4400mAh HP Pavilion ZV5000, ZX5000, ZV6000 Series Laptop Battery#I_307

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Product Details

Battery Type : Li-ion
Voltage : 14.80V
Capacity : 4400mAh
Color : Dark Grey
Dimension : 150.80 x 116.75 x 21.10 mm
Product Type : Replacement Battery (Brand New)
Condition : New, 1 year warranty!
Weight : 623.69 g

Product Model: R3000 4400mAh
Compatible Part Numbers:
346970-001, HSTNN-DB02, HSTNN-DB03, HSTNN-IB04, HSTNN-UB02

Product Description:
The laptop battery work with:

HP PP2200 Series
HP PP2210 Series
Pavilion ZV5000 Series Pavilion ZV5000-DP735AV Pavilion ZV5000-DT849AV
Pavilion ZV5000-DU900AV Pavilion ZV5000-DU901AV Pavilion ZV5000t-DL227AV
Pavilion ZV5000t-DL228AV Pavilion ZV5000z-DP299AV Pavilion ZV5000z-DP523AV
Pavilion ZV5000z-DW369AV Pavilion ZV5000z-PN306AV Pavilion ZV5000z-PN307AV
Pavilion ZV5001-DU607A Pavilion ZV5001AP-DV514P Pavilion ZV5001US-DU913U
Pavilion ZV5001US-DU913UR Pavilion ZV5001US-DU913US Pavilion ZV5002-DU608A
Pavilion ZV5002AP-DV515P Pavilion ZV5003AP-DV516P Pavilion ZV5004AP-DV517P
Pavilion ZV5005AP-DV518P Pavilion ZV5006AP-DV519P Pavilion ZV5007AP-DV520P
Pavilion ZV5007LA-DV764L Pavilion ZV5008AP-DV521P Pavilion ZV5009AP-DV522P
Pavilion ZV5010AP-DU606A Pavilion zv5011AP Pavilion ZV5012AP-DV524P
Pavilion ZV5013AP-DV525P Pavilion ZV5014AP-DV526P Pavilion zv5014EA
Pavilion ZV5015AP-DV527P Pavilion ZV5015EA-DU975E Pavilion ZV5016AP-DV528P
Pavilion ZV5016EA-DU976E Pavilion ZV5017AP-DV529P Pavilion ZV5018AP-DV530P
Pavilion ZV5019AP-DV531PA Pavilion zv5021AP Pavilion ZV5022AP-DV534PA
Pavilion ZV5023AP-DV535PA Pavilion ZV5024AP-DV536PA Pavilion ZV5025AP-PD125PA
Pavilion ZV5026AP-PD126PA Pavilion ZV5027AP-PD127PA Pavilion ZV5028AP-PD128PA
Pavilion zv5029AP Pavilion ZV5030CA-DU909U Pavilion ZV5030CA-DU909UR
Pavilion ZV5030US-DS502A Pavilion ZV5030US-DS502AR Pavilion ZV5034US-DU910U
Pavilion ZV5037WM-DU912U Pavilion ZV5037WM-DU912UR Pavilion zv5040EA
Pavilion ZV5045EA-DU978E Pavilion ZV5101AP-PF349PA Pavilion ZV5101US-DZ332U
Pavilion ZV5101US-DZ332UR Pavilion ZV5102AP-PF350PA Pavilion ZV5103-DZ591AS
Pavilion ZV5103AP-PF351PA Pavilion ZV5105US-PC896U Pavilion ZV5105US-PC896UR
Pavilion ZV5105US-PD549A Pavilion ZV5111EA-PE705EA Pavilion ZV5112EA-PB866EA
Pavilion ZV5112EA-PB867EA Pavilion ZV5114EA-PB879EA Pavilion ZV5116EA-PE702EA
Pavilion ZV5116EA-PE704EA Pavilion ZV5117EA-PB868EA Pavilion ZV5118EA-PE698EA
Pavilion ZV5119EA-PB863EA Pavilion ZV5120CA-PC898U Pavilion ZV5120US-DZ329U
Pavilion ZV5120US-DZ329UR Pavilion ZV5121EA-PB869EA Pavilion zv5122EA
Pavilion ZV5123EA-PB880EA Pavilion ZV5124EA-PE695EA Pavilion ZV5125EA-PE701EA
Pavilion ZV5126EA-PE696EA Pavilion ZV5128EA-PB554EA Pavilion zv5129EA
