (DR282A) X1087AP X1087AP (DR283A) X1088AP (DR284A) X1089AP (DR285A) X1090AP (DR286A) X1091AP (DR287A) X1092AP (DR822A) X1093AP (DR823A) X1094AP (DR824A) X1095AP (DR825A) X1096AP (DR826A) X1097AP X1097AP (DR827A) X1098AP (DR828A) X1099AP (DR829A)

Compaq Presario X1100 Series:

X1105EA (DP771E) X1110EA (DP773E) X1115EA (DP774E) X1140EA (DP772E) X1155EA (DP775E)

Compaq Presario X1200 Series:

X1200 (DP613AV) X1200 (DP614AV) X1200 (DR311AV) X1200 (DS829AV) X1201AP (DV770P) X1201US X1201US (DS466U) X1201US (DS466UR) X1202AP (DV771P) X1203AP (DV772P) X1204AP (DV773P) X1205AP (DV774P) X1206AP (DV775P) X1207AP (DV776P) X1208AP (DV777P) X1209AP (DV778P) X1210AP (DU559A) X1210CA X1210CA (DS467U) X1210CA (DS467UR) X1210US X1210US (DS463U) X1210US (DS463UR) X1211AP (DV779P) X1212AP (DV780P) X1213AP (DV781P) X1214AP (DV782P) X1215AP (DV783P) X1216AP (DV784P) X1217AP (DV785P) X1218AP (DV786P) X1219AP (DV787P) X1220AP (DV788PA) X1220EA (DU561A) X1220US X1220US (DS464U) X1220US (DS464UR) X1221AP (DV789P) X1222AP (DV790P) X1223AP (DV791P) X1224AP (DV792P) X1225AP (DY735PA) X1227AP (DY737PA) X1228AP (DY738PA) X1229AP (DY739PA) X1230AP (DY740PA) X1230US X1230US (DS468U) X1230US (DS468UR) X1231AP (DY741PA) X1232AP (DY742PA) X1233AP (DY743PA) X1234AP (DY744PA) X1236AP (DY746PA) X1237AP (DY747PA) X1238AP (DY748PA) X1239AP (DY749PA) X1240AP (DY750PA) X1241AP (DY751PA) X1242AP (DY752PA)

Compaq Presario X1300 Series:

X1300 (DT683AV) X1300 (DT684AV) X1300 (DT685AV) X1301AP (PD579PA) X1301US X1301US (DZ299U) X1302AP (PD580PA) X1303AP (PD581PA) X1304AP (PD582PA) X1305AP (PD583PA) X1306AP (PD584PA) X1307AP (PD585PA) X1308AP (PD586PA) X1309AP (PD587PA) X1310AP (PD588PA) X1311AP (PD589PA) X1312AP (PD590PA) X1313AP (PD591PA) X1314AP (PD592PA) X1315AP (PD593PA) X1316AP (PD594PA) X1317AP (PD595PA) X1318AP (PD596PA) X1319AP (PD597PA) X1320AP (PD598PA) X1321AP (PD599PA) X1322AP (PD600PA) X1324AP (PD602PA) X1325AP (PD603PA) X1326AP (PD604PA) X1327AP (PD605PA) X1328AP (PD606PA) X1329AP (PD607PA) X1330AP (PH261PA) X1360CL X1360CL (DZ302U) X1360CL (DZ302UR) X1360US X1360US (DZ297U) X1360US (DZ297UR) X1370US X1370US (DZ300U) X1370US (DZ300UR) X1390US X1390US (DZ298U) X1390US (DZ298UR) X1390XX (DZ753AS)

Compaq Presario X1400 Series:

X1400 (PD699AV) X1400 (PD700AV) X1401AP (PH508PA) X1402AP (PH509PA) X1403AP (PH510PA) X1404AP (PH511PA) X1405AP (PH512PA) X1406AP (PH513PA) X1407AP (PH514PA) X1408AP (PA127PA) X1409AP (PA128PA) X1410AP (PA129PA) X1411AP (PA130PA) X1412AP (PA131PA) X1413AP (PA132PA) X1414AP (PA133PA) X1415AP (PA134PA) X1416AP (PA146PA) X1417AP (PA147PA) X1418AP (PA148PA) X1419AP (PA149PA) X1420AP (PA150PA) X1421AP (PA151PA) X1422AP (PA152PA) X1423AP (PF363PA) X1424AP (PF364PA) X1425AP (PF369PA) X1426AP (PF370PA) X1427AP (PF371PA) X1428AP (PF372PA) X1429AP (PH478PA) X1430AP (PH479PA) X1431AP (PD101PA) X1432AP (PN552PA) X1433AP (PN553PA) X1434AP (PN554PA) X1460CA (PF096UA) X1460CA (PF096UAR) X1460US (PF092UA) X1460US (PF092UAR) X1480US (PF093UA) X1480XX (PF843AS)

