4400mAh for TOSHIBA PA3594U-1BRS laptop battery#I_1915

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Product Details

Laptop Batteries products are specifically designed for each Laptop Batteries brand

and model.We only sell quality TOSHIBA PA3594U-1BRS battery packs products, each

PA3594U-1BRS Laptop Batteries is new, Full 1 year warranty for all . customer

satisfaction is our unceasing pursue!

Battery Type: Li-ion

Voltage: 10.80 V

Capacity: 4400 mAh

Color: Black

Dimension: 205.10 x41.98 x21.35mm

Condition: New,1 year warranty!

This TOSHIBA PA3594U-1BRS laptop battery can also replace the following

part numbers:







This TOSHIBA PA3594U-1BRS laptop battery is also compatible with the

following models:


Dynabook CX/45C Dynabook CX/45D Dynabook CX/45E

Dynabook CX/47C Dynabook CX/47D Dynabook CX/47E

Dynabook SS M40 180E/3W Dynabook SS M40 186C/3W Dynabook SS M41 186C/3W

Dynabook SS M41 200E/3W Equium U300 Series Equium U300-15i

Equium U30015i Portege M600 Series Portege M600-E320

Portege M600E320 Portege M600-E340 Portege M600E340

Portege M600-E360 Portege M600E360 Portege M601

Portege M602 Portege M603 Portege M606

Portege M607 Portege M609 Portege M612

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Satellite Pro U30010W Satellite Pro U300-10Z Satellite Pro U30010Z

Satellite Pro U300-116 Satellite Pro U300116 Satellite Pro U300-11K

Satellite Pro U30011K Satellite Pro U300-121 Satellite Pro U300121

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Tecra M8-S8011 Tecra M8S8011 Tecra M8-S8011X

Tecra M8S8011X Tecra M8-ST3093 Tecra M8ST3093

Tecra M8-ST3094 Tecra M8ST3094

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