Pavilion ZV5131EA-PB546EA Pavilion ZV5132EA-PB541EA Pavilion ZV5132EA-PB551EA
Pavilion ZV5133EA-PB544EA Pavilion ZV5134EA-PA464EA Pavilion ZV5136EA-PA462EA
Pavilion zv5137EA Pavilion ZV5138EA-PA455EA Pavilion ZV5139EA-PA460EA
Pavilion ZV5140EA-PB547EA Pavilion ZV5140EA-PB550EA Pavilion ZV5141EA-PA461EA
Pavilion ZV5142EA-PA458EA Pavilion ZV5142EA-PB549EA Pavilion ZV5143EA-PB539EA
Pavilion ZV5149EA-PB870EA Pavilion ZV5150EA-PB877EA Pavilion ZV5151EA-PE700EA
Pavilion ZV5157EA-PB874EA Pavilion ZV5159EA-PB871EA Pavilion ZV5160CA-PC897U
Pavilion ZV5160CA-PC897UR Pavilion ZV5160EA-PB878EA Pavilion ZV5160US-DZ330U
Pavilion ZV5160US-DZ330UR Pavilion ZV5161EA-PE694EA Pavilion ZV5161EA-PE699EA
Pavilion ZV5166EA-PB553EA Pavilion ZV5167EA-PA457EA Pavilion zv5168EA
Pavilion ZV5169EA-PB540EA Pavilion ZV5171EA-PB542EA Pavilion ZV5172EA-DZ592AS
Pavilion ZV5172EA-DZ593AS Pavilion ZV5173EA-PB548EA Pavilion ZV5175EA-PB872EA
Pavilion ZV5176EA-PB865EA Pavilion ZV5177EA-PB861EA Pavilion ZV5178EA-PB864EA
Pavilion ZV5179EA-PE703EA Pavilion ZV5180EA-PB876EA Pavilion ZV5183EA-PB862EA
Pavilion zv5185EA Pavilion ZV5187EA-PB552EA Pavilion ZV5188EA-PA456EA
Pavilion zv5191EA Pavilion ZV5200 Pavilion ZV5200-PD496AV
Pavilion ZV5200-PD497AV Pavilion ZV5200EA-PJ830EA Pavilion ZV5200T-PC742AV
Pavilion ZV5200T-PC743AV Pavilion ZV5201-PF962AS Pavilion ZV5201US-PF128UA
Pavilion ZV5201US-PF128UAR Pavilion ZV5202AP-PD130PA Pavilion ZV5202EA-PJ868EA
Pavilion ZV5202US-PF124UA Pavilion ZV5202US-PF124UAR Pavilion ZV5203AP-PD131PA
Pavilion ZV5203EA-PJ860EA Pavilion ZV5204AP-PD132PA Pavilion ZV5204EA-PJ875EA
Pavilion zv5205AP Pavilion ZV5205EA-PJ826EA Pavilion ZV5206AP-PD134PA
Pavilion ZV5206EA-PJ823EA Pavilion ZV5207AP-PD135PA Pavilion ZV5208AP-PD136PA
Pavilion ZV5208EA-PE710EA Pavilion zv5209AP Pavilion ZV5209EA-PE712EA
Pavilion zv5210AP Pavilion ZV5210CA-PF130UA Pavilion ZV5210CA-PF130UAR
Pavilion zv5210EA Pavilion ZV5210US-PF127UA Pavilion ZV5210US-PF127UAR
Pavilion ZV5211AP-PH480PA Pavilion ZV5211EA-PJ817EA Pavilion ZV5212AP-PD115PA
Pavilion ZV5212EA-PB558EA Pavilion zv5213AP Pavilion zv5213EA
Pavilion ZV5214AP-PN897PA Pavilion zv5214EA Pavilion ZV5215AP-PN898PA
Pavilion ZV5215EA-PJ861EA Pavilion ZV5215EA-PJ863EA Pavilion zv5216AP
Pavilion ZV5216EA-PJ821EA Pavilion zv5217AP Pavilion ZV5217EA-PJ827EA
Pavilion ZV5218EA-PJ828EA Pavilion ZV5219EA-PJ829EA Pavilion ZV5220CA
Pavilion ZV5220CA-PF129UA Pavilion ZV5220CA-PF129UAR Pavilion zv5220EA
Pavilion ZV5220US-PF143UA Pavilion ZV5220US-PF143UAR Pavilion zv5221EA
Pavilion zv5222EA Pavilion zv5223EA Pavilion ZV5224EA-PJ820EA
Pavilion ZV5225EA-PE707EA Pavilion ZV5226EA-PJ864EA Pavilion ZV5226EA-PJ865EA
Pavilion zv5227EA Pavilion zv5227LA Pavilion ZV5227WM-PF121UA
