ac adapter for IBM/Lenova Z60 T60 X60 R60 20V 4.5A#I_616

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Replaces IBM Part Number 40Y7659, 40Y7660, 40Y7661, 40Y7662, 40Y7663, 40Y7664, 40Y7665, 40Y7666, 40Y7667, 40Y7668, 40Y7669, 40Y7670, 40Y7671, 40Y7672, 40Y7673, 40Y7674, 40Y7696, 40Y7697, 40Y7698, 40Y7699, 40Y7700, 40Y7701, 40Y7702, 40Y7703, 40Y7704, 40Y7705, 40Y7706, 40Y7707, 40Y7708, 40Y7709, 40Y7710, 40Y7711, 92P1104, 92P1106, 92P1109, 92P1110, 92P1114, 92P1153, 92P1155, 92P1157, 92P1159, 93P5026, PA-1900-17I and more
Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 90W
Output: 20V 4.5A
Condition: Brand New Replacement AC adapter, 100% OEM Compatible!
Warranty: 12 Months Warranty


IBM ThinkPad T60, X60, R60, Z60 Series Laptop
Lenovo Z60M, Z60T, 3000, C100, N100, V100 Series Laptop

  • Lenovo C100
  • Lenovo V100
  • Lenovo N100
  • Lenovo 3000 notebooks
  • Thinkpad Z60m 2529
  • Thinkpad Z60m 252902U
  • Thinkpad Z60m 2529E1U
  • Thinkpad Z60m 2529E2U
  • Thinkpad Z60m 2529E2U
  • Thinkpad Z60m 2529E3F
  • Thinkpad Z60m 2529E3U
  • Thinkpad Z60m 2529E7U
  • Thinkpad Z60m 2529E8U
  • Thinkpad Z60m 2529EAU
  • Thinkpad Z60m 2529F3U
  • Thinkpad Z60m 2529FWU
  • Thinkpad Z60m 2529FZU
  • Thinkpad Z60m 2530
  • Thinkpad Z60m 253034U
  • Thinkpad Z60m 253035U
  • Thinkpad Z60m 253036U
  • Thinkpad Z60m 2531
  • Thinkpad Z60m 25311PU
  • Thinkpad Z60m 25314SF
  • Thinkpad Z60m 253168U
  • Thinkpad Z60m 25316DF
  • Thinkpad Z60m 25316DU
  • Thinkpad Z60m 25316EF
  • ThinkPad T60
  • ThinkPad X60
  • ThinkPad Z60 Series notebooks
  • ThinkPad Advanced Mini Dock T
  • ThinkPad Essential Port Replicator
  • ThinkPad External Battery Charger.
  • Thinkpad Z60m 25316EU
  • Thinkpad Z60m 25316FU
  • Thinkpad Z60m 25316GF
  • Thinkpad Z60m 25316JF
  • Thinkpad Z60m 25316JU
  • Thinkpad Z60m 253175U
  • Thinkpad Z60m 253181U
  • Thinkpad Z60m 2532
  • Thinkpad Z60m 25326DU
  • Thinkpad Z60t 2511
  • Thinkpad Z60t 25113BU
  • ThinkPad R60
  • Thinkpad Z60t 2511E2U
  • Thinkpad Z60t 2511E4U
  • Thinkpad Z60t 2511E7U
  • Thinkpad Z60t 2511EAU
  • Thinkpad Z60t 2511EBU
  • Thinkpad Z60t 2511ECU
  • Thinkpad Z60t 2511FDU
  • Thinkpad Z60t 2511FEU
  • Thinkpad Z60t 2512
  • Thinkpad Z60t 2513
  • Thinkpad Z60t 25136RU
  • Thinkpad Z60t 251379U
  • Thinkpad Z60t 2514
  • Thinkpad Z60t 251479U

Package Includes:

  • IBM / Lenovo 40Y7659 20V 4.5A 90W AC Adapter
  • Power Cord
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