7050mah PANASONIC CF-VZSU27U CF-VZSU27A laptop battery#I_1574

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Replacement for PANASONIC CF-W2, CF-Y2 Series / ToughBook CF-Y2, W2, Y2 Presario M2200 Presario M2400 Presario V2000 Presario V4000 V4100 V4300 V4400 Laptop Battery

Battery Type : Li-ion
Voltage : 7.40V
Capacity : 7050mAh
Color : Silver
Dimension : 223.34 x 39.84 x 25.88 mm
Product Type : Replacement Battery (Brand New)
Weight : 447.92g

Replace Code : CF-VZSU27A, CF-VZSU27AU, CF-VZSU27AU-EC, CF-VZSU27U,367759-001, 367760-001, 383492-001, 383493-001, 391883-001, 394275-001, 396601-001, 398065-001, 398832-001

Fit Model :
PANASONIC ToughBook CF-Y2, ToughBook W2, ToughBook Y2
Panasonic CF-W2 Series
Panasonic CF-Y2 Series
Compaq Presario M2200 Series
Presario M2200 CTO, Presario M2201AP, Presario M2201EA, Presario M2201TU, Presario M2202AP, Presario M2202EA, Presario M2202TU, Presario M2203AP, Presario M2203AU, Presario M2204AP, Presario M2204TU, Presario M2205AP, Presario M2205EA, Presario M2205TU, Presario M2206AP, Presario M2206TU, Presario M2207AP, Presario M2207EA, Presario M2207TU, Presario M2208AP, Presario M2208EA, Presario M2208TU, Presario M2209AP, Presario M2210AP, Presario M2210EA, Presario M2213AP, Presario M2214LA, Presario M2215AP, Presario M2215EA, Presario M2215LA, Presario M2216AP, Presario M2217AP, Presario M2217LA, Presario M2218AP, Presario M2219AP, Presario M2220AP, Presario M2221AP, Presario M2222AP, Presario M2224AP, Presario M2225AP, Presario M2226AP, Presario M2227AP, Presario M2228AP, Presario M2229AP, Presario M2230AP, Presario M2230EA, Presario M2231AP, Presario M2232AP, Presario M2233AP, Presario M2234AP, Presario M2235AP, Presario M2236AP, Presario M2237AP, Presario M2238AP, Presario M2239AP, Presario M2239AU, Presario M2240AP, Presario M2240AU, Presario M2241AP, Presario M2241AU, Presario M2241EA, Presario M2242AP, Presario M2242AU, Presario M2243AP, Presario M2243AU, Presario M2244AP, Presario M2244AU, Presario M2245AP, Presario M2245AU, Presario M2246AP, Presario M2246AU, Presario M2246EA, Presario M2247AP, Presario M2247AU, Presario M2248AP, Presario M2248AU, Presario M2248EA, Presario M2249AP, Presario M2249AU, Presario M2250AP, Presario M2250AU, Presario M2251AP, Presario M2251AU, Presario M2252AP, Presario M2252AU, Presario M2253AP, Presario M2253AU, Presario M2254AP, Presario M2254AU, Presario M2255AP, Presario M2255AU, Presario M2255EA, Presario M2256AU, Presario M2256TU, Presario M2257AU, Presario M2257TU, Presario M2258AU, Presario M2258TU, Presario M2259AU, Presario M2259TU, Presario M2260AU, Presario M2260TU, Presario M2261AU, Presario M2261TU, Presario M2262AU, Presario M2262TU, Presario M2263AU, Presario M2263TU, Presario M2264AU, Presario M2264TU, Presario M2265AU, Presario M2265TU, Presario M2266TU, Presario M2267TU, Presario M2268TU, Presario M2269TU, Presario M2270TU, Presario M2271TU, Presario M2272TU, Presario M2273TU, Presario M2274TU, Presario M2275TU, Presario M2276TU, Presario M2277TU, Presario M2299XX
Presario M2400 Series
Presario M2401XT, Presario M2405LA, Presario M2406EA, Presario M2412EA, Presario M2425LA
Presario V2000 Series Presario V2000Z, Presario V2001AP-PK812AS, Presario V2010US, Presario V2030US, Presario V2110CA
Presario V4000 Series
Presario V4000-PH858AV, Presario V4000-PH859AV, Presario V4000-PL696AV, Presario V4000-PX244AS, Presario V4000T, Presario V4001AP-PV329PA, Presario V4002AP, Presario V4002AP-PV330PA, Presario V4002-PX245AS, Presario V4003AP-PV331PA, Presario V4003-PX246AS, Presario V4004AP-EC412PC, Presario V4004-PX243AS, Presario V4005CL-PX316UA, Presario V4005CL-PX316UAR, Presario V4005-PX253AS, Presario V4015US-PX312UA, Presario V4020US-PX313UA, Presario V4020US-PX313UAR, Presario V4025US-PX318UA, Presario V4025US-PX318UAR, Presario V4035EA-PZ962EA, Presario V4035US-PX314UA, Presario V4040EA-PZ961EA, Presario V4050EA-PZ965EA, Presario V4055EA-PZ964EA, Presario V4058EA-PZ966EA, Presario V4060EA-PZ960EA, Presario V4075EA-PZ963EA
Presario V4100 Series
Presario V4100-EA295AV, Presario V4100-EA296AV, Presario V4101AP-ED136PA, Presario V4102AP-ED137PA, Presario V4103AP-ED173PA, Presario V4104AP-EE453PA, Presario V4105AP-EE467PA, Presario V4106AP-EE482PA, Presario V4107AP-EE495PA, Presario V4108AP-EE512PA, Presario V4109AP-EE516PA, Presario V4110AP-EE531PA, Presario V4110EA-EF192EA, Presario V4111AP-EE532PA, Presario V4112AP-EE533PA, Presario V4113AP-EE534PA, Presario V4114AP-EE556PA, Presario V4115AP-EE559PA, Presario V4116AP-EE560PA, Presario V4117AP-EE561PA, Presario V4118AP-EH025PA, Presario V4119AP-EH026PA, Presario V4120EA-EF199EA, Presario V4125CL-EC336UA, Presario V4130EA-EF193EA, Presario V4133EA-EF197EA, Presario V4135US-EC339UA, Presario V4144EA-EF196EA, Presario V4145EA-EF194EA, Presario V4146EA-EF195EA, Presario V4147EA-EF198EA, Presario V4160EA-EF191EA, Presario V4203EA-EK945EA
Presario V4300 Series
Presario V4305EA, Presario V4308EA, Presario V4332EA, Presario V4335EA
Presario V4400 Series
Presario V4450EA
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