Pavilion ZV5227WM-PF121UAR Pavilion ZV5228EA-PJ871EA Pavilion ZV5228EA-PJ879EA
Pavilion zv5229EA Pavilion zv5230EA Pavilion ZV5230US-PF122UA
Pavilion ZV5230US-PF122UAR Pavilion ZV5231EA-PE711EA Pavilion ZV5232EA-PJ877EA
Pavilion ZV5233EA-PJ831EA Pavilion zv5234EA Pavilion zv5235EA
Pavilion ZV5235US-PF131UA Pavilion ZV5235US-PF131UAR Pavilion ZV5236EA-PJ833EA
Pavilion zv5237EA Pavilion zv5238EA Pavilion ZV5240-PF921AS
Pavilion ZV5240CA Pavilion ZV5240CA-PF126UA Pavilion ZV5240CA-PF126UAR
Pavilion ZV5240EA-PJ822EA Pavilion ZV5240US-PF119UA Pavilion ZV5240US-PF119UAR
Pavilion ZV5242QV-PF149UA Pavilion ZV5242QV-PF149UAR Pavilion zv5245EA
Pavilion zv5246EA Pavilion zv5247LA Pavilion zv5250EA
Pavilion zv5255EA Pavilion ZV5255US-PF146UA Pavilion ZV5255US-PF146UAR
Pavilion zv5257LA Pavilion zv5260EA Pavilion ZV5260US-PF144UA
Pavilion ZV5260US-PF144UAR Pavilion zv5261EA Pavilion zv5265EA
Pavilion zv5267LA Pavilion ZV5268EA-PJ866EA Pavilion ZV5268EA-PJ867EA
Pavilion zv5269EA Pavilion zv5270EA Pavilion ZV5270US-PF145UA
Pavilion ZV5270US-PF145UAR Pavilion zv5271EA Pavilion zv5272EA
Pavilion zv5280EA Pavilion zv5287LA Pavilion zv5290EA
Pavilion zv5301AP Pavilion zv5301EA Pavilion zv5302EA
Pavilion zv5303EA Pavilion ZV5304EA-PJ858EA Pavilion ZV5304EA-PQ825EA
Pavilion zv5307EA Pavilion zv5308EA Pavilion zv5310EA
Pavilion zv5310US Pavilion zv5315EA Pavilion ZV5316US-PM002UA
Pavilion ZV5316US-PM002UAR Pavilion ZV5320CA-PL984UA Pavilion ZV5320CA-PL984UAR
Pavilion zv5320EA Pavilion ZV5320US-PL996UA Pavilion ZV5320US-PL996UAR
Pavilion zv5321EA Pavilion zv5322EA Pavilion zv5323EA
Pavilion ZV5324EA Pavilion ZV5325CA Pavilion ZV5325CA-PN469UA
Pavilion ZV5325CA-PN469UAR Pavilion zv5325EA Pavilion zv5326EA
Pavilion zv5327EA Pavilion zv5328EA Pavilion zv5329EA
Pavilion ZV5330CA-PN465UA Pavilion ZV5330CA-PN465UAR Pavilion zv5330EA
Pavilion ZV5330US-PL976UA Pavilion ZV5330US-PL976UAR Pavilion zv5331EA
Pavilion zv5340EA Pavilion ZV5340US-PL997UA Pavilion ZV5340US-PL997UAR
Pavilion zv5342QV Pavilion ZV5343US-PL977UA Pavilion ZV5343US-PL977UAR
Pavilion ZV5346US-PN467UA Pavilion ZV5346US-PN467UAR Pavilion zv5347WM
Pavilion ZV5348RS-PL985UA Pavilion ZV5348RS-PL985UAR Pavilion zv5357EA
Pavilion zv5358EA Pavilion zv5359EA Pavilion ZV5360US-PR213UA
Pavilion ZV5360US-PR213UAR Pavilion zv5362EA Pavilion zv5364EA
Pavilion zv5365EA Pavilion zv5366EA Pavilion zv5367EA
Pavilion zv5367WM Pavilion zv5368EA Pavilion zv5369EA
Pavilion ZV5370US-PM004UA Pavilion ZV5370US-PM004UAR Pavilion zv5371EA
Pavilion zv5372EA Pavilion zv5373EA Pavilion zv5374EA
Pavilion zv5375EA Pavilion zv5376EA Pavilion zv5377EA
Pavilion ZV5378EA-PQ818EA Pavilion ZV5378EA-PQ821EA Pavilion zv5379EA
Pavilion zv5380EA Pavilion ZV5380US-PM005UA Pavilion ZV5380US-PM005UAR
