134110-B21,134111-B21,135213-001,135214-001 Compaq M700 battery#I_293

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Product Details

Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 14.80V
Capacity: 4400mAh
Color: Black
Dimension: 121.90 x 106.20 x 20.30 mm
Product Type: Replacement Battery (Brand New)
Condition: New, 1 year warranty!
Weight: 541.48 g

Product Model: M700
Compatible Part Numbers:
135214-001, 135214-002, 134110-B21 134111-B21, 135213-001, 135213-002, 135214-001, 205844-002, 230608-001

Product Description:
The laptop battery work with:
    Compaq Evo N400, Compaq Evo N410

    Compaq Armada M700 Series 
        Compaq Armada M700-140141-BF6
    Compaq Armada M700-124898 Series
        Armada M700-124898-002, Armada M700-124898-022,
        Armada M700-124898-032, Armada M700-124898-052,
        Armada M700-124898-062, Armada M700-124898-072,
        Armada M700-124898-082, Armada M700-124898-092,
        Armada M700-124898-102, Armada M700-124898-112,
        Armada M700-124898-122, Armada M700-124898-132,
        Armada M700-124898-162, Armada M700-124898-182,
        Armada M700-124898-202, Armada M700-124898-292,
        Armada M700-124898-332, Armada M700-124898-372,
        Armada M700-124898-392, Armada M700-124898-AD2,
        Armada M700-124898-B92, Armada M700-124898-BE2

    Compaq Armada M700-124899 Series
        Armada M700-124899-004, Armada M700-124899-014,
        Armada M700-124899-034, Armada M700-124899-044,
        Armada M700-124899-054, Armada M700-124899-064,
        Armada M700-124899-074, Armada M700-124899-084,
        Armada M700-124899-094, Armada M700-124899-104,
        Armada M700-124899-114, Armada M700-124899-124,
        Armada M700-124899-134, Armada M700-124899-164,
        Armada M700-124899-204, Armada M700-124899-294,
        Armada M700-124899-334, Armada M700-124899-394,
        Armada M700-124899-AK4

    Compaq Armada M700-124938 Series
        Armada M700-124938-006, Armada M700-124938-066,
        Armada M700-124938-116, Armada M700-124938-166,
        Armada M700-124938-186, Armada M700-124938-296,
        Armada M700-124938-336

    Compaq Armada M700-124939 Series
        Armada M700-124939-002, Armada M700-124939-062,
        Armada M700-124939-112, Armada M700-124939-182,
        Armada M700-124939-332

    Compaq Armada M700-124940 Series
        Armada M700-124940-014, Armada M700-124940-034,
        Armada M700-124940-044, Armada M700-124940-054,
        Armada M700-124940-064, Armada M700-124940-074,
        Armada M700-124940-084, Armada M700-124940-094,
        Armada M700-124940-104, Armada M700-124940-114,
        Armada M700-124940-124, Armada M700-124940-134,
        Armada M700-124940-164, Armada M700-124940-204,
        Armada M700-124940-334, Armada M700-124940-394,
        Armada M700-124940-AK4

    Compaq Armada M700-124941 Series
        Armada M700-124941-006, Armada M700-124941-066,
        Armada M700-124941-116, Armada M700-124941-186,
        Armada M700-124941-336

    Compaq Armada M700-139114 Series
        Armada M700-139114-002, Armada M700-139114-004,
        Armada M700-139114-022, Armada M700-139114-026,
        Armada M700-139114-372, Armada M700-139114-374,
        Armada M700-139114-376, Armada M700-139114-BM2,
        Armada M700-139114-BM6, Armada M700-139114-BN2,
        Armada M700-139114-BN6, Armada M700-139114-BP2,
        Armada M700-139114-BP6, Armada M700-139114-BR2,
        Armada M700-139114-BR6, Armada M700-139114-C62,
        Armada M700-139114-C66

