19V 6.3A 120W AC adapter for hp compaq R3000 ZX5000 ZV5000#I_3079

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Product Details

  • Compatible Part Numbers:
  • HP COMPAQ 309241-001, 310925-001, 316687-001, 316688-001, 316688-002, 317188-001, 325112-001, 344895-001, 350221-001, 55522, ADP-75FB, ADP-90HD, DC687A, DC687A#ABA, DC790A, F1454A, F1781A, F1814A, F4600A, F4813-60901, F4813A, F4814A, HP-OW120F13, HP-OW121F13, PA-1121-02H, PA-1121-12H, PPP017H, PPP017L
  • AC Input: 100 ~ 240V 50~ 60Hz
  • DC Output: 19V 6.3A 120W
  • connector: 5.5mm*2.5mm
  • Cord Cable: USA UK EU AU plug

AC adapter hp compaq R3000 ZX5000 ZV5000 19V 6.3A fit models:

  • Compaq Presario
    Compaq Presario 2100 Series:
    2100 2100AP 2100CA 2100LA 2100US 2100Z 2101AH 2101AP 2101EA
    2101EU 2101US 2102AP 2102EA 2102EU 2102FD 2102US 2103AP
    2103EA 2103EU 2103FD 2103US 2104AP 2104EA 2104EU 2104US
    2105AP 2105CA 2105EA 2105EU 2105LA 2105US 2106AP 2106EA
    2106EU 2106US 2107AP 2107EA 2107US 2108AP 2108CL 2108EA
    2108EU 2108US 2109AP 2109EA 2109EU 2110AH 2110AP 2110CA
    2110EA 2110EU 2110LA 2110US 2111AH 2111AP 2111EA 2111EU
    2111LA 2112AH 2112AP 2112EA 2112EU 2113AH 2113AP 2113EA
    2113EU 2114AH 2114AP 2114EA 2114EU 2115AH 2115AP 2115EA
    2115EU 2115US 2116AH 2116AP 2116EA 2116EU 2117AP 2117EA
    2117EU 2118AD 2118EA 2118EU 2119AD 2119EA 2119EU 2120AD
    2120AP 2120EA 2120EU 2120LA 2120US 2121EA 2121EU 2122AD
    2122EA 2122EU 2123AD 2123AP 2123EA 2123EU 2124AC 2124AD
    2124EA 2124EU 2125AC 2125AD 2125AP 2125EA 2125EU 2125LA
    2126AC 2126AD 2126EA 2126EU 2127AC 2127AD 2127EA 2127EU
    2128AC 2128AD 2128EA 2128EU 2128US 2129AC 2129AD 2129EA
    2130AC 2130AD 2130AP 2130EA 2130EU 2130LA 2131AC 2131AD
    2131EA 2131EU 2132AC 2132EA 2132RS 2133AC 2133AD 2133AP
    2133EA 2134AD 2134EA 2135AC 2135AD 2135AP 2135CA 2135EA
    2135EU 2135LA 2135US 2136AC 2136AD 2136EA 2136RS 2137AC
    2137AD 2138AC 2138AD 2138EA 2139AC 2139AD 2139EA 2139LA
    2140AC 2140AD 2140AP 2140CA 2140EA 2140EU 2140LA 2140US
    2141AC 2141AD 2141EA 2141EU 2142AC 2142EA 2142EU 2143AC
    2143AD 2143AP 2143EA 2144AD 2144EA 2145AD 2145AE 2145AP
    2145CA 2145EA 2145EU 2145LA 2145US 2146AD 2146AE 2146EA
    2146EU 2147AD 2147AE 2147EA 2148AD 2148AE 2148EA 2148EU
    2149AD 2149AE 2149EA 2150AE 2150AP 2150EU 2150LA 2150US
    2151AD 2151AE 2151EA 2151EU 2152AE 2152EA 2152EU 2153AD
    2153AE 2153EA 2154AD 2154AE 2154EA 2155AD 2155AE 2155EA
    2155US 2156AD 2156AE 2156EA 2157AD 2157AE 2157EA 2158 N