HP Pavilion ZT3000 Series:

zt3000 zt3000 (DN545AV) zt3000 (CTO) (DL811AV) zt3000 (CTO) (DL812AV) zt3000 (CTO) (DL813AV) zt3000 (CTO) (DW375AV) zt3010US zt3001US zt3001US (DM783A) zt3001US (DM783AR) zt3007LA (DR204A) zt3010AP (DR242A) zt3010EA (DP776E) zt3010EA (DP781E) zt3010US zt3010US (DM778A) zt3010US (DM778AR) zt3011AP (DR243A) zt3012AP (DR244A) zt3012EA (DP785E) zt3013AP (DR245A) zt3014AP (DR246A) zt3015AP (DR247A) zt3015EA (DP784E) zt3016AP (DR248A) zt3017AP (DR249A) zt3017EA (DP786E) zt3017EA (DP789E) zt3017LA (DV761L) zt3017WM (DM781A) zt3017WM (DM781AR) zt3018AP (DR250A) zt3019AP (DR251A) zt3019EA (DP788E) zt3020US (DP479UR) zt3020AP (DR252A) zt3020EA (DP779E) zt3020EA (DP782E) zt3020US (DP479U) zt3021AP (DR253A) zt3022AP (DR254A) zt3022EA (DP783E) zt3023AP (DR255A) zt3024AP (DR256A) zt3024EA (DP787E) zt3025AP (DR257A) zt3026AP (DR258A) zt3027AP (DR259A) zt3028AP (DR260A) zt3029AP (DR261A) zt3030AP (DR262A) zt3030EA (DP777E) zt3031AP (DT569A) zt3032AP (DT570A) zt3033AP (DT571A) zt3034AP (DT572A) zt3035AP (DT573A) zt3036AP (DT574A) zt3037AP (DT575A) zt3038AP (DT576AA) zt3039AP (DT577AA) zt3040AP (DT578AA) zt3041AP (DT579AA) zt3042AP (DT580AA) zt3043AP (DX830P) zt3044AP (DX831P) zt3045AP (DX832P) zt3046AP (DX833PA) zt3047AP (DX836PA) zt3048AP (DX837PA) zt3049AP (DX838PA) zt3050AP (DX839PA) zt3050EA (DP778E) zt3051AP (DX840PA) zt3057LA (DR205A) zt3068CL (DM779A) zt3068CL (DM779AR)

HP Pavilion ZT3100 Series:

zt3101EA (DX682E) zt3101US (DS458U) zt3101US (DS458UR) zt3105EA (DV289E) zt3106EA (DV294E) zt3110EA (DV288E) zt3111EA (DV297E) zt3113EA (DV292E) zt3113EA (DV295E) zt3114EA (DX680E) zt3115EA (DV291E) zt3116EA (DX683E) zt3120EA (DV290E) zt3120EA (DX681E) zt3130EA (DV296E) zt3131EA (DV293E) zt3140US (DS456U) zt3140US (DS456UR) zt3170US (DS457U) zt3170US (DS457UR)

HP Pavilion ZT3200 Series:

zt3200 (CTO) (DR301AV) zt3200 (CTO) (DR302AV) zt3200 (CTO) (DR303AV) zt3201AP (PA965PA) zt3201US (DZ307U) zt3201US (DZ307UR) zt3202AP (PA966PA) zt3203AP (PA967PA) zt3204AP (PA968PA) zt3205AP (PA969PA) zt3206AP (PA970PA) zt3207AP (PA971PA) zt3208AP (PA972PA) zt3209AP (PA973PA) zt3210AP (PA974PA) zt3210EA (PB560EA) zt3211AP (PA975PA) zt3211EA (PB567EA) zt3212AP (PA976PA) zt3212EA (PB751EA) zt3213AP (PA977PA) zt3214AP (PA978PA) zt3214EA (PB565EA) zt3214EA (PB571EA) zt3215AP (PA979PA) zt3215EA (PB559EA) zt3215EA (PB564EA) zt3216AP (PA980PA) zt3217AP (PA981PA) zt3218AP (PA982PA) zt3219AP (PA983PA) zt3220AP (PA984PA) zt3220EA (PB572EA) zt3221AP (PA985PA) zt3222AP (PA986PA) zt3223AP (PA987PA) zt3224AP (PA988PA) zt3225AP (PA989PA) zt3228AP (PA992PA) zt3229AP (PA993PA) zt3230AP (PH275PA) zt3231AP (PH276PA) zt3232AP (PH277PA) zt3232EA (PB573EA) zt3235AP (PH280PA) zt3236AP (PH281PA) zt3237AP (PH282PA) zt3239EA (PB561EA) zt3240EA (PB563EA) zt3240EA (PB570EA) zt3241EA (PB562EA) zt3242EA (PB569EA) zt3250XX MV (IUR DZ757AS) zt3250US (DZ305U) zt3250US (DZ305UR) zt3260EA (PB566EA) zt3280US (DZ306U) zt3280US (DZ306UR)

HP Pavilion ZT3300 Series:

zt3300 (CTO) (PD710AV) zt3300 (CTO) (PD711AV) zt3301AP (PH518PA) zt3302AP (PH519PA) zt3302US (PF086UA) zt3302US (PF086UAR) zt3303AP (PH520PA) zt3304AP (PH521PA) zt3305AP (PH522PA) zt3306AP (PH523PA) zt3307AP (PH524PA) zt3308AP (PH525PA) zt3309AP (PH526PA) zt3310AP (PH527PA) zt3310EA (PJ777EA) zt3311AP (PH283PA) zt3312AP (PA120PA) zt3312EA (PJ782EA) zt3313AP (PH285PA) zt3314AP (PH286PA) zt3314EA (PJ781EA) zt3315AP (PH287PA) zt3315EA (PJ783EA) zt3316AP (PH288PA) zt3316EA (PJ784EA) zt3317AP (PH289PA) zt3318AP (PA118PA) zt3319AP (PA121PA) zt3320AP (PA122PA) zt3320EA (PJ779EA) zt3321AP (PA123PA) zt3322AP (PA124PA) zt3323AP (PA125PA) zt3324AP (PA126PA) zt3325AP (PC996PA) zt3326AP (PC997PA) zt3327AP (PC998PA) zt3328AP (PD146PA) zt3329AP (PD147PA) zt3330AP (PD148PA) zt3330EA (PB577EA) zt3331AP (PD149PA) zt3332AP (PD150PA) zt3333AP (PF361PA) zt3334AP (PF362PA) zt3335AP (PF373PA) zt3336AP (PF374PA) zt3337AP (PF375PA) zt3338AP (PD100PA) zt3339AP (PD116PA) zt3380US (PF083UAR) zt3380US (PF083UA) zt3380US (PF848AS) zt3380LA (PN714LA) zt3377LA (PG995LA) zt3370EA (PB576EA) zt3368EA (PJ778EA) zt3355US (PL949UAR) zt3355US (PL949UA) zt3351EA (PJ775EA) zt3350US (PF082UAR) zt3350US (PF082UA) zt3350EA (PB578EA) zt3349CL (PF084UAR) zt3349CL (PF084UA) zt3346AP (PH517PA) zt3345AP (PH516PA) zt3344AP (PH515PA) zt3342AP (PN550PA) zt3341AP (PH487PA) zt3340US (PF087UAR) zt3340US (PF087UA) zt3340EA (PB574EA) zt3340EA (PB575EA) zt3340AP (PH486PA)

HP Pavilion ZT3400 Series:

zt3400 (CTO) (PH181AV) zt3400 (CTO) PH182AV) zt3418EA (PJ789EA) zt3420EA (PJ793EA) zt3420EA PN428EA) zt3440EA (PN433EA) zt3447EA (PN427EA) zt3449EA (PJ786EA) zt3449EA (PJ790EA) zt3450EA (PJ794EA) zt3451EA (PN431EA) zt3459EA (PJ792EA) zt3460EA (PJ787EA) zt3461EA (PN430EA) zt3461EA (PN432EA) zt3462EA (PN429EA) zt3463EA (PN434EA) zt3464EA (PJ791EA) zt3465EA (PJ788EA)

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