    Compaq Armada M700-139116 Series
        Armada M700-139116-002, Armada M700-139116-003,
        Armada M700-139116-004, Armada M700-139116-006,
        Armada M700-139116-012, Armada M700-139116-016,
        Armada M700-139116-032, Armada M700-139116-036,
        Armada M700-139116-042, Armada M700-139116-046,
        Armada M700-139116-052, Armada M700-139116-056,
        Armada M700-139116-072, Armada M700-139116-076,
        Armada M700-139116-082, Armada M700-139116-086,
        Armada M700-139116-092, Armada M700-139116-096, 
        Armada M700-139116-102, Armada M700-139116-106, 
        Armada M700-139116-122, Armada M700-139116-126,
        Armada M700-139116-132, Armada M700-139116-136, 
        Armada M700-139116-162, Armada M700-139116-166,
        Armada M700-139116-182, Armada M700-139116-186,
        Armada M700-139116-202, Armada M700-139116-206,
        Armada M700-139116-292, Armada M700-139116-296,
        Armada M700-139116-372, Armada M700-139116-374,
        Armada M700-139116-376, Armada M700-139116-392,
        Armada M700-139116-396, Armada M700-139116-AA2,
        Armada M700-139116-AA4, Armada M700-139116-AA6,
        Armada M700-139116-AB2, Armada M700-139116-AB4,
        Armada M700-139116-AB6, Armada M700-139116-AC2,
        Armada M700-139116-AC4, Armada M700-139116-AC6,
        Armada M700-139116-AD2, Armada M700-139116-AD4, ,
        Armada M700-139116-AD6, Armada M700-139116-AK2,
        Armada M700-139116-AK6, Armada M700-139116-B92,
        Armada M700-139116-B96, Armada M700-139116-BE2,
        Armada M700-139116-BE6, Armada M700-139116-BF2,
        Armada M700-139116-BF6

    Compaq Armada M700-139117 Series
        Armada M700-139117-002, Armada M700-139117-004,
        Armada M700-139117-022, Armada M700-139117-026,
        Armada M700-139117-372, Armada M700-139117-374,
        Armada M700-139117-376, Armada M700-139117-BM2,
        Armada M700-139117-BM6, Armada M700-139117-BN2,
        Armada M700-139117-BN6, Armada M700-139117-BP2,
        Armada M700-139117-BP6, Armada M700-139117-BR2,
        Armada M700-139117-BR6, Armada M700-139117-C62,
        Armada M700-139117-C66

    Compaq Armada M700-139120 Series
        Armada M700-139120-002, Armada M700-139120-004,
        Armada M700-139120-006, Armada M700-139120-008,
        Armada M700-139120-012, Armada M700-139120-016,
        Armada M700-139120-032, Armada M700-139120-036,
        Armada M700-139120-042, Armada M700-139120-046,
        Armada M700-139120-052, Armada M700-139120-056,
        Armada M700-139120-072, Armada M700-139120-076,
        Armada M700-139120-082, Armada M700-139120-086,
        Armada M700-139120-092, Armada M700-139120-096,
        Armada M700-139120-102, Armada M700-139120-106,
        Armada M700-139120-122, Armada M700-139120-126,
        Armada M700-139120-132, Armada M700-139120-136,
        Armada M700-139120-162, Armada M700-139120-182,
        Armada M700-139120-186, Armada M700-139120-202,
        Armada M700-139120-206, Armada M700-139120-292,
        Armada M700-139120-296, Armada M700-139120-372, 
        Armada M700-139120-374, Armada M700-139120-376,
        Armada M700-139120-392, Armada M700-139120-396,
        Armada M700-139120-AA2, Armada M700-139120-AA4,
        Armada M700-139120-AA6, Armada M700-139120-AB2,
        Armada M700-139120-AB4, Armada M700-139120-AB6,
        Armada M700-139120-AC2, Armada M700-139120-AC4,
        Armada M700-139120-AC6, Armada M700-139120-AD2,
        Armada M700-139120-AD4, Armada M700-139120-AD6,
        Armada M700-139120-AK2, Armada M700-139120-AK6,
        Armada M700-139120-B92, Armada M700-139120-B96,
        Armada M700-139120-BE2, Armada M700-139120-BE6,
        Armada M700-139120-BF2