Pavilion zv5381EA Pavilion zv5382EA Pavilion zv5383EA
Pavilion zv5384EA Pavilion zv5385EA Pavilion ZV5386US-PM003UA
Pavilion ZV5386US-PM003UAR Pavilion zv5390EA Pavilion zv5400T
Pavilion zv5401AP Pavilion zv5402EA Pavilion zv5403AP
Pavilion zv5403EA Pavilion zv5404AP Pavilion zv5404EA
Pavilion ZV5404US-PR468UA Pavilion ZV5404US-PR468UAR Pavilion zv5405EA
Pavilion ZV5405US-PT276UA Pavilion ZV5405US-PT276UAR Pavilion zv5407EA
Pavilion zv5408EA Pavilion zv5410EA Pavilion ZV5410US-PR465UA
Pavilion ZV5410US-PR465UAR Pavilion zv5411EA Pavilion zv5412EA
Pavilion zv5413EA Pavilion zv5414EA Pavilion zv5415CA
Pavilion zv5415EA Pavilion zv5416EA Pavilion zv5417EA
Pavilion zv5418EA Pavilion ZV5419EA-EC447EA Pavilion ZV5419EA-PW899EA
Pavilion zv5420CA Pavilion zv5420US Pavilion zv5421EA
Pavilion zv5422EA Pavilion zv5425EA Pavilion ZV5430US-PR466UA
Pavilion ZV5430US-PR466UAR Pavilion ZV5430US-PT728UA Pavilion zv5440US
Pavilion ZV5443RS-PT277UA Pavilion ZV5443RS-PT277UAR Pavilion ZV5445US-PU600UA
Pavilion ZV5445US-PU600UAR Pavilion zv5450CA Pavilion zv5450EA
Pavilion ZV5450US-PR442UA Pavilion ZV5450US-PR442UAR Pavilion zv5452EA
Pavilion ZV5454RS-PR449UA Pavilion ZV5454RS-PR449UAR Pavilion zv5455EA
Pavilion ZV5455US-PU602UA Pavilion ZV5455US-PU602UAR Pavilion zv5456CL
Pavilion ZV5456EA-PR987EA Pavilion ZV5456EA-PW904EA Pavilion zv5457EA
Pavilion zv5458EA Pavilion ZV5460US-PR471UA Pavilion ZV5460US-PR471UAR
Pavilion zv5462EA Pavilion zv5463EA Pavilion zv5464EA
Pavilion zv5466CL Pavilion zv5466EA Pavilion zv5467EA
Pavilion zv5469EA Pavilion ZV5470EA-EC446EA Pavilion ZV5470EA-PR975EA
Pavilion ZV5470EA-PW887EA Pavilion ZV5470US-PR443UA Pavilion ZV5470US-PR443UAR
Pavilion zv5471EA Pavilion zv5472EA Pavilion zv5473EA
Pavilion zv5474EA Pavilion zv5475EA Pavilion ZV5476CL-PR447UA
Pavilion ZV5476CL-PR447UAR Pavilion zv5476EA Pavilion zv5485EA
Pavilion zv5495EA Pavilion zv5499EA Pavilion zv6000 Series
Pavilion ZV6000-PN494AV Pavilion ZV6000-PZ921EA Pavilion ZV6001-PX958AS
Pavilion ZV6002-PX957AS Pavilion ZV6003-PX959AS Pavilion ZV6004-EA456AS
Pavilion ZV6004EA-EC085EA Pavilion ZV6005US-PX362UA Pavilion ZV6006EA-PZ994EA
Pavilion ZV6007US-PX343UA Pavilion ZV6008CL-PX344UA Pavilion ZV6009EA-PZ987EA
Pavilion ZV6009US-PX345UA Pavilion ZV6010EA-PZ981EA Pavilion ZV6010US-PX342UA
Pavilion ZV6011EA-PZ989EA Pavilion ZV6013EA-EC086EA Pavilion ZV6015US-PX346UA
Pavilion ZV6017EA-PZ990EA Pavilion ZV6017EA-PZ993EA Pavilion ZV6020EA-PZ991EA
Pavilion ZV6024EA-PZ983EA Pavilion ZV6025EA-PZ982EA Pavilion ZV6026EA-PZ998EA
Pavilion ZV6027EA-PZ995EA Pavilion ZV6028EA-EC083EA Pavilion ZV6029EA-EC087EA
Pavilion ZV6061EA-EC084EA Pavilion ZV6062EA-PZ997EA Pavilion ZV6064EA-PZ996EA