    2158AD 2158EA 2159AD 2160AD 2160AE 2160EA 2160EU 2160US
    2161AD 2161AE 2161EA 2161US 2162AE 2162AF 2162EA 2162US
    2163AE 2163AF 2163EA 2164AE 2164AF 2164EA 2165AE 2165AF
    2165EA 2166AE 2166AF 2166EA 2167AE 2167AF 2167EA 2168AE
    2168AF 2168EA 2169AE 2169AF 2169EA 2170AE 2170AF 2170CA
    2170US 2171AE 2171AF 2171EA 2171US 2172AE 2172AF 2172US
    2173AE 2173AF 2173EA 2174AE 2174AF 2175AE 2175AF 2175CA
    2175EA 2175EU 2175US 2176AF 2176RS 2177AF 2178AF 2178CL
    2178EA 2179AF 2180AF 2180AT 2180CA 2180EA 2181AF 2181AT
    2182AF 2182AT 2182US 2183AF 2183AT 2184AF 2184AT 2185AF
    2185AT 2186AF 2186AT 2186RS 2187AT 2188AT 2188CL 2189AT
    2190AT 2190CA 2190US 2191AT 2192AT 2193AT 2194AF 2195AF
    2195CA 2195US 2197CA 2198CA 2199CA 2199US
    Compaq Presario 2500 Series:
    2500 2500AP 2500LA 2501AL 2501AP 2502AP 2502AT 2502EU 2503AT
    2503EA 2504AT 2504EU 2505AP 2505AT 2505EA 2505EU 2505LA
    2506AT 2506EU 2507AT 2507EU 2508AT 2508EA 2508EU 2509 N
    2509AT 2509EA 2509EU 2510AH 2510AI 2510AP 2510AT 2510EA
    2510EU 2510LA 2511AH 2511AI 2511AT 2511EA 2511EU 2512AH
    2512AI 2512AT 2512EA 2512EU 2513AH 2513AI 2513AT 2513EA
    2513EU 2514AH 2514AI 2514AT 2514EU 2515AH 2515AI 2515AP
    2515AT 2515EA 2515EU 2516AH 2516AI 2516AT 2516EA 2516EU
    2517AH 2517AI 2517AT 2517EA 2517EU 2518AH 2518AI 2518EA
    2518EU 2519AI 2519EA 2519EU 2520AH 2520AI 2520AP 2520EA
    2520EU 2520LA 2521AH 2521AI 2521EA 2521EU 2522AH 2522AI
    2522EU 2523AH 2523AI 2523EU 2524AH 2524AI 2524AP 2524EU
    2525AH 2525AI 2525AP 2525CA 2525EA 2525US 2526AH 2526AI
    2526EA 2526EU 2527AH 2527AI 2527EU 2528AH 2528AI 2528AP
    2528AT 2528CL 2528EA 2528EU 2529AH 2529AI 2529CL 2529EA
    2529EU 2530AH 2530AI 2530AP 2530EA 2530EU 2531AH 2531AI
    2531EA 2531EU 2532AH 2532AI 2532AP 2532EA 2532EU 2533AH
    2533AI 2533EA 2533EU 2534AH 2534AI 2534EU 2535AH 2535AI
    2535AP 2535EA 2535EU 2535QV 2536AH 2536AI 2536EU 2537AH
    2537AI 2537EA 2537EU 2538AH 2538AI 2538AP 2538CL 2538EU
    2539AH 2539AI 2539EA 2540AH 2540AI 2540AP 2540EA 2540LA
    2541AH 2541AI 2541EA 2541EU 2542AH 2542AI 2542EA 2543AH
    2543AI 2543AP 2543EA 2544AH 2544AI 2544EA 2545AH 2545AI
    2545AP 2545EU 2545US 2546AH 2546AI 2546EA 2547AH 2547AI
    2547EA 2548AH 2548AI 2548AP 2549AH 2549AI 2549EA 2549EU
    2550AH 2550AI 2550AP 2550CA 2550EA 2550EU 2550US 2551AH
    2551AI 2551EU 2552AH 2552AI 2552EA 2552EU 2553AH 2553AI
    2554AH 2554AI 2554EA 2555AH 2555AI 2555AP 2555EU 2555US