    Compaq Armada M700-140142 Series
        Armada M700-140142-002, Armada M700-140142-004,
        Armada M700-140142-006, Armada M700-140142-012,
        Armada M700-140142-016, Armada M700-140142-032,
        Armada M700-140142-036, Armada M700-140142-042,
        Armada M700-140142-046, Armada M700-140142-052,
        Armada M700-140142-056, Armada M700-140142-072, 
        Armada M700-140142-076, Armada M700-140142-082,
        Armada M700-140142-086, Armada M700-140142-092,
        Armada M700-140142-096, Armada M700-140142-102,
        Armada M700-140142-106, Armada M700-140142-122,
        Armada M700-140142-126, Armada M700-140142-132

    Compaq Prosignia 170 Series

    Compaq Evo N400C Series

    Compaq Evo N410C Series
        Evo N410C-280110-B22, Evo N410C-305384-021,
        Evo N410C-305385-021, Evo N410C-314155-001

    Compaq Evo N410C-470037 Series
        Evo N410C-470037-534, Evo N410C-470037-550,
        Evo N410C-470037-557, Evo N410C-470037-559,
        Evo N410C-470037-564, Evo N410C-470037-565,
        Evo N410C-470037-574, Evo N410C-470037-576,
        Evo N410C-470037-582, Evo N410C-470037-589,
        Evo N410C-470037-590, Evo N410C-470037-592,
        Evo N410C-470037-593, Evo N410C-470037-594,
        Evo N410C-470037-596, Evo N410C-470037-597,
        Evo N410C-470037-599, Evo N410C-470037-600,
        Evo N410C-470037-624, Evo N410C-470037-626,
        Evo N410C-470037-628, Evo N410C-470037-629,
        Evo N410C-470037-631, Evo N410C-470037-632,
        Evo N410C-470037-634, Evo N410C-470037-635,
        Evo N410C-470037-637, Evo N410C-470037-638,
        Evo N410C-470037-640, Evo N410C-470037-642,
        Evo N410C-470037-643, Evo N410C-470037-645,
        Evo N410C-470037-647, Evo N410C-470037-649,
        Evo N410C-470037-651, Evo N410C-470037-652,
        Evo N410C-470037-654, Evo N410C-470037-655,
        Evo N410C-470037-657, Evo N410C-470037-659,
        Evo N410C-470037-660, Evo N410C-470037-662,
        Evo N410C-470037-663, Evo N410C-470037-711,
        Evo N410C-470037-716, Evo N410C-470037-719,
        Evo N410C-470037-721, Evo N410C-470037-723,
        Evo N410C-470037-725, Evo N410C-470037-727,
        Evo N410C-470037-728, Evo N410C-470037-729,
        Evo N410C-470037-730, Evo N410C-470037-731,
        Evo N410C-470037-732, Evo N410C-470037-734,
        Evo N410C-470037-735, Evo N410C-470037-737,
        Evo N410C-470037-739, Evo N410C-470037-740,
        Evo N410C-470037-742, Evo N410C-470037-743,
        Evo N410C-470037-744, Evo N410C-470037-745,
        Evo N410C-470037-748, Evo N410C-470037-750,
        Evo N410C-470037-751, Evo N410C-470037-753,
        Evo N410C-470037-756, Evo N410C-470037-758,
        Evo N410C-470037-759, Evo N410C-470037-760,
        Evo N410C-470037-761, Evo N410C-470037-762