Pavilion ZV6065EA-PZ979EA Pavilion ZV6066EA-PZ980EA Pavilion ZV6066EA-PZ986EA
Pavilion ZV6067EA-PZ984EA Pavilion ZV6068EA-PZ988EA Pavilion ZV6069EA-PZ992EA
Pavilion ZV6090EA-PZ985EA Pavilion zx5000 Series Pavilion ZX5000-DG438A
Pavilion ZX5000-DG438AV Pavilion ZX5000-DG439AV Pavilion ZX5000-DG560AV
Pavilion ZX5000-DG561AV Pavilion ZX5000-DP217AV Pavilion ZX5001-DR891A
Pavilion ZX5001US-DS473U Pavilion ZX5001US-DS473UR Pavilion ZX5002-DR892A
Pavilion zx5002EA Pavilion zx5003EA Pavilion zx5005EA
Pavilion zx5008EA Pavilion zx5010EA Pavilion zx5011EA
Pavilion zx5012EA Pavilion zx5020EA Pavilion zx5022EA
Pavilion ZX5030EA-DS416E Pavilion ZX5030EA-DS417E Pavilion zx5035EA
Pavilion zx5037EA Pavilion zx5038EA Pavilion zx5039EA
Pavilion ZX5040CA-DS475U Pavilion ZX5040CA-DS475UR Pavilion ZX5040EA-DR895A
Pavilion ZX5040EA-DS423E Pavilion ZX5040US-DS471U Pavilion ZX5040US-DS471UR
Pavilion zx5041EA Pavilion zx5042EA Pavilion zx5043EA
Pavilion zx5044EA Pavilion zx5045EA Pavilion zx5049EA
Pavilion zx5050EA Pavilion zx5051EA Pavilion zx5052EA
Pavilion ZX5060US-DS476U Pavilion ZX5060US-DS476UR Pavilion ZX5065US-DS477U
Pavilion ZX5065US-DS477UR Pavilion ZX5070US-DS472U Pavilion ZX5070US-DS472UR
Pavilion ZX5078CL-DS474U Pavilion ZX5078CL-DS474UR Pavilion zx5109EA
Pavilion zx5113EA Pavilion zx5128EA Pavilion zx5129EA
Pavilion zx5148EA Pavilion zx5149EA Pavilion zx5151EA
Pavilion ZX5170EA-PB902EA Pavilion ZX5170EA-PB908EA Pavilion zx5171EA
Pavilion ZX5180US-DZ314U Pavilion ZX5180US-DZ314UR Pavilion ZX5190US-DZ313U
Pavilion ZX5190US-DZ313UR Pavilion ZX5200 Pavilion ZX5200-PC716AV
Pavilion ZX5200-PC717AV Pavilion ZX5200-PC718AV Pavilion zx5201
Pavilion zx5202US Pavilion zx5245EA Pavilion zx5260EA
Pavilion zx5265EA Pavilion ZX5270EA-PB915EA Pavilion ZX5273EA-PB916EA
Pavilion ZX5275EA Pavilion ZX5275US-PF101UA Pavilion ZX5275US-PF101UAR
Pavilion ZX5280US-PF100UA Pavilion ZX5280US-PF100UAR Pavilion ZX5295US-PL958UA
Pavilion ZX5295US-PL958UAR Pavilion ZX5369CL-PL957UA Pavilion ZX5369CL-PL957UAR

  • 100% new high quality battery pack.
  • Li-ion and NiMH batteries are not interchangeable
  • Highest quality Japanese battery cells
  • 100% Q.C.of EVERY battery
  • Intelligent battery pack.
  • Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.
  • Usually the same business day shipping.
  • Shipment may take up to 3-7 business days to arrive.
  • Items are usually shipped within one business day of payment receipt.
  • Brand new - We NEVER Sell used or refurbished Batteries!
Shipping Information
Processing Time Typically ships in 1 to 2 business days.
Super Saver Shipping 7 - 15 business days.
Expedited Shipping 3 - 5 business days.
Payment Methods


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