    2556AH 2556AI 2556EU 2557AH 2557AI 2557EU 2558AH 2558AI
    2558AP 2558EA 2558EU 2559AH 2559AI 2559EU 2560AH 2560AI
    2560AP 2560EA 2560LA 2561AH 2561AI 2561US 2562AH 2562AI
    2562AP 2563AI 2564AI 2564AP 2565AI 2565AP 2565EA 2566AH
    2566AI 2566AP 2567AI 2568AI 2568AP 2568CL 2569AI 2569AP
    2570AI 2570AP 2570CA 2570EA 2570US 2571AI 2571AP 2572AI
    2572AP 2572EA 2573AI 2573AP 2574AG 2574AI 2575AI 2575US
    2576AG 2576AI 2577AG 2577AI 2578AG 2578AI 2578CL 2579AG
    2579AI 2580AG 2580AI 2580AT 2580CA 2580US 2581AI 2581AT
    2581US 2582AG 2582AI 2582AT 2583AG 2583AI 2583AT 2584AG
    2584AI 2584AT 2585AG 2585AI 2585AT 2585US 2586AG 2586AI
    2586AT 2587AG 2587AT 2588AG 2588AT 2589AG 2589AT 2590AG
    2590AT 2590US 2591AG 2591AT 2591US 2592AG 2592AT 2592US
    2593AG 2593AT 2593US 2594AG 2594AT 2594US 2595AG 2595AT
    2596AG 2596AT 2596US 2597AG 2597AT 2597CL 2597US 2598AG
    2598AT 2598CL 2598US 2599AG 2599AT 2599US
    Compaq Presario 3000 Series:
    3000 3005US 3008CL 3015CA 3015US 3016US 3017CL 3018CL 3019CL
    3020US 3028CL 3036RSH 3045US 3050US 3070US 3077WM 3080US
    Compaq Presario R3000 Series:
    R3000 R3000 R3000T R3000Z R3001 R3001AP R3001US R3002
    R3002AP R3003AP R3003US R3003XX R3004AP R3004US R3004XX
    R3005AP R3005XX R3006AP R3007AP R3008AP R3009AP R3010AP
    R3010EA R3011AP R3012AP R3013AP R3014AP R3015AP R3016AP
    R3017AP R3018AP R3019AP R3021AP R3022AP R3023AP R3024AP
    R3030EA R3030US R3038CL R3039EA R3040EA R3050EA R3050US
    R3055CA R3056RS R3057EA R3060CA R3060EA R3060US R3065US
    R3070US R3101AP R3103 R3111EA R3112EA R3113EA R3114EA
    R3116EA R3117EA R3119EA R3120CA R3120US R3128RS R3136EA
    R3137EA R3138EA R3140CA R3140US R3145EA R3150US R3158EA
    R3160US R3190EA R3190US R3200 R3201AP R3201XX R3202AP
    R3202US R3202XX R3203 R3203AP R3203US R3204AP R3204US
    R3205AP R3205EA R3205US R3206AP R3206EA R3207AP R3207EA
    R3208AP R3208EA R3209AP R3209EA R3210 R3210AP R3210CA
    R3210EA R3210US R3211AP R3211EA R3212AP R3212EA R3213AP
    R3214AP R3215CA R3215EA R3220CA R3220US R3228EA R3230CA
    R3230EA R3230US R3235EA R3240CA R3240EA R3240US R3241EA
    R3245EA R3247US R3248EA R3249EA R3250EA R3251EA R3255EA
    R3260US R3275US R3290US R3303EA R3304EA R3305EA R3306EA
    R3306US R3307EA R3308EA R3309EA R3310CA R3310EA R3310US
    R3311EA R3312EA R3313EA R3314EA R3315EA R3320CA R3320US
    R3332EA R3340CA R3340US R3344EA R3345EA R3347EA R3353EA
    R3354EA R3355EA R3356EA R3357EA R3358EA R3360EA R3360US