    Compaq Evo N410C-470039 Series
        Evo N410C-470039-344, Evo N410C-470039-347,
        Evo N410C-470039-348, Evo N410C-470039-349,
        Evo N410C-470039-350, Evo N410C-470039-351,
        Evo N410C-470039-352, Evo N410C-470039-353,
        Evo N410C-470039-354, Evo N410C-470039-355,
        Evo N410C-470039-356, Evo N410C-470039-357,
        Evo N410C-470039-358, Evo N410C-470039-359,
        Evo N410C-470039-360, Evo N410C-470039-361,
        Evo N410C-470039-362, Evo N410C-470039-363,
        Evo N410C-470039-364, Evo N410C-470039-365,
        Evo N410C-470039-366, Evo N410C-470039-367,
        Evo N410C-470039-368, Evo N410C-470039-369,
        Evo N410C-470039-370, Evo N410C-470039-371,
        Evo N410C-470039-372, Evo N410C-470039-373,
        Evo N410C-470039-374, Evo N410C-470039-375,
        Evo N410C-470039-376, Evo N410C-470039-377,
        Evo N410C-470039-378, Evo N410C-470039-379,
        Evo N410C-470039-380, Evo N410C-470039-381,
        Evo N410C-470039-382, Evo N410C-470039-383,
        Evo N410C-470039-384, Evo N410C-470039-385,
        Evo N410C-470039-387, Evo N410C-470039-388,
        Evo N410C-470039-389, Evo N410C-470039-390,
        Evo N410C-470039-391, Evo N410C-470039-392,
        Evo N410C-470039-393, Evo N410C-470039-394,
        Evo N410C-470039-395, Evo N410C-470039-396,
        Evo N410C-470039-397, Evo N410C-470039-398,
        Evo N410C-470039-399, Evo N410C-470039-400,
        Evo N410C-470039-401, Evo N410C-470039-402,
        Evo N410C-470039-403, Evo N410C-470039-404,
        Evo N410C-470039-405, Evo N410C-470039-406,
        Evo N410C-470039-407, Evo N410C-470039-408,
        Evo N410C-470039-409, Evo N410C-470039-410,
        Evo N410C-470039-411, Evo N410C-470039-412,
        Evo N410C-470039-469, Evo N410C-470039-470, 
        Evo N410C-470039-471, Evo N410C-470039-472,
        Evo N410C-470039-473, Evo N410C-470039-474,
        Evo N410C-470039-475, Evo N410C-470039-498,
        Evo N410C-470039-499, Evo N410C-470039-500,
        Evo N410C-470039-501, Evo N410C-470039-502, 
        Evo N410C-470039-503, Evo N410C-470039-504, 
        Evo N410C-470039-505, Evo N410C-470039-506,
        Evo N410C-470039-507, Evo N410C-470039-508,
        Evo N410C-470039-509, Evo N410C-470039-510,
        Evo N410C-470039-512, Evo N410C-470039-513,
        Evo N410C-470039-514, Evo N410C-470039-515,
        Evo N410C-470039-517, Evo N410C-470039-518,
        Evo N410C-470039-519, Evo N410C-470039-520,
        Evo N410C-470039-521, Evo N410C-470039-522,
        Evo N410C-470039-524, Evo N410C-470039-525,
        Evo N410C-470039-526, Evo N410C-470039-527,
        Evo N410C-470039-528, Evo N410C-470039-529,
        Evo N410C-470039-530, Evo N410C-470039-531,
        Evo N410C-470039-532, Evo N410C-470039-533,
        Evo N410C-470039-534, Evo N410C-470039-535,
        Evo N410C-470039-536, Evo N410C-470039-537,
        Evo N410C-470039-577, Evo N410C-470039-578,
        Evo N410C-470039-579, Evo N410C-470039-580,
        Evo N410C-470039-581, Evo N410C-470039-582,
        Evo N410C-470039-584, Evo N410C-470039-585,
        Evo N410C-470039-586, Evo N410C-470039-587,
        Evo N410C-470039-588, Evo N410C-470039-589,
         Evo N410C-470039-591, Evo N410C-470039-592,
        Evo N410C-470039-593, Evo N410C-470039-594,
        Evo N410C-470039-595, Evo N410C-470039-596,
        Evo N410C-470039-599, Evo N410C-470039-643,
        Evo N410C-470039-652, Evo N410C-470039-653,
        Evo N410C-470039-654, Evo N410C-470039-655,
        Evo N410C-470039-656, Evo N410C-470039-657,
        Evo N410C-470039-658, Evo N410C-470039-659,
        Evo N410C-470039-660, Evo N410C-470039-661,
        Evo N410C-470039-662, Evo N410C-470039-663,
        Evo N410C-470039-673, Evo N410C-470039-674,
        Evo N410C-470039-675, Evo N410C-470039-676,
        Evo N410C-470039-677, Evo N410C-470039-678,
        Evo N410C-470039-679, Evo N410C-470039-680,
        Evo N410C-470039-681, Evo N410C-470039-682,
        Evo N410C-470039-683, Evo N410C-470039-684,
        Evo N410C-470039-687, Evo N410C-470039-688,
        Evo N410C-470039-689, Evo N410C-470039-690,
        Evo N410C-470039-691, Evo N410C-470039-692,
        Evo N410C-470039-697, Evo N410C-470039-698,
        Evo N410C-470039-997

    Compaq Evo N410C-470040 Series
        Evo N410C-470040-006, Evo N410C-470040-020,
        Evo N410C-470040-044, Evo N410C-470040-057,
        Evo N410C-470040-058, Evo N410C-470040-114,
        Evo N410C-470040-115, Evo N410C-470040-116,
        Evo N410C-470040-117, Evo N410C-470040-118,
        Evo N410C-470040-119, Evo N410C-470040-120,
        Evo N410C-470040-121, Evo N410C-470040-122,
        Evo N410C-470040-123, Evo N410C-470040-124,
        Evo N410C-470040-125, Evo N410C-470040-126,
        Evo N410C-470040-127, Evo N410C-470040-128,
        Evo N410C-470040-129, Evo N410C-470040-130,
        Evo N410C-470040-131, Evo N410C-470040-132,
        Evo N410C-470040-133, Evo N410C-470040-134,
        Evo N410C-470040-135, Evo N410C-470040-136,
        Evo N410C-470040-137, Evo N410C-470040-138,
        Evo N410C-470040-139, Evo N410C-470040-140,
        Evo N410C-470040-148, Evo N410C-470040-149,
        Evo N410C-470040-150, Evo N410C-470040-151,
        Evo N410C-470040-152, Evo N410C-470040-153,
        Evo N410C-470040-154, Evo N410C-470040-155,
        Evo N410C-470040-156, Evo N410C-470040-157,
        Evo N410C-470040-158, Evo N410C-470040-159,
        Evo N410C-470040-160, Evo N410C-470040-161,
        Evo N410C-470040-162, Evo N410C-470040-163,
        Evo N410C-470040-164, Evo N410C-470040-165,
        Evo N410C-470040-166, Evo N410C-470040-167,
        Evo N410C-470040-168, Evo N410C-470040-169,
        Evo N410C-470040-170, Evo N410C-470040-171,
        Evo N410C-470040-172, Evo N410C-470040-174,
        Evo N410C-470040-175

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  • Li-ion and NiMH batteries are not interchangeable
  • Highest quality Japanese battery cells
  • 100% Q.C.of EVERY battery
  • Intelligent battery pack.
  • Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.
  • Usually the same business day shipping.
  • Shipment may take up to 3-7 business days to arrive.
  • Items are usually shipped within one business day of payment receipt.
  • Brand new - We NEVER Sell used or refurbished Batteries!
Shipping Information
Processing Time Typically ships in 1 to 2 business days.
Super Saver Shipping 7 - 15 business days.
Expedited Shipping 3 - 5 business days.
Payment Methods


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