    R3363EA R3365EA R3370EA R3370us R3375EA R3380EA R3396US
    R3399CL R3400 R3405US R3408EA R3410CA R3410EA R3410US
    R3411EA R3413EA R3415EA R3415US R3418EA R3420EA R3421EA
    R3422EA R3423EA R3425EA R3425US R3430EA R3430US R3440CA
    R3440EA R3440US R3445EA R3450EA R3454EA R3455EA R3458EA
    R3460EA R3460US R3465EA R3470CA R3470US R3475EA R3479EA
    R3480EA R3482EA R3484EA R3485EA R3488EA
    HP Pavilion
    HP Pavilion 7000 Series: 7000
    DC Series: DC924A DC924AR DC925A DC925AR
    DG Series: DG956A DG956AR DG958A DG958AR DG959A DG959AR
    DM Series: DM788A DM788AR DM790A DM790AR DM791A DM791AR
    DM793A DM793AR
    DN Series: DN730AV
    DP Series: DP353E DP446U DP447U DP448U DP448UR DP761E DP762E
    DP763E DP764E DP765E DP766E DP767E DP768E DP769E DP770E
    DR Series: DR089U DR089UR DR340U DR761E DR762E DR768E DR769E
    DT Series: DT859U
    HP Pavilion ZV5000 Series:
    zv5000 zv5000t zv5000z zv5001AP zv5001US zv5001xx zv5002
    zv5002AP zv5003AP zv5004AP zv5005AP zv5006AP zv5007AP
    zv5007LA zv5008AP zv5009AP zv5010AP zv5011AP zv5012AP
    zv5013AP zv5014AP zv5014EA zv5015AP zv5015EA zv5016AP
    zv5016EA zv5017AP zv5018AP zv5019AP zv5020US zv5021AP
    zv5022AP zv5023AP zv5024AP zv5025AP zv5026AP zv5027AP
    zv5028AP zv5029AP zv5030CA zv5030US zv5034US zv5037WM
    zv5040EA zv5045EA zv5101AP zv5101us zv5102AP zv5103 zv5103AP
    zv5105us zv5111EA zv5112EA zv5113EA zv5114EA zv5116EA
    zv5117EA zv5118EA zv5119EA zv5120ca zv5120us zv5121EA
    zv5122EA zv5123EA zv5124EA zv5125EA zv5126EA zv5128EA
    zv5129cl zv5129EA zv5131EA zv5132EA zv5133EA zv5134EA
    zv5136EA zv5137EA zv5138EA zv5139EA zv5140EA zv5141EA
    zv5142EA zv5142qv zv5143EA zv5149EA zv5150EA zv5151EA
    zv5157EA zv5159EA zv5160ca zv5160EA zv5160us zv5161EA
    zv5166EA zv5167EA zv5168EA zv5169cl zv5169EA zv5171EA
    zv5172EA zv5173EA zv5175EA zv5176EA zv5177EA zv5178EA
    zv5179EA zv5180EA zv5183EA zv5185EA zv5187EA zv5188EA
    zv5191EA zv5200 zv5200EA zv5201 zv5201EA zv5201us zv5202AP
    zv5202EA zv5202us zv5203AP zv5203EA zv5204AP zv5204EA
    zv5205AP zv5205EA zv5206AP zv5206EA zv5207AP zv5207EA
    zv5208AP zv5208EA zv5209AP zv5209EA zv5210AP zv5210ca
    zv5210EA zv5210us zv5211AP zv5211EA zv5212AP zv5212EA
    zv5213AP zv5213EA zv5214AP zv5214EA zv5215AP zv5215EA
    zv5216AP zv5216EA zv5217AP zv5217EA zv5218EA zv5219EA
    zv5220ca zv5220EA zv5220us zv5221EA zv5222EA zv5223EA
    zv5224EA zv5225EA zv5226EA zv5227EA zv5227LA zv5227wm
    zv5228EA zv5229CL zv5229EA zv5230EA zv5230us zv5231EA
    zv5232EA zv5233EA zv5234EA zv5235EA zv5235us zv5236EA
    zv5237EA zv5238EA zv5240ca zv5240EA zv5240us zv5240xx
    zv5242qv zv5245EA zv5246EA zv5247LA zv5250EA zv5255EA
    zv5255us zv5257LA zv5260EA zv5260us zv5261EA zv5265EA
    zv5267LA zv5268EA zv5269EA zv5270EA zv5270us zv5271EA
    zv5272EA zv5280EA zv5285EA zv5287LA zv5290EA zv5301AP
    zv5301EA zv5302EA zv5303EA zv5304EA zv5307EA zv5308EA
    zv5310EA zv5310us zv5315EA zv5316us zv5320ca zv5320EA
    zv5320us zv5321EA zv5322EA zv5323EA zv5324EA zv5325CA
    zv5325EA zv5326EA zv5326us-b zv5327EA zv5328EA zv5329EA
    zv5330ca zv5330EA zv5330us zv5331EA zv5340EA zv5340us
    zv5342qv zv5343us zv5346us zv5347wm zv5348rs zv5356us-b
    zv5357EA zv5358EA zv5359EA zv5360us zv5362EA zv5364EA
    zv5365EA zv5366EA zv5367EA zv5367wm zv5368EA zv5369EA
    zv5370us zv5371EA zv5372EA zv5373EA zv5374EA zv5375EA
    zv5376EA zv5377EA zv5378EA zv5379EA zv5380EA zv5380us
    zv5381EA zv5382EA zv5383EA zv5384EA zv5385EA zv5386us
    zv5390EA zv5400 zv5400t zv5401AP zv5402AP zv5402EA zv5403AP
    zv5403EA zv5404AP zv5404EA zv5404us zv5405AP zv5405EA
    zv5405us zv5406AP zv5407EA zv5408EA zv5410EA zv5410us
    zv5411EA zv5412EA zv5413EA zv5414EA zv5415CA zv5415EA
    zv5416EA zv5417EA zv5418EA zv5419EA zv5420CAa zv5420EA
    zv5420US zv5421EA zv5422EA zv5425EA zv5430us zv5434rs
    zv5436EA zv5437EA zv5438EA zv5440EA zv5440US zv5445EA
    zv5445US zv5446EA zv5450CA zv5450EA zv5450US zv5452EA
    zv5454rs zv5455EA zv5455US zv5456cl zv5456EA zv5457EA
    zv5458EA zv5460EA zv5460us zv5462EA zv5463EA zv5464EA
    zv5465EA zv5466cl zv5466EA zv5467EA zv5468EA zv5469EA
    zv5470EA zv5470us zv5471EA zv5472EA zv5473EA zv5474EA
    zv5475EA zv5476CL zv5476EA zv5480EA zv5481EA zv5482EA
    zv5485EA zv5490EA zv5495EA zv5499EA
    HP Pavilion ZX5000 Series:
    zx5000 zx5001 zx5001US zx5002 zx5002EA zx5003EA zx5005EA
    zx5008EA zx5010EA zx5011EA zx5012EA zx5020EA zx5022EA
    zx5030EA zx5035EA zx5037EA zx5038EA zx5039EA zx5040CA
    zx5040EA zx5040US zx5041EA zx5042EA zx5043EA zx5044EA
    zx5045EA zx5049EA zx5050EA zx5051EA zx5052EA zx5060US
    zx5065US zx5070US zx5078CL zx5109EA zx5113EA zx5128EA
    zx5129EA zx5148EA zx5149EA zx5151EA zx5170EA zx5171EA
    zx5180us zx5190US zx5200 zx5201XX zx5202xx zx5245EA zx5260EA
    zx5265EA zx5270EA zx5273EA zx5275EA zx5275us zx5280us
    zx5295us zx5369cl


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